Be aware of SBR impostors using fake email addresses

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Scammers pretending to represent Sportsbook Review are making their rounds. The con artists are sending bogus emails and working the phones posing as SBR. | Online scams target Sportsbook Review

It is not uncommon for players or rogue sportsbook employees to claim to work for SBR. Though agendas vary, most attempts are financially motivated. Recently, a series of third party websites were emailed regarding advertising space from a fake "" email address. The scammers are attempting to strike a business deal.

In an industry rife with fraud, web hustlers set their sights on the industry's marketing departments, devising clever ways to pass themselves off as SBR employees. In some cases, fraudsters link to legitimate SBR websites to make their scam less apparent. In every confirmed attempt, the scam artists used an email address that was one letter off.

SBR fully intends to take legal action against offenders, and would reward tipsters who provide actionable information regarding the whereabouts or identity of said hustlers. If you receive an email from a person purporting to be an SBR employee, please verify the sender's contact information.

Feel free to write to SBR at, or dial 1-830-515-4122 seven days a week during normal business hours.

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