Added to Sportsbook Blacklist

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A dozen players have submitted reports of non-payment dating back to late August 2017.

Players are owed a total of over 5 BTC (more than $36,000 at today's pricing). offers no email or telephone support, and uses a ticketing system to provide customer service for logged in players.

Anybet Players
"Hello, I have put in a withdrawal request on 9/14 over 1.5 months ago and it's still not processed... was given promises on the first two weeks now totally no answers for my tickets. They owe me over 1.3BTC. "

"They say they process withdraws within 24 hours but I started my withdraw on 10/5 and still haven't received it. During that time it was removed from pending but the bitcoin was never sent. I contacted them and they credited my account and told me to resubmit the withdraw. It still hasn't gone through and they've had all sorts of excuses to why they can't send it and they kept saying it will be soon, or in 12 hours."

The online sportsbook has been assessed with an initial rating of F and has been added to the blacklist. Anybet's rating will be reevaluated once all twelve players confirm receiving payment in full.

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