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SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Wagerfree (SBR rating F-) canceling checks issued to winning bettors. Players are preparing to take legal action against this Nevada-based online sportsbook and are currently communicating via email. Victims who would like to join this group should write to

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

BetonSports fine print stings player for $2190. A BetonSports (SBR rating D+) player complains that two days after winning $4690 on a 2-team parlay, $2190 has been deducted from his balance. The funds were deducted because BoS lists the max payout for a 2-team parlay at $2,500. However, the software allows the player to risk more than what would net the maximum winning payout. Players who have lost a parlay with BoS should look to see if they are entitled to a partial refund on losses of wagers where winnings would have earned an amount above what BoS was willing to pay. SBR advises players to read all rule pages thoroughly.

ASK SBR Bill Dozer:


"Hi Bill, I would like to ask what are the reason(s) that bookies ban arbitragers from their sites? I mean arbitragers could be seen as a helping hand some times, right?
What is the average time period that an arbitrager will remain in a book before being expelled?
Why do some bookies accept arbitagers while others don´t?"


SBR Bill Dozer reports: Players frustrated with SportsInteraction (SBR rating D+) slow-pays.

One player complains that he was asked to send the same identity verification documents three times. On 5/5/05 SIA had confirmed by email that all required documentation had been provided and that his bank wire would reach him in two days. Management tells SBR that they are currently investigating why the player has not yet received his $2,930 withdrawal. A second player reports experiencing similar problems attempting to redeem $2800 via Neteller. SBR will update each of these situations when both individuals receive payment in full.

WWTS (SBR rating A+)

experiencing website technical difficulties. Some players report they are unable to log in, while others are restricted from using the website’s banking pages. BetWWTS anticipates that this problem will be corrected before the evening.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

EnterBet (SBR rating F) processes player’s withdrawal of $2,500 after three month delay (originally reported on 4/18/05). Other players owed by this sportsbook remain hopeful that their accounts will be settled as well. SBR will continue to speak with management on behalf of delinquent account holders.

SBR to meet with MyBookie (SBR rating C) management and head bookmaker.


Not withstanding the recent negative event for this sportsbook, MyBookie has smartly collected top talent and has potential. MyBookie has indicated risk management policy changes will eliminate the possibility of a reoccurrence of the recent situation where MyBookie was beaten out of one third of a million dollars and then made news by trying to settle for less than the player’s account balance.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

BetRoyal (SBR rating D-) asking players to wait for payouts so that they can meet their monthly quota? After waiting over three weeks for a $10,000 withdrawal the player is asked:

“Would it be possible if we proceed with your request first time Wednesday morning? We have a sales goal to meet, Tuesday is our last day to do so and I would really appreciate if maybe you could wait one more day.”

This may actually be encouraging news for current customers who are attempting to interpret the most recent warning signs. In the past two weeks, Royal has offered huge cash bonuses to those with pending payouts if they are willing to cancel their withdrawal request. SBR has also received an influx of slow-pay complaints. Although these actions would be detrimental to any sportsbook’s long term plan to turn a profit, current players can hope that accounting has exceeded the funds allocated for the month of May and that payments may be quicker at the start of June.


SBR Bill Dozer Reports:

Pointbet Downgraded from C- to D+ due to concerns over the sportsbook’s location.  Pointbet tells players that they are operating from the British Virgin Islands. However, SBR has confirmed that the sportsbook is operating illegally from Batam Island, which is part of Indonesia. These concerns are highlighted by the recent disappearance of Asian sportsbook Game2Bet (SBR not rated) and sister book AsianOdds (SBR not rated). There are unconfirmed reports that the operation was taken offline by government authorities. It should be noted that the majority of the feedback from Pointbet customers has been positive. SBR is hopeful that Pointbet will eventually choose a new location that is tolerant of gaming activity.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

SportsWageringOdds (SBR rating F) pays player. The owner of the sportsbook’s parent company EZ Sports has contacted SBR about paying other bettors who were cheated this past year. Ownership acknowledges that players are owed, and has asked SBR for help in coordinating payments to these individuals. Although this does provide some hope, players should not become optimistic until a payment on a delinquent account has been executed. SBR will report on any further progress.

