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Sportsbook complaints sent into SBR hit 12 month high. Sample of todays complaints:


BetPlatnium (SBR rating D-) "I have been waiting 6 weeks to be paid. I believe your rating of D- is too high"

BetWWTS (SBR rating A+) "I transfereed money from the sportsbook to the casino. After the transfer the money was in neither account. They did take care of it but it was a hassle."

BetOnGames (SBR rating A-) "Have you noticed the web site is down more since VIP bought them? BetOnGames is (or was) the best book out there but not if they can’t keep it up on the internet."

Pinnacle (SBR Rating A+) "They have a $500 minimum for a free payout. My account was at $480 so I deposited $20 to make $500 to get the free payout. They still charged me $15. Grrr!"

SportsInteraction (SBR rating D+) "I made a withdraw request on Jan 28th. I deposited using Neteller and requested a Neteller withdraw. They asked me for my drivers license and credit card statement (even though I used Neteller). I sent them in and so far nothing. Can mr. Dozer help me? I did not realize their rating was so low. I know why now."

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

SCAM operation Vipbetzone (SBR rating F-) launches new sportsbook Gowagers. Players should avoid both books at all costs.

27 websites currently displaying real-time betting lines from SBROdds


Freaks Forum, Sharp Action Sports and System Plays are the latest quality sites to add live-odds, handicapping stats and scores provided free by SBROdds.

The current line-up of sportsbooks on the SBROdds feed include: WWTS(SBR rating A+), Pinnacle(SBR rating A+), VIP(SBR rating A+),  CRIS(SBR rating A+),  BetJamaica(SBR rating A+),  Hollywood107(SBR rating A),  Bowmans(SBR rating A-) and Canbet(SBR rating B).

SBR Bill Dozer reports: BetonUSA Live-Betting SCAM?


BetonUSA (SBR rating D-) claims the right to keep entire account balances if a player makes an \in-game live wager after the play has begun. One player reports that BetonUSA confiscated $7,000 of winnings before closing the account. The rules state that if the player wagers after the snap of the football they would pay for their mistake with the funds currently in their account.

Management claims they do not have control of live-wagering and a third party handles this part of the sportsbook for them. This relationship is similar to the one BetonUSA had with its original poker room. The poker room closed with player balances. Many players were not credited by BetonUSA or their sister site PyramidSportsWager (SBR rating D-). SBR to contact BetonUSA’s live-wagering on players’ behalf.

Your feedback keeps the sportsbooks on their toes! A couple of post Superbowl suggestions on getting a payout:


For the millions of players who are getting in line for a payout SBR would suggest:

1) Have patience. SBR relaxes rules on promptness of payouts this week only. A "slow pay" is officially considered a slow-pay incident on the 7th day after the rules of the sportsbook state you will be paid. Example: If XYZ Sportsbook states you will be paid within 5 days; you the player will have an official complaint on the 12th day from your request. You should write to on the 1st day after you were promised to be paid.
2) Make sure your payout instructions are clear and accurate. Once your request is made, do not change payment methods and do not bet or put at risk the portion of your account which a payout request has been made.
3) Put it in writing. Always follow payout requests with an email. Always note who you spoke to and the exact time. Retrieving your recorded conversation is a difficult process made simple by noting who you spoke to and when.

SBR Bill Dozer reports: IslandCasino vs. Blackjack Player Update

On 12/21/04 SBR reported: IslandCasino (SBR rating C) confiscates player’s winnings of $11,400 claiming that he has cheated at black jack by using the help of a computer program, also known as a robot. The player has not been provided with any evidence of this.  IslandCasino’s General Manager is out of the office until next week. SBR will investigate this complaint upon his return. IslandCasino is the sister site of Sportbet (SBR rating C).

Over the course of a month long investigation Island Casino failed to supply the game history logs or the exact play rate which was deemed to be "too fast". This was requested by SBR and the player. Island Casino’s General Manager, Jake, upheld the decision to keep the player’s winnings stating that Digital Gaming Solutions, their software provider, concluded that the player used a robot.

On 1/24/05 SBR spoke with one of the DGS software authors who was also the individual advising Island Casino. He stated that he did not believe it could be concluded that the player used a computer aid and that his play was “entirely possible” without the use of a robot.

