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SBR Bill Dozer reports: BetPlatinum (SBR rating D)

attempting to resolve final pending dispute that dates back one year. The issue involves a player who made a winning wager, only to see it voided the following day. Platinum claims the player was verbally informed that his account was closed but he was still somehow able to place a 3-team winning parlay. SBR expects Platinum to pay the player for his winning investment, or to provide a recorded phone conversation proving the house definitively told him his action was no longer welcome. Platinum’s new management has been willing to resolve all other payout complaints which has earned an upgrade and an exit from the SBR BLACK list. Further upgrade pending upon the outcome of this player issue.

BCN Sportsbook (SBR rating D) refusing to honor future bets.

The sportsbook is claiming relief under the "bad line" rule even though the book changed the line not once but twice.  Failing to honor wagers on adjusted lines is basically a scam that BCN has pulled. After 1 year in business, and despite a large investment in advertising, this sportsbook has almost zero players. It is possible that the lack of players have caused some desperation on the part of the book. Players should avoid BCN Sportsbook.

SBR Odds will debut on August 19th in Las Vegas.


There will be no need to refresh the page on SBR Odds. This first ever FREE web page application will show odds movement as they are changed by bookmakers in *REAL TIME. SBR Odds welcomes Mansion (SBR rating B), as the latest sponsors to join the page. Current sponsors include: WWTS, Pinnacle, CRIS, Hollywood107, 5Dimes, Canbet, VIP, BetJamaica, Bowmans, Mansion and Matchbook.
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SBR Bill Dozer reports:

BetBookie (SBR rating C-) withholding player’s funds, claiming his account is under investigation for syndicate wagering. BetBookie tells SBR, "We increased his limits and he won seven in a row for $7,000". The sportsbook does not have evidence of circumventing limits or other rule violations. The player has been waiting over one week for his funds. SBR to speak with Betbookie’s General Manager tomorrow.

BCN Sports draws downgrade


Apparently expensive advertising has not worked for this one year old struggling sportsbook. Kermit, a poster from The Rx writes: "The ticket number of my first wager made on July 23 at 10:48 PM was 37665. My ticket number of another wager made on July 25 at 9:47 AM was 37709. Another made on July 26 at 10:30 am was 37739. My God, that’s a total of only 74 wagers made in close to 3 day or 2 1/2 days. I had no idea that BCN was such a tiny Sportsbook and I doubt that anyone else does either." .........KERMIT
-Special thanks to the player Kermit and the website of  TheRx -

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Player complains of unauthorized debits from Expekt (SBR rating C-) sportsbook account to poker room, where funds apparently were lost. The player has requested a chip dumping investigation into the poker play, as well as an IP report from the initial transaction. Expekt has been unwilling to supply this information to the player. SBR to investigate this matter and request IP log on the player’s behalf.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


After an account audit that lasted nearly two months, Iwager (SBR rating C-) has agreed to process poker player’s $2,000 payout. The history of this dispute can be viewed here.

IWagerSports (SBR rating D+)

relaunches under the brand USsportsbook. IWagerSports originally came online serviced and backed by FirstFidelity (SBR rating B+) but months later became an independent operation using the company name DATISI. The new site, which was designed to look exactly like Bodog (SBR rating A-), has recently listed new bonus limitations to avoid being abused by veteran sports bettors. WagerCanada is also part of the DATISI Group.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

88Sportsbetting (SBR rating F) slow-paying player $10,000. The sportsbook admits to not having funds to pay and blames the problem on the "slow betting season". This sportsbook was previously serviced by Sinsational Intertainment (Sininter) and is now part of the EZ Sports Group.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

E-StadiumClub (SBR rating F) now offering to credit all players who held balances at BestLineWager (closed). A five time roll-over and 30 day no-withdrawal period will apply. Owed players may contact SBR with account details or contact E-Stadium directly at 1-866-352-9361.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

GolfingGods (SBR rating D) refuses to pay players via check and bank wire and are slow-paying via Neteller. Large winners have become frustrated with GolfingGods’ unwillingness to process withdrawals by the advertised payout methods. Players are reporting sporadic Neteller payouts for no more than $1500 each. The majority of these withdrawal requests have been declined.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

E-StadiumClub (SBR rating F) responds to 7/25 report:

"We would like to make it clear that E-StadiumClub did not buy out bestlinewager it took over it’s facilities and some of it’s infrastructure. This was made possible due to the fact that two of the owners of E-StadiumClub were employed by bestlinewager and felt that by easing the burden on the principal owner of bestlinewager Mr. Jack Nardi it would also save time and money in order to allow E-StadiumClub to be open in time for the start of 2005 football season.
Now to address the issue of bestlinewagers players who may not have been paid when bestlinewager ceased operations on 15 July 2005. We would like to make it clear that although we do not feel that it is the responsibility of E-StadiumClub to honor any of bestlinewagers debts we will be willing to take over any players balance of $500.00 U.S. or less and make them subject to bonus rules. Furthermore any client who had a balance greater then $500.00 U.S. we will be willing to credit there account 30% of there balance or $500.00 which ever is the greater sum."

