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News on scam sports betting operations, events and business deals within the offshore sports gambling industry.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

BlueGrass Sports (SBR rating C-) voids $8,500 of player's winning wagers. BG claims the player circumvented limits by submitting multiple wagers on an event that had an individual bet maximum of $500. They blame a software glitch for the player's ability to make multiple wagers. BlueGrass does not list any rules regarding betting limits or multiple wagers. They did not delete the wagers until the game was over, yet they state they were aware of the wagers at the start of the event. This is unacceptable, as the player risked funds without the possibility of winning. SBR to discuss this decision with BG ownership.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Player reports logging on to his account at Sportswager (SBR rating D+) to find his balance of over $1000 missing. He is told that his funds were lost in the casino but the sportsbook will not supply the IP or casino log. Sportswager tells SBR that they do not have this account history. This dispute illustrates one of the many ways an unproven sportsbook may try to avoid paying a player his winnings.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Player waiting for $2900 payment from Enterbet (SBR rating F) for over eight months. SBR has contacted Enterbet and they agreed to start a $300/week payment plan today. Players should avoid this sportsbook who stated "We just got killed this week and don't have his money". As the football season matures and new marketing campaigns fade, lesser sportsbooks will be more likely to show the effects of mismanaged finances.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Pyramid SportsWager (SBR rating D-) loses player's account and any record of his balance. The player reports being told that the company holds individual employees responsible for his missing funds and will not pay.
“Craig, who is the man in charge, just puts me off and off and his people pretend he is on vacation all the time... for months at a time.  And yes we are unfortunately talking about Pyramid Sportswager. Their claim is simply this:  Their poker room ran off with their money and all the accounting data so they can't verify my claim. I can't understand how that is MY fault.”

What separates good sportsbooks from the bad? Here is an example of “Bad”:

11.01.2004 (SBR rating D-) offers a bonus of 15% for new accounts and states “..must wager at least 2x the amount of the deposit plus bonus”. Seems clear, right??? Wrong! A player wagered twice the amount and called for a payout and was told 2x was not enough. The book fired back to the winning player the rules state “at least 2x”. The book goes on to say “….it(bonus rollover) is anything we say it is.” The book refuses to pay and refuses to tell the player how much he will have to bet to get a payout.

Rules written in a way that gives the sportsbook a way to cheat a player is like having a back-up scam at the ‘ready’ just in case the player wins. 

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Internet1x2 (SBR rating F-) player complaints flood SBR’s email box once again. After recently paying a handful of players, Internet1x2 seems to have disappeared. Phone lines and live chat have not been functional for weeks. Ido, the owner, claims the troubled sportsbook will complete a move from Belize to Antigua on Wednesday. Players are hopeful, but not optimistic that the few verified payouts are a precursor of what is to come.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Player reports that he is waiting three weeks for a FedEx withdrawal from BetRoyal (SBR rating D-). He also states that his previous payout took two weeks. SBR to inquire on player's behalf.
Update: Royal has provided the player with a tracking number for FedEx payment. Management claims that FedEx had lost this player's package and is responsible for the delay.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

A group of players who have filed complaints against Cybersportsbook (SBR rating D) have admitted using multiple accounts to circumvent limits. SBR currently has no other pending issues from Cybersportsbook players. Since leaving World Gaming's service, Cybersportsbook has shown steady improvement which resulted in fewer player complaints, none of which were in recent months. SBR has upgraded Cybersportsbook to a D rating. Players willing to submit feedback on any Sininter site should write to

SBR surveys three top sportsbooks on how they did with the 2004 baseball season:


Pinnacle(SBR rating A+): Baseball was good this year. There was one stretch just after the all-star break that I think the players were using tomorrows paper to pick the games....players were feasting on under valued favorites. Overall, this has been an excellent baseball season, probably the best ever, for Pinnacle.
VIP (SBR rating A+): This year broke character with the last four years. In the previous few years, players won early and won big. This year the book had a good start but the players roared back with a vengeance in the final 1/3 of the season. VIP added 1st inning and first 5 inning props as well as others and overall I think this was a decent year for us in baseball, certainly not great.
BetJamaica(SBR rating A+): Baseball was definitely better this year than last; we got off to a very strong start, an amazing start. The players got it together in late August and have been winning most of the big decisions ever since. So for BetJamaica this has been a terrific baseball season. We handled the professional crowd but the general public hit a lot of big games down the stretch.  

