5 Tips to Improve Online Safety: Gambler's Edition

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Sportsbook Review receives thousands of sportsbook complaints each year. Some of these complaints are from players who claim their accounts have been hacked. This article listes the most common mistakes players make that lead to their accounts being compromised by a third party, as well as tips to improve account security to avoid becoming a victim.

#1: Don't use the same password
You need a unique password for every online sportsbook, casino, banking site, and email address.  In most cases where a user's account was hijacked, a common password was used. Mixing it up dramatically lowers the chance of having your account violated.

#2: Use a strong password with random characters and capitalization
Never use a password with a combination of your name and date of bith. The same applies for family member titles, "mom", "dad", or the name of your pet. The goal is to randomize your password to a string of letters that would not be found in a dictionary or the yellow pages. Adding capital letters in the mix will also make cracking near impossible, less the wouldbe culprit works for NASA.

#3: Secure wireless networking device
Change the default administrator log-in used to configure your router. Enable a form of network encryption such as WPA 2 or WEP. Choose a random security key using the same paramters as setting your random account passwords. Finally, replace your default SSID (network name).

#4: Don't check your balance at the library
Do not under any circumstance log-in to your sportsbook account from a public workstation. Not only do you significantly increase the chance that your account will be hacked (i.e. "remembering" the password on browswer), you also associate a random IP address with your account that will increase the sportsbook's level of scrutiny. If the IP address was used by someone else with an account, you automatically connect yourself with unrelated players which may land you in hot water with your sportsbook.

#5: Never share your account details
It might be wise to leave your account information behind for a significant other in the event of your demise, but otherwise, keep your details in your head and preferably not written down anywhere. You are ultimately responsible for the security of your account. In one of the most infamous cases of an alleged account breach, a popular gambling forum poster claimed his nephew gambled away thousands at an online casino without his knowledge.

Following the above steps, as well as choosing a safe sportsbook should help you sleep better. The SBR Sportsbook Ratings Guide is ordered by financial strength and system security.

Follow SportsbookReview.com on twitter. SBR has been the leading online sportsbook industry watchdog since 1999. Players in need of assistance should submit a sportsbook complaint form. Players with general questions may also contact SBR by writing to help@sportsbookreview.com.

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