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News on scam sports betting operations, events and business deals within the offshore sports gambling industry.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

APEX Sportsbook (SBR rating F-) closing its doors. Robbie, the owner, is moving “square" players to where he has a commission loss sheet. He is also applying a rollover to their funds. Robbie also states that he has access to player funds but is using it for other sportsbook marketing endeavors. Larger players will likely not see their funds past any bailout possibilities. Robbie calls this "a career choice" and admits he would not be doing this if players could physically reach him.

BetCascade (SBR rating C)

Players should use caution. SBR continues to with hold a further downgrade while trying to verify the financial backing. There are a few reports of credit players being slow paid, these reports are not through SBR and have not been confirmed. In addition, SBR can confirm a well respected agent has pulled out along with one minor investor. SBR at this time would recommend players who deposit money (post-up players) who enjoy Cascade keep their balances at a bare minimum or withdraw their funds until more facts are known. Credit players who have strong agents, that are fully responsible for all settlements, are not affected.

SBR on BlueGrass Sports (SBR Rating D)

While all post-up players have been paid on demand and a pending slow-pay situation on their credit end is likely to be settled today, SBR has learned of long overdue debts of BG with various reputable bookmakers. SBR believes this to be a cause of concern. 

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Apex Sportsbook (SBR rating F-) fails to make 2nd payments on installment plans. Amounts past due range from $250 to $400.

SBR E-mail Response Test:


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BetJamaica (SBR rating A+)

nearing 1st year anniversary and a lock to be the most successful launch of a new sportsbook in many years. Combine the financial strength of Olympic with the customer service skills of BetJamaica's top man, Scotty Johnson, the final result is a sportsbook that players really enjoy. From the three upstarts from 2003, BetPanAm (SBR rating F-) has failed, BetOnGames (SBR rating A-) has done very well but BetJamaica has seen much higher volume and is the clear winner from the three promising entries of 2003.

Olympic Sports (SBR rating A+) meets with SBR in Jamaica

Olympic to submit a comprehensive master license proposal to the government of Panama today that includes money for the repayment of defunct BetPanAm player liabilities. Olympic's 8 year rein here in Montego Bay, Jamaica will likely continue possibly until after the superbowl in 2005.   

SBR Scam Alert:

BringMeLuck Sportsbook (SBR Rating F-) is an outright SCAM operation. This deposit-only sportsbook continues to operate and steal players' funds. They are not even replying to owed players' e-mails. SBR strongly advises to not send any funds to this rogue operation. 

BetWWTS (SBR rating A+) Reducing business in Asia to focus on

North American and European markets. SBR's visit finds somber mood at WWTS as employees adjust to the loss of one of their own, Sherlor Smith age 26. Simon Noble, CEO of BetWWTS, tells SBR that their new player sign-ups and customer retention rates are both up 50% over last year. The sign on the employee big board written in giant letters perhaps says it all "FLAWLESS CUSTOMER SERVICE, NOTHING LESS IS ACCEPTABLE."

SBR Scam Alert:

English Sports Betting (SBR Rating F-) is an outright SCAM operation, that has claimed another victim. Player reports: "I have been trying to get some of my 11,000 dollars for over 2 years now. All they do is play games, make promises, and continue to rip other people off. They could very well be the worst sportsbook out there from all the other messages I have seen over the years."

Las Vegas Official Bet (SBR rating F-) continues old ways under new name. Formerly TheOnlineBet, LVOB is stiffing players. They are citing a pending company sale as the latest reason. Outright SCAM operation as well.