Alliance Sportsbook closes; $80K in player balances pending

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Alliance Sportsbook (SBR rating D+) has closed. One of the two partners behind Alliance wrote SBR claiming that while the company was acquired just a year and a half ago, there are current negotiations to sell the business to a larger gaming shop. At the time of closure, $80,000 in player balances is on the books to about 125 players.

Players have been asked to write for all payout requests. It has been stated that all balances will be paid within 45 to 60 days. No other details were given concerning the closure, though the letter paid homage to the Alliance Sportsbook staff and specifically referenced that they were in no way responsible for the closure.

SBR reported on 1 January 2014 that an Alliance Sportsbook payout dispute remained outstanding. A player reported being owed $6,000 as part of a payment plan that has run for longer than one year. The player's account was closed with his balance just over $15,000 in December 2012. Alliance management failed to respond to this claim, although it is assumed to be a separate obligation than the reported balances. It is unknown if other large winners who were shown the door or also owed and not included in the $80,000 figure.

SBR encourages players to follow Alliance Sportsbook's note of submitting their payout requests via email to

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