The MyBookie (SBR rating C) settles dispute and agrees to pay player $85,000.


SBR upgrades MyBookie and appreciates their open minded approach to settling this dispute. Mike Nichols, GM of MyBookie, consulted with General Pete, Ken Weitzner, both of and Russ Hawkins of A special thanks to SBR sources in Costa Rica and’s Roberto C. for valuable information he shared with SBR and his important role. And finally, SBR aknowledges MyBookie Hall-of-Fame headlinesman Rick who advised that the player should be paid.

Royal Sports takes a step forward (SBR rating D) pays player $15,000 that they could of rightfully NOT paid.

The player received double the agreed amount bonus from BetRoyal and failed to report the error. He then leveraged the extra money in the casino and won $15,000. In a move that surprised SBR, Royal Sports paid the player. Under the SBR rules of account confiscation, Sportsbooks are allowed to confiscate winnings that have been won with deposits fraudulently made or made by error. Players should be careful not to bounce automatic check deposits(ACHs or EFTs). Several players have won significant amounts of money only to find out their initial deposit did not clear the bank. In these cases, the players forfeit their winnings. 

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


Player denied payout from SportsWageringOdds (SBR rating F). Management is telling the player he must continue wagering before he can receive a payout despite the fact that he has met the roll-over requirement for his bonus. SportsWageringOdds is the newest member of the EZ Sports Group and SBR’s Blacklist. This group includes scam sportsbooks, BetonSportsOnline (SBR rating F) and EZSportsbetting (SBR rating F).

SBR COSTA RICA OFFICE REPORTS: GrandCentral Sports(SBR rating D+) dba Mybookie proves why private oversight of the offshore sportsbook industry is insufficient to protect players.



MyBookie forced a player, allegedly by suggesting they may stiff him out of his entire balance, to accept .30 on the dollar, a move that cost the player $85,000. Except for SBR and little known TOW(TheOffshoreWire), none of the so-called player advocate sites have even reported this incredible theft. This is easily the largest sportsbook theft case of 2005. Lawmakers in North America will undoubtedly use this theft as an example of how vulnerable players are to unregulated sportsbooks. SBR has repeatedly called for GCS to pay the player or show cause why he should not be paid. Sources in Costa Rica have told SBR that because the only major website that took up the players’ cause was SBR that GCS felt they got away with minimal backlash.

However, many respected operators here in Costa Rica are disgusted with the forced theft. More than one sportsbook operator has complained publicly and privately that even SBR was not doing enough to pressure this book to settle in full with the player. Operators here recognize that these types of theft will be the beginning of the end for the sportsbook industry.

SBR’s position is clear: Pay the player or show cause as to why $85,000 was confiscated. Failure to do so will result in the possibility of an SBR Scam Warning press release as well as a possible downgrade to the SBR Blacklist.


BetonSports (SBR rating D+)

acquires Easybets (SBR rating C-). Easybets management tells SBR that the book’s staff will remain in place and there will not be any managerial changes. It is unlikely that players will experience any immediate changes in service. Easybets reportedly was acquired for 5 million in BetonSports Plc shares and $10 million in cash.

SBR welcomes the successful bidders for sponsorship roles for the SBR family of websites in 2005:


America’s Cardroom(poker), BlueChip Games(casino software) and Gamblers Anonymous will all have a presence on Sportsbook Review, SBROdds, PokerSiteReview, RacebookReview and many other quality SBR sites. An SBR sponsorship role is currently available for non-sportsbooks for calendar year 2006. SBR sponsorships are limited to three sponsors to maximize exposure and are displayed on dozens of high quality SBR websites.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Two players complain of being slow-paid by BetRoyal (SBR rating D). The most recent complaint comes from a player who reports waiting two weeks for $1,000.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

After waiting months, two players have confirmed receiving payment from Dimebetting (SBR rating F+).