SBR Excellence Award

SBR awards Wally, Customer Service and Finance Manager for Olympic Sports, the SBR Excellence Award for the 4th quarter of 2005.

Wally isn't new to handling customer service at A+ rated Olympic Sports. If you have emailed a question or had an issue that needed attention, you are likely familiar with the type of service he and Olympic provide. Wally has worked for one of the most dynamic bookmaking operations for almost ten years, and managing customer service for the last five. With a book as large as Olympic, observant players are often amazed how efficiently the business is run.

Players frequently mention communicating with Wally whenever a concern arises. He explains, "Our new bonus program keeps us busy. Occasionally customers have account issues that require remedy, and we work hard to ensure those situations are resolved quickly." Olympic’s recent move to a more liberal bonus policy has been one of many areas were Wally’s influence has benefited players.

In order to maintain this high level of customer service, Wally directs a client support staff of approximately 25 individuals, whom he describes as "exceptional". He also provides guidance to almost every department at Olympic to ensure that the customer’s experience is consistently at the highest level for all aspects of the company. This level of service is not accomplished with a light schedule; with days often exceeding ten hours, six days week.

When members of management are able to confidently make prompt decisions without having to create a ticket or pass on matters to others, the result is a worry-free user experience. The 4th quarter of 2005 posed processing challenges for even the best books as withdrawals were requested by winning players at an unprecedented rate. Wally was able to re-demonstrate his abilities and once again prove that his company earns the right to wear its slogan: Sweat the game, not the payout.

The SBR Excellence Award, 4th Qtr 2005, to be presented to Wally of Olympic Sports