A New Form of Sportsbook KYC: Skype Video

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An online sports bettor recently filed a complaint. The player claimed that his account was suspended with his sportsbook and that his winnings were confiscated with only his initial deposit refunded.

The basis for the decision he says was that he did not undergo a video conference with the sportsbook.

Video requests are becoming more common as players have shown the ability to have third parties take photos on their behalf to pass the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. It can be much harder for alleged troublemakers to coach a third party through an unscripted conversation where a sportsbook might ask the user random questions pertaining to account activity.

The player in this case denies wrongdoing, however SBR has asked why the player is unwilling or unable to go through the extended verification process.

Why Sportsbooks Perform KYC
Betting sites perform KYC to satisfy the terms of their gaming license and to rule out account fraud. At the end of the day, if your credit card or bank details were stolen, wouldn't you want to know that the business in question performed their due diligence to ensure that the would-be scammer didn't enjoy an effortless joyride with your hard earned funds? Read tips to speed up the KYC process.

Whenever there is a sportsbook complaint regarding the quality of documents or legitimacy of documents, players often need to take additional steps such as having documents certified by a notary, or as mentioned in this case undergo more extreme measures such as a Skype video conference. The good news is this process is typically only required once.

To submit feedback on your experience verifying your account with your sportsbook, write to mail@sportsbookreview.com.

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