AllYouBet responds to SBR complaints

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AllYouBet (SBR rating C-) has responded to three outstanding player complaints. The sportsbook provided SBR with a statement which generally addressed the disputes, though did not specifically delve into each particular claim. SBR has followed up with each player to determine if their cases can be closed.

AllYouBet statement to SBR: "We would like to follow up on the case regarding AllYouBet posted recently on the SBR (newswire). AllYouBet detected suspicious activity by three players, which would have been in violation of the sportsbook's terms & conditions, specifically published on the website. We therefore informed the players that their accounts were under review until we completed the investigation.

To date, two of the players' complaints have been successfully resolved. As for the third, the documents he sent did not meet the standards set by the KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations. These regulations are standard practice in the industry, designed to protect both the sportsbook and the player - to ensure that players' funds are processed accurately and responsibly. Because the player did not meet these requirements, AllYouBet cancelled his deposits.

In one reported case, an player who made €2,520 in deposits requested a €4,925 payment on March 21st. The player indicated that all documents requested were provided. He claimed that AllYouBet was unhelpful in outlining what the hold-up.

Two other AllYouBet players stated that their payouts were not being processed. The player's did not fully acknowledge whether they had satisfactorily complied with the sportsbook's KYC requirements.

Players are required to provide proof of ID, banking statements, and/or a utility bill to verify their accounts at most all online sportsbooks. In more extreme cases, players are asked to provide a photograph of themselves holding their ID. Although this sounds bizarre, SBR reported that a sportsbook bonus abuser was prosecuted in the UK for identity fraud.

AllYouBet was initiated in the sportsbook ratings guide at the mark of C-.


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