Best online sportsbooks for Super Bowl XLIX futures betting

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The NFL Super Bowl may seem light years away but it is really just around the corner. Online sportsbooks are accepting bets on the winner of the 2014-15 NFL Super Bowl, and Sportsbook Review has assembled a convenient Super Bowl futures props betting page that aims to make your shopping experience more intuitive.

SBR learned from multiple sportsbook industry managers that last year's Super Bowl darling Denver Broncos collapse against the Seattle Seahawks was one of the most profitable outcomes in big game history. Between Las Vegas sportsbooks, online sportsbooks, and worldwide betting shops, the sportsbooks paddled the players last Super Bowl. It is understandable then that players having dusted themselves off and picking themselves off the mat would be looking to strike back by sniping out the early value packed futures lines. That's where the Super Bowl Props Betting directory at SBR comes in.

Analyzing the Super Bowl Props betting page

Think of the Super Bowl Props betting page as a candy store for online sportsbook players. A neat and organized table of contents takes you through the various futures performance markets from each of the 32 professional NFL squads, as well as the already released week one NFL game odds (powered by; and weekly game specific props to be released upon the start of the regular season. Now that we know the bones behind the page, let's talk about the muscle.

All of the odds currently on the page update in real time. You do not have to click F5. You do not have to cross go and collect $200 or hold your smartphone upside down; all you must do is bookmark the page and access it whenever you'd like to see an up to date price on your favorite team as a casual fan or the teams you are assigning power ratings to as a sophisticated bettor. Whatever your purpose, you can leave the page up on your screen without closing it if you want to, you will notice red flashes the very instant the lines change. This saves valuable time from having to log on to each online sportsbook manually to survey the current market price. Now that we know the bones and muscle and primary use of the page, let's get to the thick of the betting value.

Individual futures prices & which sportsbook pays the most

The Denver Broncos are an average +570 to win Super Bowl XLIX. This mean's a $100 wager returns $570 in profit. However, by observing the futures betting widget at SBR, we can see that on the high end Bovada Sportsbook is offering a +700 payoff. This is $130 more per $100 risked than the rest of the market. This number is likely to change, so the smart play would be to lock in this number if at the time of your reading this it is still available, assuming of course you've handicapped Denver as a positive expectation play.

The Green Bay Packers are an average +1255 to win Super Bowl XLIX. If you're wondering why this writer jumped from the sportsbook odds on the Broncos to the Cheeseheads, it's because he's a fan of the green and gold. That aside, in looking to find the best sportsbook for betting the Packers listed on the Super Bowl betting directory, we can see that Ladbrokes offers the clear best price at +1400 (a $100 wager pays $1,400). This is $155 better per $100 risked than the rest of the sportsbooks listed on the page.

Building your bankroll for the long haul

Saving money is literally that easy, that simple, all of the time, when using the sportsbook betting directories at SBR. It is a marathon, not a sprint, short term outcomes and the momentary bounce of the ball can break your bankroll if you let it. So, take as much risk out of the equation as you can and make sure to use the Super Bowl Props betting shopping guide at SBR to get the best return of your investment.

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