Avoid sportsbook scams, BetAtHome dispute

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In today's SBR Industry News program, analysts Natalie Rydstrom and Justin7 discuss the importance of sports bettors doing their homework before choosing to do business with any company on the heels of the 2012-13 football year. Later in the segment, a sportsbook dispute involving BetAtHome is covered.


We spoke last week about the importance of doing your homework before choosing a sportsbook this football season. With pigskins set to fly in the air later this week in college sports, and next week for the NFL, there has never been a time to be more cautious and selective when choosing who to give your business.

The SBR newswire published an advisory yesterday listing five notorious scam sportsbooks. Please give it a read-through and have a go at looking through the SBR ratings guide – you’ll thank me for it.

Speaking of which, the SBR Forum Posters Poll for Top Sportsbooks is now open. Log on to SBRforum to take part and cast your vote. As it stands, 5Dimes Sportsbook, Pinnacle, and Heritage round out the top three. The poll runs for another three weeks. Check the SBR newswire for the final results.

Sportsbetting.com’s new ownership has credited two players who were cheated under the old brand in 2009 and 2011. The BetOnline Group (SBR rating B+) acquired Sportsbetting.com, now operating as Sportsbetting.ag, in June of 2012, and agreed to address archived SBR disputes. During a meeting with SBR, the new executives heard each complaint and expressed disgust on how the players were cheated by the old brass. After confirming SBR’s facts, player one was credited $20,000, and player two $6,400, resolving the cold cases once and for all.  The BetOnline Group is in the process of clearing all delinquent withdrawals from the old company.


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