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Player finally receives Fed Ex tracking number from BetonUSA (SBR rating D-) after 2 week slow-pay.

"Hello Mr. Dozer. I forgot to add something in my previous e-mail that may be of importance.. I have three seperate checks that I am waiting to receive from them... One for $700.00, another for $1500.00 and the last for $1000.00. (a total of $3200.00). I faxed them the credit card agreement form 12 times today (figured I'd better be on the safe side so they can't tell me they lost it) and they again assured me that they received it but that's what they've been telling me for weeks. They are supposed to be sending me all three checks together by Fed-X within the next 2 days.  I'd appreciate anything you can do for me."

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Bets4All (SBR rating D) pays player in full after 3 month delay. Update 10/13/04: Wire prompts new players to report slow-pay complaints.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Gamblers Palace (SBR rating F-) now citing software upgrades as reason for not processing withdrawals. During the last two months they claimed to be unable to process payouts due to frozen bank accounts. SBR continues to receive complaints.
UPDATE: New complaint filed. Player being stiffed for $5,500.

BetMidas (SBR rating F+ raised from F-) This is a per-head service offered by Royal Sports.

SBR will eventually drop the coverage of this scam infested credit-only sportsbook. However, players should be aware that many supposed agents are really con artists using BetMidas and BetRoyal to facilitate their scam. Beware of agents asking you if you would like to play on credit. If you lose they will demand immediate payment and if you win they will disappear and Royal will tell you the agent went away for a while.   

SBR mailbag:

Valid slow-pay complaints come from players with Bets4All (SBR rating D), Sports Interaction (SBR rating D) and Bet Casino Sports (SBR rating F). SBR is currently investigating multiple complaints from CyberSportsbook (SBR rating F+) players who claim their funds were wrongly confiscating for being involved in syndicate play. SBR continued to receive pleas for help from those being slow-paid by BetPlatinum (SBR rating D-), Oklahoma Sports Betting (SBR rating D-), and English Sports Betting (SBR rating F-).

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

BetUS (SBR rating F+), also known as Little Nasa, hires new manager Mike F. BetUS has been the source of many player complaints in the past. Mike aims to improve BetUS and its poor reputation. Players who previously filed BetUS complaints should again contact Bill Dozer at

Beware of new sportsbooks offering excessive bonuses.

Anytime Wager (SBR rating F+) and Bring Me Vegas (SBR rating F+) soliciting players with no limit bonus offers above 50% without roll-over requirements. Players should steer clear of these sportsbooks who are either looking to scam customers or are extremely deficient in mathematics.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

New slow-pay complaint filed by Oklahoma Sports Betting (SBR rating D-) player. OSB's only comment is "the player will be paid". SBR cautions players of OSB and all inexperienced sportsbooks who may be rolling the dice on this NFL season.

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SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Player reports no-pay from SSP International Sports Betting (SBR rating F). "I only found this site after I had already deposited funds to SSP on a recommendation. This is a decision I would regret after reading about the problems people have had with this company. I can confirm that once you have deposited your money you will be lucky to see it ever again."

SBR mailbag:

This week’s slow-pay complaints come from players with BetCSI (SBR rating F-), BetUs (SBR rating F+). Scam outfit, English Sports Betting (SBR rating F-) clients continue to supply multiple no-pay complaints. (SBR rating C) player reports his account is locked due to “random account audit”. Three of the many players owed by Internet1x2 (SBR rating F-) have reported payment in full via bank wire. SBR will continue to pursue and monitor payouts for those seeking withdrawals from Internet1x2.

BetOnSports (SBR rating C+) marketing scam starts to unravel with new information.


The recent public offering of BOS has not slowed this marketing scam machine. The most recent scam involves copying SBR’s own Sportsbook Review.Com website and replacing the top sportsbook list with all of BOS owned sportsbooks. BOS’s most recent scam. SBR lawyers in London to seek relieve and a permanent end to this scam.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Oklahoma Sports Betting (SBR rating D-) continues to slow-pay player $8,400. OSB now admits they did not use Fed Ex, nor do they have a tracking number for the player's payout. SBR will continue to follow this situation. Any player who would like to submit feedback on OSB should email

Russ Hawkins, a BetRoyal (SBR rating F) advertiser, defends Royal Sport’s recent scam.

According to Mr. Hawkins, the Royal Sports scam reported by SBR is common and there is no need to fault Royal Sports for trying to make some money. SBR continually reminds players to be careful at popular sports sites. As in Mr. Hawkins case, many of these sites are simply paid by Royal to look the other way. The subject above made no mention of the scam and even touted Royals latest offer to unsuspecting players.

BetPlatinum (SBR rating D-) Update:

Yesterday's BetPlatinum news wire prompts new player complaints. Player claims the book has owed him $6,500 for over two months and has canceled winning wagers.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

BetPlatinum (SBR rating D-) continues to slow-pay player and tells SBR "we have no explanation". Last week CS acknowledged the balance was past due and assured the player he would be paid. BetPlatinum downgraded from D to D-

Another BetOnSports (SBR rating C+) marketing scam?


The marketing manager of BOS, a Peter Wilson, who has said to receive kickbacks from radio buyers apparently had a new idea this year. It was to copy the Sportsbook Review copyrighted site and list all of the BOS owned sportsbooks on the top sportsbook list. SBR has turned this matter over to legal council. BOS’s latest marketing scam.

The BetCharter scam another black-eye for players and so-called watchdog sites.

BetRoyal (SBR rating F) who setup and managed the BetCharter scam site has bought and paid for silence on all the major watchdogs and none have even reported the scam. The ‘marks’ in this scam have settled and are being paid by Royal for a lower settlement amount. Players must be ever vigilant of scams as well as web sites that simply appear to hold the players interest when in fact they are in the scam sportsbook’s pocket.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Diamond Sports International (SBR rating B-) absorbs sister site GetMoreSports (SBR rating B-). All accounts and balances have been transferred to Diamond Sportsbook.