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SBR Bill Dozer reports:

BetGateway (SBR rating D-) slow-paying player for over one week. The player reports he is owed $2000 and will now request the remainder of his balance. Betgateway is currently attracting new players with reduced juice (-105) and a 25% signup bonus. Players should avoid this new sportsbook and its excessive promotions. SBR will follow and report on this situation.

SBR Bill Dozer reports: Betfair (SBR rating A) releases details of SportingOptions bailout.


Betfair tells SBR that all SportingOptions player balances of £1000 or less may be transferred from their SportingOptions account. For traders who held a higher balance, BetFair will offer half-price commission on all wagers until the total discounted commission equals the player's SportingOptions balance less the initially credited £1000. Those who lost large balances will be required to wager extensively in order to fully benefit from this relief package. All players looking to take advantage of this bailout must open or have an account at

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Playerstime (SBR rating D) voiding winning wagers after events have concluded, stating that "we didn’t mean to take those bets.” Management refuses to offer a valid explanation to SBR, stating “This was ownership’s decision and we do not know why these winnings were confiscated.” This action will cost the player over $8,000. Playerstime has been downgraded from C- to D and is subject to further downgrade pending SBR’s final assessment. SBR has also received complaints against sister sportsbooks WinnersTime (SBR rating D) and SportsWager (SBR D+). SportsWager had initially promised SBR proof of valid casino play that was responsible for wiping out a player’s balance. It appears SportsWager has something to hide as they have failed to supply casino logs to SBR and the player.

SBR Bill Dozer reports: SportingOptions (SBR rating C) suspends all player activity.

SBR to investigate the fate of player funds in the likley event that this sportbook closes its doors permanently. Below is the message received by players.

"As explained on the company's website administrators are currently assessing the financial position of the company and reviewing its business operations. All trading on the company's website has been suspended until further notice. If you are a registered user, you may still view your account balance and history by logging on to the website. We would confirm that all unsettled markets have now been voided, and individual account balances updated accordingly. We will endeavour to deal with your queries as quickly as possible, but ask that in the first instance you refer to the information made available on the company's website. The large number of customers make dealing with telephone enquiries time consuming and would delay the process of dealing with enquiries and the administration of the company efficiently. Thank you for your co-operation.

For and on behalf of the Joint Administrators,
Menzies Corporate Restructuring
17-19 Foley Street
London W1W 6DW"

College basketball is finally here with a full schedule

11.15.2004 has real time college basketball lines and the best handicapping stats money can buy. The SBRLine service is the only completely free realtime line service featuring a secure server (https), live XML feeds and complete stats. (SBR rating C) gives this player a dose of customer service that they are rather well known for:


So my experience begins with I have been using online bookmaking sites for years and never ever heard of anything like this before. My account was debited $100 because they told me that they gave me the $100 by mistake. All I know is that I had only about $300 remaining in my account, and I bet it all. After I won the bet and I expected to receive $270 in winnings plus the Principe bet of $300 = $ 570. So I should have $ 570 in my account. I only received $ 470. I called up and they told me that they credited my account an extra $ 100 two weeks ago by accident. They told me their computers gave me the extra $ 100 by accident and then they manually took the money out. (Wouldn't it be nice if they had sent me out some sort of e-mail letting me know what was going on, rather then just taking the money out of my account and letting me figure it out on my own).

Then (according to Sportsbook) it happened once again, their computers did it again, giving me an extra $100. Then once again they manually took the money ( $100 ) out. That's twice in one week and I never knew it even happened once, because my computer doesn't give me that info. All I know is that my balance was always right until last night when I saw that $ 100 was missing out of my account.

When I called them, they told me that they would e-mail me my history and it should take 48 hours to receive. ( 48 hours for a fax, WOW ) All I know is that on my computer screen, I can't see any of these mistakes that they claimed to of made They also told me that their a huge public company and that they have no reason to cheat me. They could give two sh-t's if I stay their customer. What a joke. I have now closed my account.

So once again, I feel very cheated and I think is very shaddy!!!!

SBR Bill Dozer reports: Another sportsbook folds?

Players have not been able to access their accounts at UnitedWager (SBR rating F) since late October and phone lines are no longer in service. Multiple players claim that this operation has disappeared with their funds.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Player reports MVPbets (SBR rating D+) withholds payout of winnings and applies a roll-over requirement to entire account balance, which did not include a bonus. The player won these funds playing NBA half time and quarter lines. Upon requesting a withdrawal he was told he must wager twice the amount of his balance, betting only on full games. The bettor resentfully completed these unforeseen requirements and has been paid in full. Players can avoid books that make up rules as they go by sticking with top rated sportsbooks.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

No-pay sportsbook, Prosbet (SBR rating F-) appears to have closed with player funds. PlayerCenter support claims the site will be “down for months due to maintenance” and player balances can not be accessed during this time. PlayerCenter services many fly-by-night gaming sites for licenser, Interactive Gaming Systems. Players should avoid IGS/PlayerCenter sportsbooks at all costs.

