Best MLB Betting Sites offer Dimelines

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Online sports bettors can easily shop for the betting sites considered best for MLB betting using the Sportsbook Review guide.

To qualify to be listed under best MLB sportsbooks, the betting sites must offer better than full vig (20¢ lines for MLB).

This type of offering is commonly referred to as an MLB "dimeline", and is typically regarded as the MLB option that matters most to sports bettors when choosing a new sportsbook.

The reason that an MLB dimeline is so advantageous is simple and explained in more detail with the example below.

What's so good about an MLB dimeline?
A dimeline refers to MLB odds where a betting site charges near a 5% commission on a straight pk'em line.

This results in a 10¢ spread between the price of the favorite and underdog.

The Yankees vs. Orioles priced at -140/+130 would be an MLB dimeline, whereas by contrast a line of -140/+120 would be full vigorish and require a larger investment from bettors to walk away with the same amount.

In a long 162 game season these savings are essential to bankroll health and making sure that players are getting the best of it from their bookies whenever possible.

The best baseball lines directory should be used in conjunction with resources like the betting sites rating guide to find a sportsbook which is all around best for you.

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