Arkadiabet Sportsbook uses gotcha rule

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Arkadiabet Sportsbook (unrated) is using a 'gotcha' rule to confiscate player winnings and bonus cash. A player wrote to SBR indicating that after requesting a withdrawal of € 400, Arkadiabet messaged him that his funds were confiscated due to violation of an unusual rule seemingly designed to cheat players.

Following his payout request, the Arkadiabet player notes that he received the following message:

Arkadiabet Sportsbook: "Any bets placed containing selections at odds of less than (1.60) will not count towards any rollover requirement and all funds including (Deposits, Bonuses and Winnings) will be deducted from the player's account........The funds has been cancelled as according to the terms and conditions. "

SBR noted in its follow-up to Arkadia that it could simply choose not to count wagers at odds less than 1.6 for rollover purpose. Arkadiabet was unwilling to consider this logic, only defending its right to outright seize player winnings in addition to the bonus if its terms and conditions are not followed.

SBR made the argument that this amounted to a 'gotcha' rule, similar to outlawing logging into accounts on certain days of the week.

Arkadiabet is a Malta-based sportsbook. SBR advises players to ensure that they are aware of all rules associated with Arkadia bet bonuses.

SBR will update this report.

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