Basketball Handicapping Contest - Free, $5000 each week

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A new week is about to begin in SBRforum's $5,000 Basketball handicapping contest. The contest has a $5,000 prize-pool each week. You can join the contest at any time and still be eligible to win cash prizes if you rank in the top 25 that week. The basketball contest, dubbed the "Moneyball Shootout", takes place on SBR Contests; the proprietary contest site of SBRforum.

Handicapping Contest Week 1 Leaderboard

SBRforum posters str, bill2266, Cabo, iceminers26, and Iceman91 rounded out the top 5 for a combined $3,000. The Moneyball Shootout pays the top 25 contestants per week!

How to play
Each contestant is required to place seven picks on either the NBA or College Hoops. The leaderboard is ordered by the contestant who makes the most units after those seven picks. Two of the contestants picks may be designated as "Best Bets" and generate twice as many units as his other picks. Conversely, if those "Best Bet" picks lose, the contestant would lose twice as many units and in all likelihood fall out of contention for that week's prize-pool.

The Moneyball Shootout blends the perfect amount of luck, skill, and strategy as contestants are forced to go through one week only making 7 plays, literally saving their selections for the best pick per day. The SBRforum NBA Basketball Subforum, and NCAAB Handicapping Subforum contain analysis from other readers that may be helpful when making your basketball selections. In addition to those two outlets, SBRforum has a Service Plays forum where readers share plays from professional handicappers, and a free basketball picks article site where professional handicappers give their thoughts with in-depth game breakdowns.

How to join
You must first be a member of SBRforum. Registration is free. If you have ever joined a posting forum before, we are confident that you will be able to signup without much of a brain-freeze. Once you have selected your username and confirmed your SBRforum registration, you are then ready to head over to SBR Contests. Once you are at SBR Contests, log-in, and immediately you will be flanked by a list to the top right of the page which is aptly named, SBR Contests.

The Moneyball Shootout is the first contest on the list. Each link directs you to the respective contest homepage, from there, you are greeted with a menu bar allowing you to view standings, make picks, view the consensus picks of other members, and alas, join.

Once you have registered for the Moneyball Shootout, or any SBR Contest, you are free to begin making picks! But wait, there's more. For a quick reference of the contest rules and details, you can refer to the side of the pick where there will be a custom description outling the purpose of the contest, applicable requirements, and a layout of the prize-pool. Underneath the description box of the contest page, there will be a generic breakdown of the number of picks required, start and end date for the contest, and the number of best bets required. If any of this confuses you, you may ask questions via Live Help, or to other members via the SBR Handicapping Contests Forum.

Best of luck!

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