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Sportsbook Review used as a source by the Wall Street Journal about WagerFree (SBR rating F-):


August 19, 2005

Wagering Site Takes a Gamble
On Operating From the U.S.

August 19, 2005

Complaints about began surfacing on the Internet last
year. SportsbookReview, a Web site that rates Internet sports books and
purports to warn bettors about sites that don’t properly pay winnings,
has collected reports from bettors who say they weren’t paid by the

Ed Hunt, an occasional sports bettor in Texas, said he was drawn to because of its pledges of "juice-free" wagering. At a
traditional sports book, a person wanting to bet $100 on the outcome of,
say, a football game would also have to put up juice, also known as
vigorish, of 10%. So, if the bettor lost, he would lose $110. If he won,
he would get back his $110, and win $100.

Mr. Hunt said he is owed $1,000 by About $600 is for
winnings on the site, he said, and $400 is from a deposit he made to his
account. Mr. Hunt, who bet on football, baseball and other sports, said
he requested the $1,000 from Mr. Bradford last November. He said he
eventually received a check, in late February or early March of this
year, and it was dated for April. A handwritten note sent with the check
said, "Your checks have been post-dated for April 6. We are under
reorganization. Thanks for your patience." But when he went to a bank to
cash it, he was told had stopped payment. He has tried to
get Mr. Bradford to send him a new check, but said Mr. Bradford no
longer responds to his calls.

Two other customers contacted by the Online Journal also
said they were owed money by the site.

In an initial interview about, Mr. Bradford said all
bettors had been paid the money they were owed. Later, after he was
asked to comment on specific

Intertops(SBR rating B-) raising betting limits and encouraging professional action?


SBR has learned that this low-limit sportsbook will soon join the DonBest premium line service as well as the G&J Live service and raise betting limits. An Intertops spokesman also reported that I’Tops will offer opinionated lines. If these reports prove true this will be a significant change in the way this sportsbook conducts business.  

On September 1st SBR will include in every SBR sportsbook review which sportsbooks advertise on websites where known thieves and scambooks also advertise.

For too long the sportsbook industry leaders have looked the other way while their advertisers have supported outright player thieves and scambooks. New players will soon be able to decide for themselves if they wish to patronize sportsbooks that advertise and lend their good name to websites that support dangerous player thieves, con men, extortionists and slow/no pay sportsbooks.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Wagering department of defunct Changeabet (SBR rating F-) opens new sportsbook BetonStars (not rated). BetonStars is a sister book of ScoreonSports (SBR rating D-) which had previously introduced itself to players as part of the Changeabet family of sportsbooks.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


BetUs (SBR rating D-) unwilling to clear $25,000 debt to player. The sportsbook agreed to discuss two claims from players who were cheated out of their funds. These discussions resulted in one player receiving a five figure balance (reported on 6/30/05) and created hope for a 2nd player, whose dispute dates back three years. BetUs’ argument was that this case was mediated by The Shrink, formerly of  TheRX, and that the player had agreed to the result of mediation. The player described a hostage situation where he was forced to agree to a deal in order to receive what was almost 2/3rds of his balance. SBR has contacted The Shrink who stated “ [I] thought that I got the max for player that I could” and went on to say that the player deserved the remainder of his funds. SBR has reviewed this case in detail and agrees that BetUS clearly owes the player the remainder of the account balance, totaling $25,000.

Sportsbook and People making news:

VIPSports aquires the domain SBR has learned that VIP will announce a name change to VIP and new player interface software in the next few days.

Pinnacle Scotty (who no longer works directly for Pinnacle) - has another son! Congratulations and we are happy to report that mother and child are doing fine. Little Terry has checked in at 8 lbs and there are already unconfirmed reports that the Chicago Bears have traded their 2nd round draft pick for the rights to Terry who they think will be their future middle linebacker.

SBR John - Finishes his golf practice round in Costa Rica and breaks camp for Las Vegas ahead of the 3rd annual Rx bash golf tournament where he is the defending champion. SBR John comments: "It was easier last year when I was the only one who showed up in the rain. My 12 year old boy lost interest on the last couple of holes and I gave him a pair of 10’s and won by a single stroke. It was a pretty exciting finish. It’s gonna be tougher this year with a field of 15 players, but I’m ready".

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

SBR receives multiple complaints from Pointbet (SBR rating D+) customers. The majority of these complaints are regarding a lack of email responses and website down-time. One player reports being locked out of his account, which holds a four figure balance, for what has now been three weeks.

"My account has been frozen for more than two weeks.  I have sent numerous e-mails to  My e-mails have been completely ignored.  The message I receive is as follows: "Your account is being frozen. Please contact" Please turn my account back on and explain why this has happened."

