Playing Safe

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By: John Walker, SBR Founder
© 2007 All rights reserved

Progress to educate sports bettors has improved since the wild west days of 1999 when SBR first entered the scene. When SBR started there were many scam sportsbooks operating openly. A good many of these scams operated in Costa Rica in the same office buildings as the top shelf sportsbooks. SBR’s strong warnings against Costa Rica infuriated sportsbook operators but soon proved to be warranted as more and more scams were exposed.

Five years later players’ money is without a doubt safer in the offshore sportsbook world. Players now know which operations are solid and cases of large losses to rogue operators are fewer.

The threats to players in 2004 are different than they were in 1999. Under capitalized sportsbooks have figured out how to conceal their weakness making the job of SBR even more difficult. Sportsbooks now go to extreme lengths to prevent news spreading of their weakness and subsequently being reported by SBR which could cause a fatal run of what few assets that remain. Weaker books now pay huge amounts of upfront money to websites who front as watchdogs effectively buying silence about their financial position.

Players need to adjust their thinking to protect themselves and their bankroll. Players are relatively safe playing at any SBR C+ or higher rated sportsbook during the first two months of football. But before the deciding game of the World Series of baseball, players better be in a quality sportsbook.

SBR recommends players stay with sportsbooks rated B+ or higher for now. It is a fact that over the past five years some 200 sportsbooks have failed costing players 100’s of millions of dollars. It’s also a fact that in the same period not a single SBR rated A- or higher sportsbook has failed or even slow paid their clients.  

As baseball comes to an end, players should re evaluate their choice of sportsbooks and migrate to the ‘A’ set of books. As the famous bookmaker of Olympic likes to say “Sweat the game,not the payout”.