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Olympic Sports (SBR rating A+)

Opens the 2004 baseball season with a dime line - Olympic has been a staunch opponent of the dime line favoring instead the traditional .20 line - Sister book BetJamaica (SBR rating A+) will also deal a dime line for the 2004 baseball campaign

BetPanAm (SBR rating F+)

Under pressure from BetRoyal CEO and aspiring watchdog, Roberto C., BetPanAm set to begin settling payouts this coming week



in response to many sportsbook sites being interrupted by DOS attacks, SBR initiates the SBR sportsbook web site meter to monitor all of the top sportsbooks.

SportingbetUSA(SBR rating C+)

Informs SBR and other analysts that recent quarterly profit was no fluke and that restructuring and risk controls implemented last year have paved the way for consecutive quarters of profitability. Common stock shares of Sportingbet have soared a 100% since January 1st.

Bill Rossi from LasVegasOfficialBet (SBR Rating F)

finally issues payout to player after 1 month delay and the intervention of SBR and TTinCO. A smaller part of the player's funds remain in the account. SBR to continue research on suspected connection with TheOnlineBet (SBR Rating F-). SBR thanks TTinCO for all his help resolving this dispute.

Player files complain against Carib Sports (SBR rating C-),

Player files complain against Carib Sports (SBR rating C-), claiming to have lost his balance to bets he did not place. Carib management originally agrees to to provide SBR and player with IP addresses to resolve dispute. Apparently Carib is hiding something, as they failed to provide that information and now refuses to take SBR phone calls.

Bill Rossi, co-owner of LasVegasOfficialBet,

assures SBR that player will get paid the total remaining balance in his account on 03/30 at the latest. SBR to review suspected connection with TheOnlineBet scam group. LasVegasOfficialBet denies any connections, but SBR remains skeptic, as LVOB used the former NT merchant code for TheOnlineBet to process payments. Communication channels remain open between LVOB and SBR.

SportsBookReview and TTinCO from MajorWager

looking to assist player on LasVegasOfficialBet situation. After conference call, Robert from LVOB agrees to pay out the total remaining balance on Monday. With Robert's assistance, player has already received a partial payment on 03/24.


Player complains he cannot get paid from this book, which is suspected to be related to TheOnlineBet group. Several no-pay complaints have been reported from this group in the past. A possible no-pay situation at hand.

BetCSI cold calling customers.

Once again, SBR warns players about this operation. They show all the signs of being strapped for cash. SBR suspects an unkind NCAA Hoops Tournament to the books might be causing poorly funded shops to raise post-up funds, in order to stay afloat.

SBR warns players to be careful with BetCSI (SBR rating D-)

Offer of 40% sign-up bonus, misuse of -105 reduced juice and a possibly fictional change of management are all signs of a very poorly run shop. Weak lines and high bonuses have been a formula used by rogue operations in the past. Tread lightly.

Pinnacle Sports (SBR rating A+)

launches Pinnacle Racebook. Pinnacle Racebook enters the horse wagering market offering a 7% rebate on every horse wager, win or lose.