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News on scam sports betting operations, events and business deals within the offshore sports gambling industry.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

SBG Global (SBR rating D+) acquires Sports-Gambling (SBR rating D) which was already under SBG Global management. Sports-Gambling is now fully owned by SBG.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Intertops (SBR rating C+) management is now telling SBR that they may not become current with Neteller payouts until Friday. Contrary to what SBR was told earlier, players who deposited with Neteller will not have the option to receive their funds via a different withdrawal method. Some players have reported receiving a payout today. SBR has downgraded Intertops from B+ to C+.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Bets4All (SBR rating D-) again in slow-pay mode. As of last week the book had paid all players who have submitted complaits to SBR. The payment process took over six months for most. SBR is now receiving new payout complaints.

William Hill Complaint (2/27/05) Update:

Management agrees to reverse their decision and void the player's wager. William Hill (SBR rating A-) has apologized for any inconvenience and has applied a bonus to the player's account.

SBR mailbag:


Players with (SBR rating C-), Intertops (SBR rating B+), BetOnUSA (SBR rating D-), submit new complaints. Positive Feedback submitted by players at Bodog (SBR rating A-), Diamond International (SBR rating B+), Mybookie (SBR rating C), and PayoffsPlus, which has been upgraded from C to C+ this week.

SBR opens new Costa Rican office today

SBR is accepting applications for the position of Programmer/Webmaster with significant experience with SQL, XML, ASP, HTML. If you are a top professional we invite you to send your resume to SBR. Applications will be accepted until April 5th. The position offers the highest compensation package in the industry.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Players file new complaints against BetonUSA (SBR rating D-) and their new live-wagering department. The complaints range from balance confiscation to voided winnings wagers.

"Hi, I put 250 dollars into "live wagering" at stole my money and gave no explaination.  My screen name is "xxxxxxx". Ive made several attempts to contact them and got the run around.  If you can help in any way I would appreciate it. Thank you, XXXX

BetJamaica (SBR rating A+) adds overnight odds for NCAA basketball.


The SBROdds live-betting odds service announces the following books are posting overnight odds on NCAA basketball: Pinnacle(SBR rating A+), BetJamaica(SBR rating A+), CRIS(SBR rating A+), 5Dimes(SBR rating A) and Canbet(SBR rating B+). Complete handicapping stats are available on all overnight games.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

SBR receives multiple complaints from players waiting for Neteller payouts from Intertops (SBR rating B+). Intertops states that their Neteller account is unfunded due to a poorly scheduled promotion. Management expects their merchant account to be fully funded by Wednesday, leaving some players waiting 10 days. It is SBR’s opinion that 10 days is an excessive amount of time to fund a merchant account. However, Intertops is offering alternate payment options with fees not to exceed the cost of Neteller. Players with further concerns should write to

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

BetEmpire (SBR rating F+) management tells SBR that all slow-paid players have been paid in full. The new sportsbook blames an early change in payment processors for the delay. SBR is encouraging players with complaints or positive feedback to write to The majority of BetEmpire is owned by BetUS (SBR rating F+).

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

WilliamHill (SBR rating A-) forces player to accept altered odds after event has concluded.
"I have been directed to you by some people and I was wondering if you could please help me with my problem?  It is as follows:
On Friday evening, I placed a bet with William Hill on a spread handicap in NCAA Basketball.  I placed a bet of £25 for Rice to win with a handicap of -1.5pts.  This was at 19.26:49 (William Hill server time).  The transaction number is A564XXXXX.  The game started at 00.05 that evening (GMT).  My account number is: XXXXXX. I checked my account, and it showed that my bet was still open and valid of -1.5pts.  Rice won the game by 6pts."

William Hill applies a line of -15 and grades wager as a loss.
"In accordance with Rule F Acceptance of Bets: We cannot allow for mistakes or accept responsibility for any errors or omissions in respect of the announcing, publishing or marking of prices, runners or results despite our every effort to ensure total accuracy. We reserve the right to correct obvious errors. In relation to this rule your bet(s) will be settled at the correct odds. You should see your balance redressed accordingly."