CRIS (SBR rating A+)

has officially announced the acquisition of ASAP Sports (SBR rating C). All ASAP player balances are now guaranteed by CRIS. SBR upgrades ASAP Sports from D- to C.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Owner of ScandicBookmakers (SBR rating C-) tells SBR that they will no longer be accepting clients outside of Scandinavia, stating they have sustained a loss due to an increase in professional players and have not been able to attract the type of customer they would like.


shares experience with problem sportsbook, GoTo Sportsbook (SBR rating F+)
"I just thought I would share my problems regarding a withdrawal.  It took numerous phone calls and three weeks to finally receive my $800.00 from "Goto".  Unfortunately I didn't stumble on to your website until I did some searching and after having numerous problems collecting from them.  You may want to consider a downgrade from F+ to F.  I guess the plus is because I did get some money even if it took 3 weeks and a dozen e-mails and calls to Costa Rica. I still have the distinct feeling that if they had owed me more money...I probably would have never have seen it."

NetGames Update:

NetGames Inc, the parent company of Internet1x2 (SBR rating F-) and Yahoops (SBR rating F-), reports completing a move to their new office in Belize. The new number, 1-866-511-1026, is not yet listed on the website. Management has promised payment to some players tomorrow, and has requested a list of players from SBR who have reported being owed. They have recently sent payment to a few clients, which has prompted many other players to write to SBR, wondering if there is a chance they may be paid next. NetGames blames lack of banking options in Belize for recent slow-pays and claims to still be pursuing banking services in Antigua. SBR will continue to follow any NetGames developments. Players who wish to have their accounts monitored by SBR may write to

Complaint filed against Betmaker (SBR raing C+)

SBR receives complaint stating that Betmaker is cold calling with unsolicitated bonus offers. The individual did not appreciate the call as he is not a gambler and is worried about how his contact information was obtained.

SBR confirms VIP Sports (SBR rating A+) buys GlobalWager and BetWorldWide.

Alistair Assheton, Managing Director of VIP, confirms the earlier SBR report that VIP Sports has, as of today, purchased both Costa Rican sportsbooks which were owned separately. Eric Gomez, the GM of GlobalWager, tells SBR that after four years the opportunity to sell to VIP Sports was one they could not pass up. Mr. Gomez goes on to say that his customers will be wagering through the VIP system tonight and full customer service will be transferred by Thursday.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

BlueGrass (SBR rating D+) refusing to pay player winnings of $8500. BG justifies this decision by stating the player knowingly bet more than the event maximum, which the software mistakenly did not enforce. This reasoning may justify canceling pending wagers but can not be used to void wagers already resulting in player winnings. BlueGrass admits to acknowledging this wager at the start of the event but did not cancel the bet until the wager was decided against them. SBR downgrades BlueGrass from C- to D+.

SBR Bill Dozer reports: 2WagerSports downgraded from F+ to F

This new sportsbook is unlikely to survive the football season. Employees verify that management has been fired and players are being slow-paid. Ownership claims players with large balances have won by submitting wagers past-post (after the event has begun).  SBR has received a slow-pay complaint from a player with 2wager who is also an employee of the sportsbook. Employees should never be allowed to wager with the book they work for.

SBR mailbag:

The following is one of two slow-pay complaints SBR recently received from BetOnSports (SBR rating C) players.
"Just thought I'd tell you about my payout request. I requested an Oct. 31 Neteller payout.  I started bugging them about it maybe 2-3 days later. I was promised that it would be in my account by the end of the day November 5.  Nothing.  I called early November 6 and was promised again by the end of the day.  As the end of the day neared on the east coast I began calling. They told me I needed Jonathon, the manager.  First call: at lunch, an hour later: at lunch, a half hour later: not at his desk, a half hour later: payouts are closed.  What a joke, these guys are really pissing me off."

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

In recent months Pointbet (SBR rating D+) has added multiple banking services in various countries. This is in addition to their primary bank in Indonesia. Indonesian players are not able to play with Pointbet. SBR upgrades Pointbet from D to D+. Pointbet, and their banking situation, will remain under review.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Despite published reports on internet gambling websites, CRIS (SBR rating A+) has not yet taken over ASAP Sports (SBR rating D-). CRIS ownership has stated that they are only exploring the potential of a relationship with ASAP and no deal has been made at this time.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

BlueGrass Sports (SBR rating C-) voids $8,500 of player's winning wagers. BG claims the player circumvented limits by submitting multiple wagers on an event that had an individual bet maximum of $500. They blame a software glitch for the player's ability to make multiple wagers. BlueGrass does not list any rules regarding betting limits or multiple wagers. They did not delete the wagers until the game was over, yet they state they were aware of the wagers at the start of the event. This is unacceptable, as the player risked funds without the possibility of winning. SBR to discuss this decision with BG ownership.