The following day Jake had provided new information that suggested the player had multiple accounts with a history of bounced E-Checks. While Island Casino has yet to provide bank documents, SBR has questioned the player about these account details. The inconsistencies in the players story has lead us to believe he has not been completely forthright. SBR will no longer be assisting the player with his complaint.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Linesmaker (SBR rating D+) and SilverstarCasino agree to payout first Polish player who filed complaint with SBR. Two other players await payment or a valid explanation of what rules they violated.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

As reported on 1/26/05, Linesmaker (SBR rating D+) has failed to honor winning wagers, citing a change of policy to not accept players from Poland. SBR has since received other complaints from players located in Poland who report their winnings from Linesmaker’s sister site, SilverstarCasino, were also voided. These players claim to have responded to a generous bonus promotion that was mentioned on a Polish gambling forum. Silverstar has failed to explain to players why they believe it is acceptable to confiscate funds based on location. The following is an email from Silverstar informing the player that he would not be receiving his winnings.

"Dear XXXXX,
I have reviewed your account with Silverstar. Silverstar are fully within their right to close your account as they do not accept Polish customers anymore. While I understand that you have winnings in the account, they will not be sending any of those winnings to you, just your initial deposit, irregardless of whether Polish customers were accepted then, they are not accepted now. To quote from the rules:
"Termination of Agreement: The agreement between SilverStar and the customer may be terminated by the customer at the customer’s request. Or if deemed necessary SilverStar reserves the right to revoke the agreement between the customer and SilverStar."
I apologize for the inconvenience that this may you at, however Silverstar are fully within their rights to do this.

CS Supervisor."

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

New Futurebet sportsbook Oceansbet (SBR rating F) slow-paying player.
"Boy, was I stupid. I didn’t know sites like yours existed and I blindly picked an online sportsbook and made a deposit. I slowly built my account balance up to a reasonable amount and requested a payout.... I am getting the run around big time from a loser outfit. "Player support" says that OceansBet has to workout how it is going to pay out its accounts and there is no indication that Oceansbet is going under... Yea right! They don’t go under, just keep taking money IN and paying none OUT. I have learned a valuable lesson and am glad I don’t go in for heavy action, but I will use your valuable information to deal only with reputable sportsbooks and keep abreast of any changes in a sportsbooks status.
The end of the NFL season is the most dangerous time of year for players with unproven sportsbooks. Some companies like Futurebet mass produce gambling websites causing bettors to be unaware they are sending their funds to a disreputable operation with a history of payout problems. SBR recommends players stay with sportsbooks rated B+ or higher and do proper research before making their Super Bowl wagers.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

No-pay complaints continue to come from players at scam sportsbooks. BetGateway (SBR rating F) is hoping to stay afloat with a profitable Super Bowl. More players are reporting denied withdrawal requests yet the book continues to offer large bonuses on new deposits. New BetEmpire (SBR rating F-) and sister book WorldWager (SBR rating F-) complaints emerge. Management is attempting to void out winnings on multiple large account balances. They claim that if the betting odds had changed soon after a bet was placed it was the sportsbook’s error and a "bad line" which nullifies the wager. The book is applying this made-up rule to months of graded wagers. One player did report reaching a settlement with WorldWager and has received payment.
Update 2/26/05: BetEmpire management tells SBR that they are no longer involved with WorldWager and that BetEmpire is a seperate operation. BetEmpire has its own mangement team in place but is under the BetUS (SBR rating F+) brand. 

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Sportsbetgamblingsportsbook (SBR rating F) player waiting 14 days for Neteller payout of $450. Sportbetgamblingsportsbook is one of many Futurebet-serviced books and has recently been introduced into SBR’s rating guide with an F rating. The number of Futurebet payout complaints has decreased in recent months, and many site owners have requested rating evaluations anticipating an upgrade. SBR to inquire on behalf of player and report on reason for delay.
Update: Player paid in full. Futurebet states that Neteller payouts will take at least two weeks to process although the site advertises Neteller payouts in 24 hours.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Common mistake by Gamebookers (SBR rating C+) costs another player his winning wager. SBR has recently received multiple complaints from Gamebookers players who have won a wager, only to have the win cancelled due to a team listing error. Gamebookers seems to have trouble listing the team names correctly, particularly in American sports. Complaints have been similar to the one posted below. Gamebookers does not use a rotation number to identify teams numerically.
“Dear Sirs,
I noticed you improved Gamebookers rating from C- to C+. Yesterday GB offered a NCAA basketball match for Cincinnati vs. Florida -10/+10 @ -110. Today I noticed my winning bet is cancelled. Support told me that it was mistake in the team name, that it was SOUTH Florida not Florida. It was canceled about 2 hours after the match result was known. The offer was exactly the same as in another bookmaker so it wasn’t a mistake in odds or something. In my opinion this is serious and maybe C+ rating is too high for GB?
Best Regards,

BetRoyal (SBR rating C-) SBR rating raised on restructuring plans.

