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SBR Bill Dozer reports: BetAtlas(SBR rating C+) receives second upgrade in three months.

The sportsbook has recently received a makeover which included a new website, new banking options and the elimination of unprofitable bonuses and incentives. New veteran management is responsible for much of these changes and tells SBR that Atlas is fully backed by the Horizon Sports Group and will be the primary brand the company will use as it refocuses on the post-up market. SBR appreciates the recent feedback from Atlas players and encourages users to write to

SBR Bill Dozer reports: AllSportsCasino(SBR rating D) customer slow-paid.

The player has waited six days for a Neteller transaction while the funds have already been deducted from his account balance. The AllSportsCasino family of sportsbooks has received its lowest grade to date this December due to multiple payout complaints. One player has recently reported receiving a timely four-figure payout.

Attempted cover-up of a failed sportsbook is an important lesson for players.

Recently a promoter of new, high risk sportsbooks attempted to cover up the failure of a certain sportsbook who also happened to be their main sponsor.  SBR learned the sportsbook, Rich Coast Sports, was in trouble and issued a newswire alerting players. The promoter, the Offshorewire, made a desperate attempt to explain how their main sponsor failed including mentioning the SBR report that originally warned players. Luckily for the players, BetCRIS(SBR rating A+) stepped in and bailed out Rich Coast after the sportsbook had fallen into a failed "no-pay" situation.
This time of year failures will pick up. Be on the look out for con men and avoid new sportsbooks at all costs. 

RichCoast Sports (SBR rating F)


UPDATE: Industry leader BetCRIS(SBR rating A+) secures bailout for clients of Rich Coast Sports.
Rich Coast Sports collapsed 5 days ago claiming they were "upgrading".

SCAM Alert:

SunsetSports(SBR rating F-) and BetDealers(SBR rating F-) in the hands of scammers formerly behind stiff book, ChangeABet, and currently behind BetWGN. Frank, who sometimes goes by Michael Franklin or Frank Williams, is the lead conman. He has been opening and closing books, stealing from customers for years.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


BetDealers(SBR rating F) is new SCAM book from the failed SunsetSports owners. BetDealers is offering 20% cash sign-up bonuses to join while claiming they are not affiliated with any other sportsbooks.

Thanks to SBRforum poster AK for information contributed.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

MySportsbook(SBR rating D+) shorts bettor $700, cites "bonus abuse" as reason. The player has been with the book for three months earning multiple reload bonuses, but has not violated any listed rules. His account activity was subjectively labeled for abusing bonuses. Below is the email to the player from management.

Mr xxxx;
Unfortunately, after the fraud department reviewed your case, it was determine that the account in question was made with the purpose of bonus abusing, therefore, it will remain inactive. According to our records the amount deposited is equal to the amount withdrawn, therefore, no monies are owed in order to offset the funds used via Neteller. Best Regards.

In more severe cases, players who have made a profit wagering saw their winnings confiscated as well. Sportingbet management has taken a hard stance against players who treat their incentives as something more than a novelty. It is evident that management may decide not to pay players after reviewing the bettor’s history over the life of the account.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

ParlayCardZ, part of the Horizon Twenty Group, slow-paying client $10,000 since 12/22/05. The player initially requested $5,000 via Neteller the morning of 10/22, but was told the merchant account was not funded. ParlayCardZ then took the player’s banking information in order to process a $10,000 bank wire, but has blamed the holidays as the reason the funds have not yet been deducted from the bettor’s account. SBR has contacted management, who claims their bank, Bank of Costa Rica, has been closed since the 23rd and will remain closed until the 2nd, when the wire will be sent. SBR has contacted the bank which was open on the 22nd, 23rd, and from the 26th through today until 6:00 PM. ParlayCardZ remains unable or unwilling to send payment to the customer via Neteller. The sportsbook will be under review while this withdrawal is pending and Neteller issues are addressed. The Horizon Twenty Group, which includes LasPalmas, has been downgraded to C.

SBR Bill Dozer reports: BookTheBet(SBR rating D-)

owner, Tony Block, tells SBR he is "bailing out" RichCoastSports(SBR rating D). Mr. Block states that RichCoast is currently migrating to his office in Escazu and players will be informed of new wagering requirements on their balances today via email.

SBR Bill Dozer reports: Telebet(SBR rating F-)


invests in software upgrades and new website to perpetuate scam. SBR offices still receive weekly calls from players who have been coaxed into depositing with EnglishSportsBetting, which is now branded as Telebet. The sportsbook has purchased customer lists and is aggressively calling players with promotional offers. Many inactive players have reported being offered to "upgrade their account" in order to receive premium bonuses. SBR will continue to post periodic ESB warnings.

SBR Bill Dozer reports: SunsetSports(SBR rating F) players left with more questions.

Last week SBR confirmed with Sports-Gambling(SBR rating D+) management that the book, which is part of SBGglobal Group, would be taking over all Sunset player accounts at the start of this week. SBR has since spoken with SBGglobal’s General Manager who said the deal is not finalized and all accounts may not be migrated to Sports-Gambling. is now back online, claiming they are under a new company under different ownership. Sunset, which redirects to, tells SBR that customer accounts were divided according to "player packages" and some accounts will be moved to Sports-gambling. Sunset is telling account holders they must roll-over their balances 6 times before they can have access to their funds. Players are rightfully concerned that Sunset’s latest promises will not be fulfilled. It is more  probable that this wagering requirement is the latest stall tactic for unmovable accounts than it is that a new owner chose to take over a no-pay sportsbook, service its frustrated bettors, and build the tainted brand.

BetOnStars(SBR rating D+) claims slow paying was because they bought advertising and they were temporarily out of money.

Their new advertisers have swung into action. MajorWager complained SBR was picking on the slow pay sportsbook. Even TheOffshoreWire, who is also on the BetOnStars payroll, complained that SBR was "..crucifying a young book for a glitch" (glitch = slow pay).
Players should use extreme caution with new sportsbooks and books that have not aquired enough business sense to know that the sportsbook must pay the players first and then pay their advertisers. 

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

BetOnStars(SBR rating D+) player waiting since Tuesday morning for $2500 Neteller payout. Player states he was told Neteller was unfunded and that they "are waiting for a check to clear". He was promised his funds on each of the past two days, and is hoping to receive his withdrawal before accounting closes for the holiday.

BookTheBet (SBR rating D-)


asking 2wagerSports and UWagerSports victims to throw good money after bad? BookTheBet’s owner is calling customer lists from these scam sportsbooks, offering huge "bailout" bonuses. One player reports being offered $8,900 if he is willing to deposit $2,000 and wager the total amount ten times. Players should avoid all sportsbooks offering too-good-to-be-true bonuses as well as sportsbooks who are giving out U.S. phone numbers.

SBR Bill Dozer reports: Sun sets on SunsetSports(SBR rating D+), Sports-Gambling to take over accounts.

Sports-Gambling(SBR rating D+) management tells SBR that players will be able to access their accounts early next week. It is unknown at this time if this will be treated as a bailout situation where players will have to fulfill wagering requirements before being able to request a withdrawal. Sunset clients report their accounts were locked for weeks before the site came off-line.