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Player receives $3,000 of $3,500 from Quicksilver (SBR rating  D-) after waiting over three weeks. Players should avoid this sportsbook, as they are clearly experiencing financial problems. QuickSilver was unable to offer a reason for the slow-pay, or to inform the player if he can expect the remainder of his funds in a more expeditious manner.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

QuicksilverSports (SBR rating D-) yet to process $2200 Neteller withdrawal requested on 7/18/05.
"I requested a withdrawl of $2200 ( neteller ) on 7-18 via email. They never acknowledged the email or processed the request. I called a few days after that and have called constantly since. I have been promised either a Neteller withdrawl or a check on a number of occasions, as of yet, nothing but stories. I changed the requested amount to 3500 as concerns grew. The odd thing is when I do talk with Bob, he seems sincere, but never follows thru. In times past, they had processed a couple of withdrawls without incident. I have been pursuing this for almost a month non-stop and would appreciate any help you might offer."

QuickSilver has informed the player that a partial payment has been sent by regular mail. SBR to monitor payout progress.

SBR Bill Dozer reports

BetOnline (SBR rating D+) using stiff bookmaker Robbie Mcphail and old Apex Sportsbook customer list to solicit new players. Multiple players have complained that Robbie is again dialing for deposits; this time, on behalf of the relatively unknown The operation is about one year old and is starting its first marketing campaign. Players should be weary of a sportsbook that chooses to use an individual with a soiled reputation to launch its brand.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Dimebetting (SBR rating F) makes payments on delinquent accounts after entering into partnership with new sportsbook 777Rock (not rated).  Dimebetting tells SBR they will operate under 777Rock but still function as a separate site with its original staff. SBR will again be submitting a list of owed account holders in hopes that all funds will be released.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Mansion (SBR rating B) steers players toward "exchange style" sports betting. Players entering the sportsbook today were stunned to see Mansion offering full vig prices. Reduced pricing will now be offered only in the betting exchange as their traditional sportsbook division is phased out. It is likely that exchange-style wagering will be Mansion’s sole betting offering by the NFL regular season.

The exchange functions much like a normal sportsbook except players have the ability to see how much money the book will take at the current odds before the line is moved. Matchbook (SBR rating B-) uses a similar betting interface. Below is the response sent to players who inquired about the changes:

"Thank you for your inquiry. There has been a change in pricing offered on our Sportsbook and you may be wondering how to find the same value you have come to expect from MANSION.  The good news is, MANSION is still offering the same value by posting these prices through our Sports Exchange.We have made modifications to our exchange interface to make it more user friendly for customers who are comfortable buying from a sportsbook.  MANSION Sportsbook, like many other MANSION Sports Exchange members, will offer our low margin / high limit odds through the new Sports Exchange interface.  If you are interested only in “buying” a position on an event, the Sports Exchange is simply a new sportsbook interface.  If you would like to have a position on an event at odds that you do not see offered on the Sports Exchange then you may want to join the many MANSION Members who have discovered the benefits of acting as a “seller”. Try our Sports Exchange – you’ll be glad you did.  If you require any assistance we are here to help 24/7. Thank you for betting with MANSION.MANSION Customer Service"

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

BetBookie (SBR rating C-) Update: Management concludes "investigation" of player’s account and agrees to process $7,000 withdrawal in full. The sportsbook firmly believes that this player is part of a betting syndicate, which has circumvented limits, but has not been able to provide conclusive proof. BetBookie is part of the Phoenix Rising family of sportsbooks which includes AllSportsCasino.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


Bets4All (SBR rating F) trys to bargain with SBR for a better rating. The sportsbook tells SBR they will pay the latest player to file a complaint if SBR gives the book a rating upgrade. They acknowedge the player deserves his money, having not violated any rules: "We told Mr. ******* we will pay him but we will not accept that our received downgraded status from you will stay at this level. Maybe you can help us and Mr. ******* ."
SBR made it clear to Bets4All that warnings will continue for as long as the many no-pay cases exist.

SBR Bill Dozer reports: BetPlatinum (SBR rating D)

attempting to resolve final pending dispute that dates back one year. The issue involves a player who made a winning wager, only to see it voided the following day. Platinum claims the player was verbally informed that his account was closed but he was still somehow able to place a 3-team winning parlay. SBR expects Platinum to pay the player for his winning investment, or to provide a recorded phone conversation proving the house definitively told him his action was no longer welcome. Platinum’s new management has been willing to resolve all other payout complaints which has earned an upgrade and an exit from the SBR BLACK list. Further upgrade pending upon the outcome of this player issue.

BCN Sportsbook (SBR rating D) refusing to honor future bets.

The sportsbook is claiming relief under the "bad line" rule even though the book changed the line not once but twice.  Failing to honor wagers on adjusted lines is basically a scam that BCN has pulled. After 1 year in business, and despite a large investment in advertising, this sportsbook has almost zero players. It is possible that the lack of players have caused some desperation on the part of the book. Players should avoid BCN Sportsbook.

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