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SBR Bill Dozer reports:

SportsInteration (SBR rating D+) punishing player for winning too much? SBR has received four SIA payout complaints in the month of June. This latest complaint comes from a player who has been unable to enjoy his gambling winnings. SIA has yet to respond to our inquiries about this issue.

"Hi, I was recently booted from because they claimed that I had more or less won too much.  That’s fine. They cancelled my account over a week ago and said the rest of the money would be sent to my Neteller account.  After two days I emailed Owen from SIA back asking for a status and he told me "it’s been sent to processing".  A week later I still have not received the $6,007 SIA still owes me."
Update 6/28/2005 4:59 PM: Player paid in full

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

SBR speaking with Reno, Nevada officials regarding the dismantling of WagerFree (SBR rating F-). SBR is also consulting with Nevada-based attorneys specializing in fraudulent companies in an attempt to assist players in recovering assets. Victims of WagerFree are hopeful that this group initiative will prevent others from being taken by these thieves.

"I am sure you have been tremendous help to many fellow sports bettors.  Unfortunately for me, I did not check with your site before I "invested" my money in  I thought the site was legitimate because Garet Bradford, who is the front man for, was a frequent guest on Bob D’s radio show on Reno’s sports radio station KPLY.  I have E-mailed and called Bob D. several times to try to persuade him to warn others about  He does not seem eager to let people know that is a scam. I realize the chance of getting my money from is slim. What irks me now, is that continues to do business.  Their website is still up and running and they continue to steel money from the public. Do you happen to know what, if any legal action I can take against"  -S.G.


to publish audio results of telephone customer service tests. Beginning July 1st, our customer service phone tests will be recorded and posted on SBR in wav. format. Sportsbook clerks and management will be evaluated based on knowledge, honesty, patience and an overall ability to service the player in a productive manner.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

PlaytheScore (SBR rating F) continues to book bets without funding. Those who have asked for payouts have had their accounts frozen as management was forced to admit that they can not pay potential winnings. Players who are unaware of the situation are apparently able to continue to place phone wagers. SBR was on hold for management when the clerk asked if we would call back saying, "We need this phone line to take bets". The clerk assured us that PTS was still booking wagers.

SBR mailbag:


First Fidelity (SBR rating B+) aggressive sales tactics scares off player.
"Hello, I was wondering if you had any comments on First Fidelity sportsbook?  I went to their site, saw an advertisement for a 100% bonus, but couldn’t find any details about anything.  I called them . They refused to answer any questions until they had my first and last name, address, etc.  I told them I just wanted some general info.  But she wouldn’t budge.  I felt that was strange and hung up.  I know they are rated B+, but I’d appreciate any further comment on them or my experience. Thanx –V.L"

First Fidelity is a long established sportsbook that has been considered for The Top Sportsbook list in the past. The book’s players have consistently submitted positive feedback and argue that First Fidelity has been underrated by SBR. The rare negative feedback usually comes from the book’s potential players who receive their first impression from the sportsbook’s aggressive sales staff. SBR would like to see the book’s marketing department adopt a more player-friendly attitude that is indicative of the active player’s customer service experience.

PlayTheScore (SBR rating D-) states they are " jeopardy due to lack of funding."

Both TheOffShoreWire and MajorWager are reporting that this operation is near failure. This book was touted by a few obscure forum sites and should serve as a warning that players should be wary of taking advice from posters and forums who may actually be in on the scam. The promise of credit, large bonuses and no juice betting lines are some of the many tell-tell signs of a possible scam.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Player no longer wants MySportsbook (SBR rating C-) to be his sportsbook. Bettor requests a withdrawal via Firepay from MySportsbook on 6/15/05. Six days after the payout request he is told that his withdrawal will be arriving via FedEx. MySportsbook states that they have been unable to process this payout "due to technical problems".

Player writes: I am pretty sure the money is on the way I am just annoyed that they sent it FedEx when it was supposed to go to Firepay. It is very clear that the customer service people I talk to have no idea what is going on. I would like a book that I am always 100% positive that when I win I will get paid in no more than 72 hours.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Sunday’s Formula One Racing debacle causing wave of wagering disputes. Seven Formula One teams failed to race in the Grand Prix due to fears that their tires were unsafe. The grading of wagers on the event varied from book to book. SBR received complaints from winning players with sportsbooks who voided these bets as well as from players with other books who found their losing wagers to be valid. SBR asks that players allow us one day from the time of complaint to review individual sportsbook rules and, if need be, to inquire about the issue with each bookmaker.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


Atlas International fingered for dishonest marketing. OSGA states that BetAtlas has published promotional flyers with a false endorsement from their company. Atlas management said it would be issuing an apology and investigating the source of the marketing mistake.

