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News on scam sports betting operations, events and business deals within the offshore sports gambling industry.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

4SportsPicks (SBR rating D-) offers excessive bonuses on deposits up to $10,000. The 20% bonus and 1x rollover eliminates the book's commision and profit. They also offer reduced juice on select events. SBR recognizes an inability to turn a long term profit using this model and initiates the rating for this new sportsbook at D-.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Internet1x2 (SBR rating F-) reaches scam sportsbook status and F- rating. Internet1x2 accumulating more no-pay complaints than any other sportsbook. Players should be aware of Internet1x2 and sister book, Yahoops' inability to pay players.

Dimeplayer (SBR rating D) Was it fraud or an unjustified confiscation of $50,000?

Dimeplayer (SBR rating D) initially agrees then backs out of an agreement to have an SBR sportsbook software expert in Costa Rica verify what the book claims was fraudulent activity by several players. The results led to Dimeplayer confiscating $50,000 in player’s money. The burden of proof in all confiscation cases remains firmly on the sportsbook to show proof of fraud. Dimeplayer has stated that they will seek an alternate person to verify their claims. This would lead to the truth and would be applauded as long as the person chosen to perform the verification is a respected industry expert.    

SBR Scam Alert:

GamblersPalace (SBR Rating F-) -currently unable to pay customers- is offering a 50% bonus for new members. SBR believes this promotion might be used by this seemingly scam operation to raise funds from unaware customers. GamblersPalace, as well as their sister books (SBR rating F-) and (SBR rating F-), have a long record of slow- and no-pay complaints. SBR advices players to tread lightly.

The SBR Scam Alert:


Online Sportsbook scams are a multimillion-dollar business. Over the last 5 years, we've seen players lose millions of dollars; not because their bets lost, but because they sent money to scam sportsbooks. SBR has created the SCAM Alerts section to protect you and your money. Before you even think about sending money offshore, check the SBR SCAM Alert and the Rating Guide

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Gamblers Palace (SBR rating F-) telling players they cannot process payouts until September. They claim their funds are frozen at Banco ELCA, which is being audited by the Costa Rican government. Gamblers Palace is a sister book of (SBR rating F-) and (SBR rating F-). SBR has received many slow- and no-pay complaints from this group in the past.

BetRoyal (SBR rated D-) has positive discussion with SBR

Royal Sports was rated a B- until slow pays starting in January of this year began a series of downgrades. On April 26, 2004, SBR asked Royal Sports to allow a trusted 3rd party to verify player balances. This is an unusual situation in that Royal claimed to have the players money but was still in slow pay mode. In today's discussion with Royal Sports CEO Kevin King, Mr. King stated that first; there will be no more slow pays and second; Royal would work to satisfy the SBR request that player balances be verified. SBR looks forward to positive results on both points.

Dimeplayer (SBR rating D) Disagrees with SBR handling of player account confiscations

The dispute, whereby Dimeplayer Sportsbook confiscated the winnings of players from Denmark, could have well involved a coordinated scam although Dimeplayer has yet to present any collaborating evidence to SBR. Bonus scams are common and players should be careful not to abuse bonus policies. As in the case of Dimeplayer, most sportsbooks have a heavy handed policy that could lead to the forfeiture of winnings. Dimeplayer has since changed its policy on bonuses limiting them to $500 and has blocked all accounts from Denmark.

Good News for BetPanAm (SBR rating F-) players in the works

A potential breakthrough in the BetPanAm stalemate could result in all players who have not been paid to be paid in full. Sources inside Panama report that in the past 24 hours "...significant progress has been made and we hope to announce news soon but as of now it's not a signed deal". SBR has been asked not to report names or terms of the arrangement.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Dimeplayer (SBR rating D) owner informs players residing in Denmark that they will not receive their winnings. One U.S. player also reports a slow-pay. SBR will continue to monitor this situation.

Bowmans (SBR Rating A-) to switch software poviders this coming Monday, Aug.09.04, from iNet back to IQ-L

Advice to the players from their Management Team: "The change over will take place this Monday night. Bowmans will come off-line when the final game of the night is graded Monday (most likely the NFL pre-season opener). We expect the phones to come back first on Tuesday morning, probably around noon eastern, and then on the net a few hours later. All customers will be notified via email over the weekend"

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Ewinner (SBR rating D+) no longer using Sirbet’s turnkey services. They have begun a transfer to a new service provider in Costa Rica which owns 4sportspicks (not rated). Their financial processor will be Central Deposits. Ewinner has been unable to process payouts since July 30th and does not expect to have use of this new accounting department until August 10th.

SBR Special Report: Sportingbet PLC


- SBR has received an unusual amount of complaints from players on the Sportingbet PLC group. This was once a group that took pride in their Customer Service Dept, but they have obviously lowered their standards of operation as of late. SBR believes that most of these complaints are generated by management inability to address the issues in a prompt and professional manner.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

SBR receives multiple complaints regarding SportsInteraction (SBR rating D) Complaints include a 2 month slow-pay, unjust bonus confiscation and canceled wagers.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Jaguar Sports downgraded to D+ after failing to uphold promises to rectify 6 month slow-pay. Jagbet is also taking part in deceptive marketing procedures. Players who join Jagbet are lead to believe that bank checks are a viable withdrawal method. Jagbet does not offer this method though the site states that they do. Jagbet also advertises Neteller as an option to collect winnings. Neteller payouts are limited to the amount of deposit. Winning Jagbet players must unknowingly pay large fees in order to receive their funds.

SBR compares the Best Reduced Juice Sportsbooks:


Reduced Juice is a very useful tool for the player that likes to do value shopping. Learn how the reduced juice market works and the names of the most solid reduced juice shops: Best Reduced Juice Sportsbooks

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

BetMidas (SBR rating F) offering high limit, 100% match bonuses to scalpers via email. BetRoyal services BetMidas but states that they are a financially independent sportsbook.