7 Complaints On Burnbet Sportsbook & Casino

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A total of seven Burnbet Sportsbook and casino players have filed reports of non-payment. 

The players all share consistent stories of making a deposit, working up a bit of a balance, and then never receiving their withdrawals.

One such player has been waiting since September 25th for payment of funds. He shared the following in his complaint filed with Sportsbook Review.

“On September 25th I uploaded documents and they were accepted. I requested a withdrawal which was approved and the money was deducted from my betting account.About a week later I e-mailed them and asked if everything was going as it should. They answered me and asked about my payment method. (Both my deposits were made with credit card - the same I requested a withdrawal to.) I answered truthfully but didn't get an answer. I've been very respectful in the e-mails and have tried contacting them more than ten times on the messaging system on the web page, e-mail, and requesteing contact on skype, but getting no answer since October 5th. A week ago I gave them 7 days to answer, or I would report. But they still haven't answered. So I wish to warn others about this sportsbook.” – Burnbet player

SBR Video Report by Natalie Van Rydstrom (note that the website is back online following the video publication)

Burnbet has yet to respond to SBR inquiries on the status of player payments, and may debut soon on the SBR blacklist if the cases are not resolved. Players who require assistance with Burnbet submit a sportsbook complaint form.

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