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News on scam sports betting operations, events and business deals within the offshore sports gambling industry.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Player receives full payment today from V-Wager (SBR Rating B-). Initial payment was requested on July 1st for a total of $12,000. After V-Wager issued two Neteller payouts for a total of $3150, the player contatced SBR asking for assistance. The remaining $9k payout was split into 2 checks, which were sent via UPS.

SBR mailbag complaints:

AllStar (SBR rating C-) slow-paying 1 month, not processing bank check withdrawal. Internet1x2 (SBR rating F) slow-pay complaints continue to pile up faster than any other book. One player reports receiving a $2500 payout after 5 mos. NationalSportsGambling (SBR rating F) not crediting accounts with winning NBA wagers. IBet/GoTo (SBR rating F+) making small payments on at least 2 delinquent accounts.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

CRIS (SBR rating A+) acknowledges backing of Diamond Sports International and Getmore Sports. DSI and GMS join Option Sports as B- sportsbooks overseen by Cris.

Hollywood Sportsbook (SBR Rating A)

leaving IQ-L Software. Their transition to ASI/Extension Software should be finalized this week. Hollywood Sportsbook to launch this new sportsbook interface on Monday, July 12, 2004. ASI/Extension is quickly becoming the the most popular sportsbook software choice.

Cascade Sportsbook (SBR Rating C+)

enters financial partnership with one of the most respected and established bookmakers in the offshore industry. SBR is of the opinion that this is a very positive move for BetCascade Sportsbook. The owner of BetCascade told SBR: "... with their bankroll, expertise, reputation, my own reputation and ability to get customers, Cascade will reaffirm its position as a GREAT sportsbook for all kinds of players..." SBR to consider further upgrades as this partnership develops.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Bet On Sports (SBR rating D+) slow-paying player two months due to an account audit. Sports Interaction (SBR rating D) slow-paying player $400, stating “technical errors” are responsible.

The two hottest new gaming software launches delayed again. BetWWTS (SBR rating A+)

which was to launch a version of Victor Chandler's sports betting platform has informed SBR that the launch scheduled for July 12th, is "Delayed indefinitely". There are at least three sportsbooks that heavily invested in this platform including Bowmans (SBR rating A-).
Pinnacle Sports (SBR rating A+) much anticipated casino again is delayed. Apparently the casino is live in-house and for a few invited guests. One source from a casino review site who said he had played one session and was sworn to secrecy said "..its ready but I guess they have their reasons(for not going live). Forget about it, it doesn't get any better..."

Cascade (SBR rating D+) At least one source is reporting that Cascade

has a new partner. SBR sources say the deal looks good and will likely close but it's not a done deal yet. Cascade deals to many professional players and has had more than its share of ups and downs. The current BetCascade owner told SBR recently that his operation is in no danger with or without new financial backing and that opinions stated by SBR and others to the contrary are misguided speculation. 

Sportsbook industry player-advocate leaders to meet in Las Vegas

This mostly fragmented group will meet for the first time to explore ways to work together. SBR to press for commitments to limit websites from promoting sportsbooks known to be in financial trouble. Agendas by other participants are expected to include sportsbook financial protection alliances, sharing of information and solving player complaints.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

IBET Casino (SBR rating F+), part of GoTo Entertainment, processes partial payout to slow-paid client. Payout was contingent on player agreeing to leave majority of funds in his account.

Internet Gaming companies pick up a powerful ally; The U.S. Chamber of Commerce

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, representing over 3 million businesses, writes all 100 US Senators stating their opposition to the current legislation, S. 627, being proposed to slow down internet gaming. In a letter to each senator, the Chamber states "The U.S. Chamber strongly urges you to oppose S. 627 in its current form."

SBR Bill Dozer reports: PlatinumSB (SBR rating D-)

employs former owners of now defunct Apex Sportsbook to run internet marketing department. is planning to open to all post up players in mid July dealing -105 lines. They vow to pay all players who were granted an Apex bailout but only after 30 day hold and 3x roll over. SBR expresses concern over post up inexperience and the employment of Apex stiffs.

SBR thanks those that have helped. Your help is needed, please give...


<<<<We understand there was a tragic death of one of the Managers at WWTS and there is a call for donations from the industry to help her 3 year old son. We would like to make a $500 donation. Is the below address still the place to send a donation?

Bank of America International
300 Harmon Meadow Blvd
Secaucus, New Jersey 07094 USA
Telex No: 0236362944
Routing #:066007681
Account # 6550-6-52034
For further credit to: The Sherlor Smith Fund Acc#5664615

We would appreciate you keeping this confidential. We don't want any publicity. Some of us here can sympathize with growing up without a mother.
Please let us know and the wire will go right out.

Thank you>>>>>> Anonymous Costa Rican Sportsbook

Larry Mac heading to Bluegrass (SBR rating D)?

SBR sources report long time and well respected bookmaker, Larry Mac, has either accepted or will accept the head bookmaker position at struggling Bluegrass. If the report is indeed correct, this is a very positive development for Bluegrass.

Legendz Sports (SBR rating C+) announces they have completed


compliance issues and received a gaming license from the goverment of Panama. Luke is the well traveled triggerman of Legendz Sports. Sportsbook operators, including two A+ rated books that SBR talked to recently, praised Luke and his operation. Legendz Sports at one time carried a solid B rating prior to relocating from Costa Rica to Panama and spent several months in consideration for placement on the Sportsbook Review Top Sportsbook List.

Casino notes

Updates: Pinnacle Casino to launch July 1st. BetWWTS new sportsbook software to launch July 12th.