It is common for failed bookmakers like BestLineWager to reappear with a new site while claiming to be backed by new "investors" or "ownership". After management previously informed SBR it would honor BLW balances, E-Stadium is shying away from a debt that is estimated to be as small as $10,000. SBR reaffirms E-StadiumClub’s F rating.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Oasis downgraded from B- to C+ due to unjust bonus confiscation. Management had recently assured SBR that they have adopted new player-friendly policies and would not be confiscating bonuses from ’sharp’ players they no longer wish to service. Oasis stated that players would receive a prorated percentage of the bonus, had the player not completed the requirements of the bonus agreement when the book chose to part ways. SBR finds it unacceptable for sportsbooks to choose who is allowed to keep the bonus incentive after the player commits to the investment by giving the book his action.

EnglishSportsBetting (SBR rating F-)

setting up their operation in Jamaica as a telemarketing business. SBR sources reported that ESB had contacted past employees from when their fraudulent business was hosted in Jamaica. Unfortunately SBR has confirmed this to be true. With a very poor Jamaican accent, Bill Dozer has made arrangements to pursue a "job interview" in Jamaica on Friday.

WSEX (SBR rating A)

expects website to be operating normally by the end of the night. WSEX has been experiencing technical difficulties off and on since yesterday.

E-StadiumClub (SBR rating F)

appears to be reincarnation of failed Sportsbook, BestLineWager. SBR readers have reported similarities in the two sportsbooks, including cloned rules and FAQ pages. Bill Dozer called E-Stadium’s number and asked to "speak with Jack Nardi", who was the owner of BestLineWager. The clerk answered, "Jack is not in." He was not sure of the best time to reach him. The clerk was then asked if E-Stadium would be taking over accounts from the defunct BestLineWager. He responded by saying "Jack is not  affiliated with this company" and that we "would have to call Jack directly about that." Players are advised to avoid this new sportsbook.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Bets4All (SBR rating F) management requests list of bettors with pending payout complaints from SBR. Players have not reported a payment since SBR last submitted a list to Bets4All in early 2004. It is unknown if this submission of over 20 delinquent account holders will again have positive results. Bets4All has become known as a deposit-only sportsbook that does not respond to emails. Players who have not yet submitted their complaint may email

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

IWager (SBR rating C-) poker player continues to wait over 6 weeks for her funds or for any evidence that she violated the house rules. The player is accused of "chip dumping", meaning that Iwager has concluded that she conspired with a 2nd player in an effort to illegally transfer funds between accounts . Iwager management has not taken responsibility for its poker service provider and blames them for this unstructured audit process and the failure to provide evidence of fraudulent play.

A confidential SBR source close to ESB(SBR rating F-) writes the following:

"The Chamber of Commerce (ESB’s landlord in Ireland) has closed down ESB. The company was several months behind on its lease payments and faced an ultimatum a few weeks ago to either pay up or leave. I believe that this factor in addition to the complaints by TheOffshoreWire and SBR led the Chambers to shut them out of the building. "

The Final Scam?


EnglishSportsBetting (SBR rating F-) has the following message currently displayed on its website,

"Dear Friends,
We are in the process of upgrading our systems. Serving you is important to us and while we are in the process of upgrading our systems, we would appreciate it if you would send your inquires by email to (
We do not expect this upgrade to take more than a week to finish. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.
Thank You,The Staff at Telebet"

In the past ESB has not bothered to inform its users of website downtime and players who send money to ESB soon realize that the sole purpose of the site is to steal customer deposits. This, combined with the fact that "system upgrades" should take hours and not a week, suggests that this stiff book may be on the move. It is possible that ESB is in the process of moving servers to a new location or may finally be closing its doors.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

SportsWageringOdds (SBR rating F) refusing to pay bettor $5,000. The player turned a $500 deposit into $5,000 only to be rewarded with clerks who hang up on him and fail to respond to emails. SWO is part of the EZ Sports Group and will not hesitate to steal from those who have won substantial sums. Sister sportsbook NationalSportsGambling (SBR rating F) stiffed a player $2500 in June.

SBR reviews


" – I have to really hand it to Bill Dozer for maintaining and creating a very informative sportsbook watchdog site. Of all the watchdog sites on the Internet, is one of the best. And you don’t know how difficult this is for me to post because he is one of my competitors. Like with any sport, I have to respect the best. And Bill has become the top watchdog man. "

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

BestLineWager (SBR rating D-) closes with player funds. SBR initiated coverage of BLW in March of 2005 and began receiving payout complaints the following month. The sportsbook’s website displays the message:
"We regret to inform our clients that has ceased all operations as of July 15, 2005"  
The site also instructs players to call in their claims to "Jack" at 714-280-2963. However the phone number currently only offers a voice mailbox.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

SBR receives new slow-pay complaint from GolfingGods (SBR rating D) customer. These complaints are magnified by GolfingGods not responding to emails or offering a reason for declining Neteller withdrawal requests. SBR to investigate this issue further.