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Additional Casineto slow-pay complaints received

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On 8/14 SBR first reported on six Casineto (SBR rating D-) slow-pays. Two players confirmed payment in that time, and eight new slow-payment complaints have since been received. One player requested a $500 payment on June 15th to his Moneybookers account. The request was "approved" by Casineto but funds have not been received. Another player requested Moneybookers payment on June 20th for a mere $58 and also has not been paid. SBR will continue to press Casineto for answers, but players have received only generic email updates such as the following-

Casineto: "We are sorry for the delay in transferring your money. The processing of withdrawals is still in progress. Hopefully this week this will be completed. After this we will be able to transfer your money to you! We ask for your patience and understanding in the meantime! Sincerely, CasiNETo Support Team".

Player complaints



On June 15, 2009, I requested for $500 withdrawal from my CasiNETo account to my Moneybookers account. Same day this transaction was approved but till now I have not received those funds. This was not the first time I withdrawn money from CasiNETo, but this time the withdrawal process is taking too long. I have sent several e-mails to CasiNETo about this, but with no results. They use to say that " The processing of withdrawals is still in progress".
Since all this seems unusual to me I decided to fill in this complaint.
Hopefully you can help me.





I have sent a Casineto payout request at the end of June and have been away from home whole July. When I came back in August I noticed that they haven't realized my payot request at all in all that time. I sent them another email last week and they answered that I will received my withdrawal until August 14th. Well, I have received nothing and I can't understand what is going on with them.





I requested a withdrawal from casineto about 80 days ago and I'm still waiting ,and when I try to ask them what is the situation with my withdrawal,I always get e-mails with some exuses about technical problems and etc.I have one more payout requested which I'm waiting for over 30 days,and one more which I received on the 30th day.I'll be glad if you can help in some way.Thanks in advance.





Dear SBR , i requested withdraw from Casineto on 29 June around 1600 $ , i am waiting still to get paid , I type them several emails and they answer me with technical problems . Please help me , i need this money very much . If i get my money i promise 100 $ reward transfer from my moneybookers to the person who helps me . Please i need it very much i can`t wait any longer . Thank you very much .





I have requested a withdrawal from Casineto on 20.06.2009 14:52 to Moneybookers for USD 58.00. Ever since I have only received emails about technical difficulties, but no funds. I am aware there over 14K USD outstanding, but please add my complaint to the undoubtedly long list.





Hi! Please can you help me? I have account in I deposit money about 1 month ago 200 $ with my credit card. I did't get their depsoit bonus because not met the rollover requirement. when I read your website I understand that casineto is not so very good and thats why I immidetilly make withdrawal 1105 $ to my moneybookers account. after 40 hours they failed withdrawal. I send E-mail and they answer wery quicly in next day that they send me E-mail yesterday that I must first deposit at least 20 $ by moneybookers and play with this money. ok I deposit and play. this money lost and make a new withdrawal. now its over 4 days and no money. after 48 hours I send E-mail and ask for my money. no one answer I get for this E-mail. therefore 2 days ago I make second withdrawal 757 $. when I make first withdrawal this money stay in wager. for both withdrawal summary 1862 $. Can you help me please?





I placed an order for the payment through Moneybookers $1768 6 more June and then the money is not received. Please help.





I had to wait almost a month the first time I withdrew from Casineto, my 2nd withdrawl was made on June the 25th and I'm still waiting for that one, today I have withdrawn the balance of my account as clearly they are going under.
Can you please help me with my second withdrawl?



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