Avoid Scam Sportsbooks listed on the SBR Blacklist

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Before the internet boom, players had less resources at their finger tips and relied moreso on the experience of their immediate circles, that is assuming their immediate circle was comprised of sports bettors.

Nowadays, there is no excuse with depositing randomly at betting websites that do not deserve a chance at your hard-earned funds.

SBR understands that some players like to roll the dice on new and unproven sportsbooks for the benefit that a starting sign-up bonus can provide, but these are risks to be sure:

Sportsbooks that have not been in business more than a couple of football seasons and with unverified financial backing can spell disaster in a hurry.

Online sports betting websites that maintain SBR ratings of D- to F are considered the absolute worst the industry has to offer and should be avoided like the plague. These sportsbooks are sorted on the SBR Blacklist.

For the best possible experience - both with wagering and payouts - SBR suggests that players consider only the top online sportsbooks, and very carefully navigate the cloudier waters associated with sports betting websites ranked lower on the sportsbook rating guide.

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