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Professional gamblers will not deposit to a sports betting site unless there is sufficient value offered that makes it worthwhile for them to do so. Players who are wagering for fun or to supplement their income should take a page out of this playbook.

There are many areas that a sportsbook may offer value to a player and prove deserving of their business. It comes down to personal preference in most cases and depends on whether an individual option is of interest to a player, which is where the sportsbook rating guide can make shopping for a new sportsbook a more seamless experience.

However, before getting to any of the bells and whistles, it all starts with the immediate value offered on top of the initial deposit, and that value is commonly given with a sportsbook bonus. There are many different kinds of bonuses with various requirements, but breaking it down to the simplest form: players can choose between cash bonuses, free play bonuses, or free bet bonuses. Users can browse for these bonuses using the sportsbook bonuses directory.

Cash vs. Free Play vs. Free Bet
A cash bonus functions like deposited funds added to a player's balance. A free play bonus is isolated from a player's regular balance and when used only returns the winnings of the free play bet, not the initial stake amount. A free bet bonus often has specific wagering requirements and is a fixed size not tied to the percentage of your deposit.

What is a Rollover Requirement?
An initial bonus allows a player to improve his or her chances of taking a payout from the sportsbook by getting started with a bet that, if a loser, does not cause the player to lose their own cash. However, because the house is essentially giving away money, sportsbook bonuses are accompanied by what's known as a rollover requirement. A rollover requirement of 3 times (commonly 3X) means a player needs to put the deposit plus bonus into action 3 times before being able to place a withdrawal. A $100 deposit with a 50% bonus of $50 would require a total of $450 to be wagered. A larger rollover requirement is of course harder to complete and thus is not as attractive as a smaller requirement. Players can shop for sportsbooks by rollover requirement using the bonus directory.

How Much is My Bonus Good For?
What also needs to be considered is the maximum amount a bonus can be redeemed for. A 200% bonus with a $100 ceiling is not as attractive as a 25% bonus that can be redeemed up on deposits up to $2,500. Players want to make sure that they don't end up making a deposit that returns less than what would have been offered at another betting site, so Sportsbook Review has included this category of maximum bonus value inside of the bonuses directory.

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