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SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Steve Holtz from (SBR Rating F) looks to resolve 1 month no-pay situation with payment plan. Mr. Holtz concedes no rules were broken by this sharp player who is owed $5,000.

Betmaker (SBR rating D+)

SBR rating to be reviewed after breaking apart from the Sportbet group and locating in the CRIS building - Famed customer service manager, Silvia V., to return as General Manager

TCBets dispute settled

TC BETS (SBR Rating B-) settles pending dispute with player, who gets paid in full. SBR to review TC BETS rating.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

04.28.2004 (SBR Rating F-) steals $13650 from player account. SBR warns players of this scam operation run out of Nevada. The Operation Manager of this shop, Garet Bradford, has shown total disregard towards the multiple complaints made by various offshore industry authorities on this case.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Money Plays Casino/Sportsbook stiffing player out of $1.000. Player initially was told accounting personal changes was reason for delay. Rep later cited international banking challenges as complication. MP then claimed player cheated with casino robot. Management failed to provide proof to SBR as promised 1 month ago. Money Plays is part of GoTo Entertainment (SBR Rating F+)

BetCasinoSports slow-pay

Player files slow pay complaint against (SBR Rating pending). SBR Bill Dozer to inquire and report back on the unfolding of this situation.

TCBets comments on Finger Lakes situation


TC BETS (SBR rating B-) calls SBR and explains Finger Lakes situation - SBR pulled TC BETS from the RaceBookReview.Com top racebook list after learning of non-payment issues over an alleged fixed horse race - SBR has assured TC BETS they will rejoin the RaceBookReview.Com top racebook list once this issue is settled - SBR suggests books rewrite rules if necessary but for now the existing stated rules do not allow for non payment for fixed horse races.

SBR launches


SBR launches RaceBookReview.Com New! - One of the most heavily asked questions from players to SBR is "Where is the best place for online horserace wagering" - SBR dedicates the newest SBR site to those players seeking the best place online to bet on horseracing - Also visit SBR's

OklahomaSportsBetting(SBR rating D)

Refusing so far to take SBR phone calls or respond to SBR emails - Book runs a very high risk business model - At this point, SBR knows of no other bookmaker or anyone else in the industry that will vouch for them - Players funds at this operation could be at higher risk than the current SBR rating of D would indicate.

SBR will delay the launch of


set for March 25th until it is determined which books have failed to honor wagers involving an inside information case. Books that refuse to honor this bet will not appear on the RaceBookReview.Com top racebook list.

SBR April 25th to launch


http://RaceBookReview.Com New! Horse players can now enjoy their own premier review site of the best horse racing racebooks from the players trusted source, SportsBook Review.Com.

BetRoyal update

In a conference call between SBR and BetRoyal (SBR rating D-), SBR proposes 3rd party verification of Royal Sports player escrow fund - Royal CEO viewed the proposal favorably and will seek ownership approval - SBR provided two prominent names for Royal to choose from to examine Royal Sports player escrow bank accounts. SBR promised a complete reevaluation of Royal including SBR rating consideration upon verification of player funds

SBR Bill Dozer reports: BetonUSA (SBR Rating D-)

pays player his balance via NETeller after customer complained to SBR about one month slow pay. The customer was told his payout was processed multiple times and later given excuses when it was not. BetonUsa apologizes and blames lower level management.

SBR investigates BetRoyal slow pay


Anatomy of today's slow pay at BetRoyal (SBR rating D-) - Update: SBR calls Royal's CEO Kevin King, who claims customer service made an error and that client will be paid by 04/26, at the latest.

BetRoyal (SBR rating D-)


Removed from the Curacao bookmaker organization CIGA - Royal Sports likely using player funds to employ shills to attempt to tarnish any site that states the truth about their current fragile condition - Be careful and weary of any contests, advertisement or bonus from this desperate operation