ABC Islands player reports partial payments

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An ABC Islands (SBR rating C) player with a total balance of $16,000 reports receiving partial payments. After discussing his account status last Friday with the sportsbook and being informed he could not be sent a $5,000 payment at once, he agreed to accept partial payments of $500 a day via Western Union. ABC Islands sent the player $500 4 days in a row with a fee of $69 per transaction. The Jazz Sportsbook Group was downgraded to C on June 1st for falling behind on payouts and inefficient eWallet service.

ABC Islands player:


Yes I spoke to someone at abc last friday, they said they CANNOT pay 5k at once right now, so I was furious. They said "when football starts." They offered Wu/Mg but said they can only do 500/day, with different names, etc. so I did get 4 payments of 500 each, for a total of 2000 out. It costs me like $69 for each 500, but I dont care, I am looking at big picture. I will call them next week and do the same, just trying to pull out as much as I can as I am done with this book.







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