5Dimes Sportsbook to add Bitcoin as payment option

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5Dimes Sportsbook (SBR rating A+) plans to add bitcoin as a payment option. Bitcoin deposits will be converted to USD and credited to player accounts. The average of the current Bid and Ask prices from www.bitstamp.net will be the official source used for all currency conversions from BTC to USD. As of this publication one BTC is worth $623. There will be no fees for bitcoin deposits. Based on user demand, 5Dimes may add a feature down the line allowing bitcoin depositors to wager in bitcoin. Management tells SBR that they have completed internal testing and are looking to establish a group of player volunteers. There are a limited number of slots available in the group testing stage; interested users should write to Epay@5dimes.eu expressing their desire to take part.

5Dimes is the largest sportsbook to commit to adding bitcoin as a cashier option. Bitcoins have exploded in popularity and value since their inception in 2008 by developer Satoshi Nakamoto. The digital currency allows users to anonymously transfer and receive funds. Many trading markets have been launched with bitcoin as the primary attraction, including the extremely popular and now defunct black market website Silk Road. Bitcoin have shown to be a fairly resilient currency overall and their value has been reinforced by the addition of many worldwide bitcoin ATMs which are now operated in locations including Canada, Australia, Finland, Slovakia, Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, as well as the US.

Sports bettors who have been on the fence over dealing with bitcoins should be comforted by 5Dimes officially recognizing bitcoin as a legitimate cashier option. In the past, SBR has reported on scam sportsbooks which surfaced to take advantage of the market demand for bitcoin and consequently led to player's having their bitcoins stolen by rogue operators. It is clear that there is a growing contingent of sports bettors that would be interested to make their transactions in bitcoins with a reputable online sportsbook such as 5Dimes.

Sportsbook Review encourages users who take part in the 5Dimes beta testing to submit their feedback via email. SBR also welcomes questions users may have that have not already been covered in this release. SBR will update its news feed upon the conclusion of the testing period and provide further information upon 5Dimes' implementation of bitcoin as a public cashier option.

5Dimes users are also invited to discuss this news in the SBR Sportsbook & Industry forum.

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