5 Craziest Super Bowl Prop Bets

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Sportsbook Review video host Natalie takes readers through the 5 craziest Super Bowl Prop bets on offer by online sportsbooks.

Super Bowl XLIX betting props are being released hand over fist by bookmakers looking to distinguish themselves from the pack. This article lists the top 5 prop bets and provides information on the Super Bowl XLIX Prop Bets list.

#5: Al Michaels & his commentary
Will Al Michaels refer to the point spread, total, or prop betting during the game? Whoever crafted this prop must have never heard Al Michaels call a professional football game. Heck, Youtube is rife with soundbites of Michaels referring to sports betting with his trademark wit. Online sportsbook Bovada pays out at +170 ($100 bet pays $170) for the yes; the reverse side is priced at -250 ($250 wins $100).

#4: Robert Kraft vs. Paul Allen air time
Another interesting prop bet and one that is surely going to create some controversy is who will be shown on camera more, the owner of the New England Patriots or an owner of the Seattle Seahawks? Players will likely their stop watches out and be ready to record every glimpse of each billionaire, though the market favors Kraft at -250 considering his popularity.

#3: Deflate-gate
There has been more than a little controversy swirling around the latest NFL drama, "deflate-gate", which refers to accusations that the New England Patriots cheated by intentionally leaking air pressure from their footballs, as this can favor the offense. The line is 3, which means that if deflated balls are referred to

#2: Katy Perry's hair color
This is a multi-way market which pays the following choices:
Black/Brown +200
Purple +300
Blue/Green +350
Pink/Red +350
Blonde +500

SBR Natalie guesses "pink/red" is the likely winner in today's Super Bowl Props video report.

#1: Russell Wilson's pass accuracy
Taking the cake is the market priced on Russell Wilson's total passing yards vs. the national US average gas price (in cents). The current line is at 15.5 with the over priced at -130 ($130 to win $100).

The Super Bowl Prop Bets list will continually be updated ahead of the big game. Players hunting for the best line by sportsbook are encouraged to use the page and provide feedback on what they would like to see. Users can also blog their thoughts with fellow forum handicappers in the NFL Betting forum at Sportsbook Review.

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