Atlas has been given an initial rating of D+. The sportsbook has been operating online for over two years but has only recently began a somewhat aggressive marketing campaign. Atlas uses BLR software and is hosted by Horizon Sports.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

SportsInteraction (SBR rating D+) slow-paying player 19 days. SIA initially told SBR that there was an error in the payout process and that the funds would be resent immediately. 10 days later, the player is still waiting for his bank wire.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

The BetAndWin Group continues its slide, downgraded from B- to C+. Players have strongly objected to the B- rating and justified their arguments with valid complaints. Many BAW bettors feel they are left in the dark regarding their payout status, as email inquiries go unanswered for days and management has been unavailable by phone. The sportsbook’s linesman continues to make mistakes causing pending wagers to be canceled. The most recent complaints come from players who have wagered on obscure soccer matches. BAW believes these matches were fixed and has frozen customer funds for weeks. They have taken this action despite the fact that the result is recognized as official and there is no investigation by the league or those involved with the sport. The BAW Group consists of BetandWin, PlayIt, Betoto and BetEurope.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Three new players report Dimebetting (SBR rating F) owing them over $26,000.  Management again states that players will be paid but can not say when. Dimebetting continues to market a 50% bonus and their "CPA (certified payout assurance) program". Unfortunately, it is inevitable that some new players will be drawn to these false assurances from insolvent sportsbooks like Dimebetting.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


2WagerSports (SBR rating F) folds with player funds. In recent months the site has been intermittantly offline, but it appears 2WS is now closed for good. SBR issued warnings  prior to payout difficulties. The sportsbook was offering 25% cash bonuses and slow-moving lines at reduced vig. Players can be sure they will see many too-good-to-be-true offers from the next 2WagerSports before the start of Preseason Football. SBR recommends players choose sportsbooks rated B+ or higher.

DPT Sports Group


(ABCIslands, Jazz and Looselines) experiences major hardware crash. Management tells SBR that players who have made wagers in the last 24 hours should call (888) 632 - 8890 to confirm pending plays. DPT expects to have the database rebuilt and utilizing backup data within 24 hours. Internet wagering is currently down and is expected to be available later this morning.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


The king of Scam-Sportsbooks still attracting new victims. Although players are becoming more knowledgeable about the offshore industry, EnglishSportsBetting (SBR rating F-) continues to perfect the art of the scam. A week rarely passes where SBR is not forced to inform a stressed player that he or she will not be receiving their funds from ESB, aka Telebet. The result is often a scarred player who is searching for a way to stop ESB from stealing from others.

Player Review: "A warning to all SBR readers and gamers alike. Please stay away from ESB! These crooks are still in service. They have owed me over 1500.00 for 2 years. Its amazing these guys are still scamming there way on innocent victims. Dont play cause they wont pay. I will enjoy the day these clowns are closed down once and for all. Lets help ease there inevitable demise."

Recently, bettors have reported depositing with ESB after they received a telemarketing call from the company. Others mentioned regretfully sending a friend to ESB because of a $100 referral bonus.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Questions loom for SportsbettingTrivia players. Former customer service manager Georga tells SBR that the book’s owner, who goes by the name of Barry Warren, is no longer with the company and that she is now the general manager. We are also told that SBT’s sister book, SafeDepositSportsbetting, will not be brought back online as SBT seeks to distance itself from the site allegedly utilized by a US-based organized crime group. Georga states that payouts will resume this week, although she was unwilling to offer a date when the book will become current. Players owed have told SBR that no progress has been made today and that if they are paid it will be in multiple installments.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

The two players who filed slow-pay complaints (reported on 6/1/2005) against SportsInteraction (SBR rating D+) have been paid in full. SIA management has not been able to identify a reason for these month-long payout delays.

Visitor reaction to the latest SBR Sportsbook Email Response Test:


Brian: I had the same result from Grande last week. I called and complained that if I couldn’t get an email back asking about signing up then what would happen if I had a real problem?

Steven: The sportsbooks must hate you guys. You have two A rated sportsbooks flunking the email test....hilarious.

A Sportsbook General Manager: "I am extremely disappointed with our results and hope you will re test our email response time after we have had a chance to meet and correct the problem....."

Most recent SBR email response test.


Bill Dozer meets with legendary bookmaker Rick, now the head linesman for the GrandCentral Sports Group. Rick, who has 40 years of bookmaking experience, is one of the original bookmakers and still one of the most trusted in the industry. SBR feels that the addition of Rick, revised policies by management, innovative marketing strategy and financial stability make for a solid foundation.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

GoToCasino and sister sportsbook, EnterBet exit the Blacklist with an upgrade to D-. SBR no longer has pending payout complaints against these Sportsbooks, which are owned and managed by the GoTo Group. Readers should realize that this upgrade is only a reflection of the book completing payment plans and becoming current on delinquent accounts. SBR still considers these sportsbooks a high risk and encourages players to use caution.