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News on scam sports betting operations, events and business deals within the offshore sports gambling industry.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

SBR receives first report of theft from BetWGN (SBR rating F-), which is run by former ownership of ChangeABet (SBR rating F-) and the owners of SunsetSports (SBR rating F-). The lead man now goes by Michael Franklyn and was previously using the name Peter Cole.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

BetAtlas(SBR rating C) parts with key member of management. Gary Thomson, formerly with BetCRIS(SBR rating A+), was responsible for the website’s facelift and procedural changes. Both Mr. Thompson and ownership tell SBR they agreed to part ways due to differences in the direction of the company.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Another player from a Sportingbet Plc sportsbook, MySportsbook(SBR rating D+) reports account balance wiped out. This is the 4th complaint from a large account holder who was told that his balance, which was $11,225, was lost on a virtual horse racing casino game. SBR to inquire with management.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

BetIsGlobal(SBR rating F-) new sportsbook from the VIPBetZone(SBR rating F-) Group. Past scam books include VipBetZone, BetNowOnline, GoWagers, BetGateway and most recently, Bet4Aces(SBR rating F-).

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


AllSportsCasino (SBR rating D) back online after nine days, some payouts processed. The sportsbook is switching from its stand-alone IQL software system to World Gaming’s turnkey service which manages lines, client support, and accounting. The book blames a complicated migration for payout delays. Currently AllSportsCasino sister sites (Phoenix Rising LTD) are going through the same process. The company tells SBR they did not release information regarding the switch in order to maintain its needed staff. This is AllSportsCasino’s second stint with World Gaming hosting services. 

BetOnStars(SBR rating D-) Promising payments to some players and paying smaller players.

Public pressure helping to accelerate payment plans from troubled BetOnStars.

One player reports to SBR:
"I spoke with the owner of BetonStars - Johnny.  He told me that he had not been properly informed of the coversations I had had with Jay, and that he would personally put an end to this problem.  I am taking his promise at face value.
He assured me that I would be paid out entirely by this coming Monday - $X,XXX this Friday and the remainder on Monday...."
BetOnStars manager known as "Jay" has said to be "out". SBR sources say he has left the country.

BetOnStars(SBR rating D-) players nervously trying to get payouts.

This sportsbook was heavily promoted by a slippery outfit and their associates that specialize in promoting new and dangerous sportsbooks. Sources in Costa Rica claim they are looking for a buyer. TOW, BetOnStars main promoter, had earlier reported that BetOnStars management had left, that their Neteller bank account was empty and that poor business decissions had hurt them. Less than two hours after making the statement TOW said their report was completely false and that the book was actually very healthy. Most industry observers have speculated that this book is now just limping along looking for a bailout partner. 

Player writes SBR:
"Jay, (BetOnStars General Manager)
I have written and called you almost a dozen times and have not heard back from you.  We had agreed almost 2 weeks ago that you would process payouts for my money as soon as I met the 20x rollover requirement.
I continued to bet as per your assurance and met that rollover 8 days ago.  I have not received a dime.
You have sent me explicit emails stating that the accounting department would process a withrawal "ASAP" last Wednesday, but no such thing was ever done."

Players can avoid unscrupulous promoters and high risk sportsbooks by joining only those sportsbooks with an SBR rating of B+ or better.

Current SUPER TOP 10 Sportsbooks. Consensus of 3 top experts.


The following is the combined SUPER TOP 10 according to;
The Sportsbook Review (SBR) Top 10 Sportsbook List
The EOG Top 10 Sportsbooks in the World poster voted top Sportsbooks

1. Pinnacle  (36)
2. CRIS (30)
3. Olympic ( 29)
4. Hollywood (20)
5. VIP Sports (18)
6. WSEX (17)
7. 5 Dimes (10)
8. BetJamaica ( 9)
9. Bet365 (9)
10. BetCascade ( 9)
Others receiving votes: BetWWTS(7), Skybook(7), Bodog(3), Mansion(2), Legendz(2)


The RX

BetOnStars(SBR rating D-) It has been reported that there has been a management change and slow pays.

The sportsbook’s main advertiser, who specializes in promoting high risk sportsbooks, reported that BetOnStars was slow paying, had an empty Neteller bank account, that their manager had left and that they had made some "seriously bad business decisions". Later the promoter retracted the statement claiming it was a "misunderstanding" and that the sports book was fine. We can not tell what is true and what is spin at this point.
Players are strongly advised to not have ANY money on deposit at new sportsbooks.

Reminder: The next 30 days is the most dangerous time to have funds in offshore sportsbooks.

It’s a ritual that is repeated every year after the Superbowl. Many new sportsbooks and a few beat too badly to continue will be taking bets with their bags packed. When the dust settles and the Superbowl champs head to Disney many players discover their sportsbook was little more than a Disney fictional character pretending to be a sportsbook.
This is a dangerous time of year for sportsbook players:

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Two players claim balances were erased from their sportsbook accounts. A player from rating D+) and another from SportingbetUSA(SBR rating D+), both of the Sportingbet Plc Family, report losing a total of $5084 on wagers they did not place. Customer service told both players that the funds were gambled away on virtual horse racing, a casino game neither bettor has played previously. The first player to experience this problem tells of the book’s apparent unwillingness to address the issue.

"They originally told me it would take 24 hours, then 48 hours, then a week, it has now been 15 days and they still have not given me the IP address of the origin of the disputed wager.  Who benefited from the wager?  sportingbetusa. Who refuses to provide needed information in the investigation of this matter? sportingbetusa. Why won’t they cooperate?  My ISP tells me they should have been able to provide that information within 24 hours.  They did give me the date, time, and time zone, but that is worthless without the IP address. The time zone they gave as the origin of the disputed wager was the Pacific time zone.  I am in Ohio (Eastern).  They know it was not my wager.  I really think they did it themselves."

SBR Bill Dozer reports: AllSportsCasino(SBR rating D)

unable to process payouts stating that the system is down "due to currently upgrading our financial processing systems". The website’s message says that the site would be functioning as of yesterday, 1/10.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

BetEd(SBR rating C) blames payout complaint on unresolved Moneybookers issue and says they will discontinue using this banking option. Management is offering the player payment through an alternate method free of charge. SBR to follow withdrawal with player and discuss email service complaints with BetEd management.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Bettor files payout complaint against BetEd (SBR rating C). The player was told on 12/22 that the book was "experiencing some temporarily difficulties with our MoneyBookers account" and that Moneybookers would be available before the new year. The player complains that emails have since not been returned. SBR to contact BetEd on player’s behalf.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


QuakerCitySportsbook (SBR rating F) is the newest fly-by-night gaming site from Interactive Gaming Systems and should be avoided. IGS is known for selling their turnkey start-up sites to small investors who hope to get rich overnight. When the sportsbook fails to make money and attract players, the disgruntled owner refuses to further fund his investment. IGS then tells the player they only operate the site for an owner who refuses to pay. The company is better known to players by its customer service name, PlayerCenter.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


Player receives $10,000 bank wire from ParlayCardZ (SBR rating C). The withdrawal was requested on 12/22/05.

SBR Bill Dozer reports: BetAtlas(SBR rating C+) receives second upgrade in three months.

The sportsbook has recently received a makeover which included a new website, new banking options and the elimination of unprofitable bonuses and incentives. New veteran management is responsible for much of these changes and tells SBR that Atlas is fully backed by the Horizon Sports Group and will be the primary brand the company will use as it refocuses on the post-up market. SBR appreciates the recent feedback from Atlas players and encourages users to write to