SBR interviews Tony from 5 Dimes: The Sharp Player
Who Became A Shrewd Bookmaker; Part I


This Interview with Tony -CEO and owner of 5 Dimes Sportsbook- is the first of many that will be conducted by the SBR team. The questions are posted by SBR Bill Dozer, a seasoned player and industry expert. Our ultimate purpose is to introduce the big men behind the top operations of the offshore industry to the players. We have designed these questions to be hard-hitting and inquisitive, in pursuit of valuable information that can help a player improve his knowledge and understanding of this vast industry.

In order to provide our readers with a deeper contextual comprehension of this legendary figure in the offshore wagering industry, the SBR team would like to offer a brief preface on Tony's trajectory in the offshore industry:


Tony from 5 Dimes is a young entrepreneur in his early 30's. Thanks to his comprehension of the odds and his analytical and mathematical approach to this industry, he managed to build a solid reputation as one of the sharpest players of the offshore wagering industry at a very young age. As a player he was feared and respected; and most of the time the posted line on a sporting event would move right after he bet into it. That is the ultimate sign of respect towards a player's action in the sports betting scenario.

Having excelled as a player and after beating what used to be one of the biggest bookmaking groups in the late 90's, he was offered the opportunity to open his own operation. This operation is 5 Dimes Sportsbook.

5 Dimes Sportsbook has created its own niche in a very competitive market, by offering an impressively extensive menu of wagering options. 5 Dimes is perhaps the best example of team work in a bookmaking operation. Lead by Tony himself, the group of expert line managers process every bit of information acquired through endless hours of research and investigation on every single sporting event to be offered. This is a company where the wagering clerks also have the task to compile information on a daily basis and report it to this operation's master mind, Tony. He will then create the market options at 5Dimes.


SBR Bill Dozer: If you were not running 5Dimes, what would you be doing today?
Tony from 5 Dimes Sportsbook: There is nothing else. I live for gaming. People often ask if I’ll ever retire or even take a day off. The answer is “no”. When you love something, it is not a job anymore. It is something you get up every day wanting to do. From running lines, dealing with employee relations, to customer service, I have my hand in everything. And that’s just the way it’s always going to be.

BD: Would you say your experience as a player is partly responsible for your success as a bookmaker?
T: I’d say it’s the most important thing. Most people get into bookmaking because they can’t win themselves. They figure if they can’t win betting, they’ll switch sides and win by bookmaking. That works pretty well when you’re booking college kids and recreational players. Too many times you see people try to set up shop offshore who don’t have the overall gaming knowledge to handle all the different things that can be thrown at them. I knew what I did to win on the betting side of things before coming offshore. I knew what other books did wrong. Most of the early principles of 5Dimes were just to “don’t do what others do wrong.” It was a good principle to start with and build upon.

BD: 5Dimes has some great offerings and opinions on numbers. How does 5Dimes derive at this number? What do you do to feel confident in a 5Dimes opening line?
T: An opening line is the key to the whole basis of how a game is booked. However, just as important as the opening line is the quick movement based on action after the line is initially posted. You’ve got to get a solid line out there as quickly as possible. Once we get a feel for what our sharper players like on an event, as well as where the line is moving at all other books, we will form an opinion of where we want to place ourselves in the market. Sometimes the best opinion is not to have one. Most players know you can’t bet every game and expect to have much of a chance of winning. A book needs the same mentality. You can’t shade every game with an opinion. Otherwise the operation is gambling, not bookmaking.

BD: The five cent overnight baseball line is unheard of from a solid sportsbook like 5Dimes. How do you manage this offering? Are players able to make multiple wagers or does the software prevent this? Is it a perk designed to stimulate overall business?
T: The five cent overnight lines are an Internet Only wagering option. The maximum which may be wagered at the same price is $500. Once the line is moved, that limit is automatically reset, and a customer can wager again on the same team with the new price. 5Dimes used to offer a 15 cent line overnight. Years ago, we had a lot of requests to move to a dime line overnight (side note by SBR: dimeline overnight = 10 cent line, posted the night before the game). Instead of moving to the dime line, we installed a nickel line (5 cent line, posted the night before the game) with a nickel (=$500) limit on our MLB proposition page. The philosophy then and now is to move hard on these plays. The goal is not to have more than a nickel of exposure on any one team by morning. The nickel lines help keep the overnight crew alert throughout their shift because bets just keep coming all night. The volatility of constant 3 & 4 cent moves on a nickel line keeps people checking back often throughout the night.

BD: Is this 5 cent baseball overnight offering an investment for you as well as a perk for many players? Does it serve a purpose of sharpening your line for the following day’s action?
T: The overnight line serves as a great marketing tool, as well as a great perk for the players. 5Dimes never offers zero juice betting, so this promo is as close as we come to a true wagering perk. Each morning information regarding injuries, players taking days off, weather and other factors weigh more into the line than the overnight play received on the nickel line

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