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Player tells SBR that BetOnUSA (SBR rating D-) clerk made an error when taking his phone wager, giving him the wrong team. BetOnUSA refused the player and SBR's request to hear the taped wager recording. BetOnUSA deleted the wager instead of investigating the player's claim to these winnings. Players should expect all phoned-in wager to be backed by a tape recording for their protection.


Garet Bradford continues to scam players using his Nevada-based betting exchange WagerFree (SBR rating F-). He attracts his victims by promoting juice-free wagering at the cost of a small club fee. When players win, he will offer an array of excuses of why he can not pay, ranging from fraudulent player activity to claiming that the player on the opposite side of the wager exchange did not pay. SBR believes it is only a matter of time before US authorities catch up with this crook as lawsuits pile up. The latest player is being stiffed for $28,600.

The ‘A’ group of sportsbooks not immune from complaints. Weekend comments from players.


WWTS (SBR rating A+) – "At first they would not honor the special listed right on their fxxxing website."

Pinnacle Sports (SBR rating A+) – “My account was frozen (could not login).. I missed all of Saturday’s college football..3 emails, 3 no replys”

FiveDimes (SBR A-) – “SBR should reconsider this rating. The site is either slow or completely down. Look at your own site meter if you doubt me.”

Grande (SBR raing A-) “What a joke! I tried to sign up there but their sign-up page didn’t work. I tried Skybook instead. Went back a month later and the signup page STILL doesn’t work!"

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

USA Sports Casino (SBR rating F) player reporting slow-pay. USA Sports Casino is a new site from Futurebet. For about $35,000 in start up fees and 30% profit share, Futurebet will set up and operate a gaming site for just about anyone. Players should avoid this family of sportsbooks which also includes SportsbookUSA (SBR rating F-) and RedRoyal (SBR rating F).

What is going on at BetOnSports (SBR rated C)?

Sources tell SBR that the marketing director is under internal investigation for illegal kick backs. There has been a spike in complaints into SBR including some serious slow pay complaints. CEO’s of several of the largest sportsbooks have told SBR they are worried and expect a management shake-up any day. SBR’s opinion is not as bleak as some insiders and for now will maintain a respectable C rating for BetOnSports. SBR agrees BOS is having a poor year but the excessive pessimism so far is backed up only by a few slow pay reports and internal management problems related to fraud.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Money Plays Casino (SBR rating F+), part of GoTo Entertainment, stalling player owed $3,000 for over 3 months. Management states the client is on a payment plan yet does not have a planned date for payment or set amount.
Sports Betting Lines (SBR rating F+) slow-paying customer since 10/7/04. Player has received sporadic emails over the last two weeks falsely claiming payment has been sent. Phone lines and live-chat are currently down.
BetOnSports (SBR rating C): Two players report being slow-paid. One player is waiting 10 days for FirePay payment while another is waiting for a credit card withdrawal from 9/17/04.
Bets4All (SBR rating D-): Complaints continue to mount. Downgraded to D- 

Sportsbook complaints to SBR reach 5 year high.

Complicated and poorly planned bonuses with rules equally poorly written are a major reason. A higher than expected upsurge in scams is also being experienced. Email campaigns by obscure and unknown books have effectively lured many players with false and misleading specials or into outright scams.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

World Casino Sports Bets (SBR rating F+) slow-paying player three weeks. Ownership refuses to respond to player's Neteller payout requests. Customer service claims their hands are tied as they only perform support. SBR reminds players to avoid operations with anonymous ownership and turn-key serviced sportsbooks where there is no financial responsibility.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Oklahoma Sports Betting downgraded to F+ and will remain under review as players continue to wait for payment. OSB has recently fired a member of its staff for speaking to SBR about payout issuess.