The player’s wager was changed from -1.5 to -15 which resulted in a losing bet. Although the player bet a "bad line" he should not be forced to accept responsibility for the book’s mistake and accept altered odds. SBR to speak with WillHill management about this policy and to request that the wager be voided.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

SCAM sportsbook BetCSI (SBR rating F-) opens new sportsbook, SelectWagering. SelectWagering is cold-calling players claiming that they are endorsed by SBR. Owner "Duane Tough" and his head manager, Randy have conned many players using CSI and stolen customer lists. Select Wagering currently advertises Paypal as a deposit method. Paypal has forbidden all gaming related transactions since 2002.

Pari-Action(SBR rating C+) has requested a response be posted on a recent incident involving a live chat session reported by SBR:


"First of all, I want to apolozise for the "Pariaction Operator" as this was not even one of our clerks, not a manager of Pariaction etc. but rather a manager of another operation that is hosted here and was not fully aware of our policies.

Unfortunately, I was out of town and so was all of the other management. I take full responsibility for this as if I had been here, I do not believe this problem would have occurred.

SBR, after promising they would not post this or take any action without talking to anyone in management, chose to post this chat AND lower our rating without even giving us a chance to take care of the situation or even talk to anyone in management. I will let the readers judge for themselves if this is a professional way to handle the situation.

Also, it is not true that any games were cancelled after the game (or match) went off (we would NEVER do that) and if SBR had done their due diligence, they would have discovered that. I have tried to call Mr. John Walker without success and he has not returned my phone calls.

We have always had a good relationship with SBR and I am sorry that they chose to do things they way they did without giving us a chance to make things right.

As I got back in the office this morning and we decided to give the man back his bonus and since he had two wagers pending that they cancelled, we will be happy to honor them BOTH and he can send us the $3000 difference of the net losses.

I hope that the player gives me a call (I called him this morning and got their voicemail) so that I can explain more clearly what happened and apologize for the tone and ignorance of the "Pariaction Operator".END

While this sportsbook was guilty of extremely poor customer service the reply made by management suggests this is a one time event and not indicative of their normal customer service. In an ironic twist of f

BetWWTS(SBR rating A+) reportedly acquiring rival sportsbook

for $6.15 million dollars. BetWWTS has raised $3.5 million dollars by issuing additional common shares. The acquisition will be a cash and stock deal. The acquisition is subject to BetWWTS’s Board of Directors and shareholder approval. There is speculation the takeover candidate is Intertops (SBR rating B+) which would be a nice acquisition. SBR would include Gamebookers (SBR rating C+) as a definite possibility.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Tradewinds Group unable to process payouts via Neteller  due to lack of funding in their merchant account. Management states that payouts should resume on Monday once a pending bank wire to Neteller is completed. Tradewinds is currently offering withdrawals via alternate methods free of charge. The Tradewinds Group consists of  Badlands (SBR rating C+), BetGuardian Guarantee (SBR rating B-), Regency (SBR rating C+) and Tradewinds (SBR rating B-).

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

As a result of the LiveChat conversation posted below, Pariaction (SBR rating C+) voids pending wager on match that was already in progress and confiscates bonus.

A player with Pariaction (SBR rating B-) uses Live Chat to inquire if he has met the bonus requirement. Let's see how they do;


After a brief greeting the Pariaction clerk pulled up the players account. The player let it be known that he was close to earning out his bonus and was looking forward to a withdrawal. He asked the Pariaction clerk to check the amount he had wagered, to see if they met the bonus requirements:

[Pariaction Operator] your roll over should be $15500 ans so far
you’re $7932
[Player] um, no-----how are you calculating that? i’ve
made $15100 in wagers since 2/12
[Pariaction Operator] sir the way that we count the roll over
push bets doesn’ count!, and we count the less amount
of your winners!
[Pariaction Operator] that’s how the roll over works
[Player] that is not a common way to calulate rollover.
where is that in your rules?
[Pariaction Operator] sir that’s the way everybody calculates the
roll over...
[Player] lol, negative. always the lay amount unless
otherwise stated. and i have laid $15100. only about 2
books in the world calulate rollover that way.
[Player] so i ask again, where in your rules does it
state that?
[Pariaction Operator] we are not everybody else. f

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Bill Dozer Q&A: Jeremy asks:


I was wondering, what is the maximum amount of funds that’s safe to leave in a sportsbook without getting too concerned? I’m speaking of the top A+ books.