Management recently disclosed detailed restructuring moves. SBR believes that these moves will strengthen Royals’ financial position by lowering costs. Investment and effectiveness in marketing remains sufficient. There are still problems mostly with old debts, lawsuits as well as short term problems which could cause some temporary customer service issues. However, this upgrade notes that SBR does not expect any slow pay periods or financial problems in the short term.

Pinnacle Casino Releases High Stakes Blackjack.

Players can now wager $5,000 on a single hand. Pinnacle plans to add Baccarat, Craps and European Roulette to the already popular casino suite. New video poker and slots were also recently added. has rated Pinnacle’s Caribbean Stud to be one of the fairest, if not the fairest on the internet, with odds that rival land based casinos.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

BetonUSA (SBR rating D-) confiscates players’ balances claiming they past-posted bets when using the live ’in-game’ wagering feature. SBR received complaints from three players who report that their winnings were confiscated. BetonUSA tells the players that their software did not adjust for the NFL television broadcast delay and therefore the bets are invalid. BetonUSA has deleted over $20,000 in "Live Wagering" winnings. SBR to discuss player complaints with management.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


Linesmaker (SBR rating C-) voids player’s winning wagers after deciding they no longer wish to service players from Poland. The bettor’s account has been closed and his deposit was returned, but before this new policy he had made two wagers resulting in winnings of $354. SBR has confirmed that this player was allowed to sign up as a resident of Poland and that there are not any restrictions listed on the site. SBR expects these winnings to be paid in full and will follow up on this issue.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Iwagersports no longer backed by First Fidelity (SBR rating B). Due to this change SBR has downgraded Iwagersports from C+ to D. Iwagersports and sister site Ricasports (SBR rating D) will remain under review as they relaunch their operation with proprietary sportsbook and poker software in the coming weeks.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Player files slow-pay complaint against Europlay (SBR rating C). The bettor claims he has already sent in copy of his photo I.D. on two occiasions and has been promised his $2365 each week over the last month. SBR to inquire on player’s behalf.
Update 1/25/05 Europlay pays player in full. Offers no explanation for the delay.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

01.22.2005 (SBR rating C) and sister sites under Sportingbet management not honoring bonuses. In the past few weeks SBR has received an influx of complaints from players who feel cheated claiming they were victims of dishonest marketing. Players filed complaints ranging from not receiving promised bonuses after numerous email requests as well as bonuses being unjustly confiscated upon cashout. SBT management states that these players did not meet their wagering requirements. However, they were assured by clerks, verbally and by email, that these requirements were met and the bonus would not be lost. SBT sportsbook owners have admitted that there is a software glitch responsible for showing wrong information regarding the progress of the player’s bonus roll-over.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

WorldWager (SBR rating F-) stiffing another player $23,000 claiming he violated "line movement rules". This book is notorious for citing outrageous rules, like the one below, as reason not to pay long-time players.
"If the lines posted by are off by more than 1.5 points on any point spread sport or posted incorrectly (reversed), management is entitled to delete any wagers placed on the wrong lines. In any money line sport, if the lines are off by more than 20 cents, management is entitled to delete any wagers placed on the wrong lines."
WorldWager is essentially claiming the right to call any line a "wrong line". The book will offer unique lines with no intention of paying players if they win because the line was "off".

Some newer sportsbooks upgraded after end of the year reviews.


Mansion now holds a respectable C+ SBR rating and is by far the most interesting new sportsbook of the class of 2004. We continue to remain somewhat cautious on Mansion despite the high level of financing from a millionaire cigarette tycoon from Asia and a capable management staff. Mansion has taken aim at the two toughest competitors in the industry in Pinnacle (SBR rating A+) and BetFair (SBR rating A+). History is not on the side of books that take on those two goliaths, however Mansion could be the exception.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

BetGateway (SBR rating F) prepared to stiff their 50 active players. The sportsbook claims they are currently unable to process payout requests because their customer service manager has stolen their bankroll. BetGateway employees are not currently collecting a paycheck and the rent payment is past due. Gateway tells SBR that "the investors will make a decision on what to do" based on how the book performs in the next two weeks. Payments will not be processed before then, if at all.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

BetCasinoSports (SBR rating F) failing to keep up with payment plans on delinquent accounts. Players should avoid this sportsbook at all costs. BCS is hoping for a cash infusion from new investors. They are not likely to survive this football season without it.