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Bluegrass(SBR rating D-) said to be fighting to stay afloat amid reports of stiffing players.

This once strong operation has spent the last couple of years suffering a number of set backs including a failed land based sportsbook, a failed attempt at the small player retail online sportsbook market and outright losing to sharp players. The ownership, however, is well liked here in Costa Rica although that could change if they continue to refuse to pay their debts. Special thanks to and the for information they provided

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Players report slow-pays from the Tradewinds Family(SBR rating C+) of sportsbooks. Offshore insiders suggest that the challenge of moving money to merchant accounts after a stretch of unprecedented success by the betting public, and subsequent payout requests at one time, may be responsible for a delay. SBR to inquire with management about reports of nearly two week delays.

Powerhouse VIP Sportsbook (SBR rating A+) reaches a market value

of $125 million USD (68 billion Costa Rican). After gobbling up up, SBR sat down with the honorable Alistair Assheton, CEO of VIP in the executive offices in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles:
SBR: Is VIP still in the acquisition mode?
Mr. Assheton : "Yes. We will be extremely selective however. We would look to acquire a strong brand with strong management that could compliment our present operation."
SBR: Any names you could mention?
Mr. Assheton : No. From your early report on our previous acquisition of, I don’t especially think you need me to name names, correct?
SBR: Yes sir. Thank you Mr Assheton.
Mr. Assheton: It’s my pleasure.


"Beat The Prick"


Week 14 Contest Lines Posted! "The Prick" went an incredible 3-0 with his picks in week 13, shutting out the SBRforum posters.

"I gotta warn ya ladies, that yer wasting yer time trying to get in my pocket this week. Some of ya probably like all the free whuppings you can get, so slap yer square picks up against my LOCKS, and   maybe you’ll get lucky and get paid.....I gotta say that my MNF watching at the jiggly room is a whole lot more fun when none of you fairies dip yer paws into my CRIS money. Still won’t cost ya anything but pride when ya lose, and if ya keep yer trap shut, I won’t even make fun of yer pathetic picks!"

Review contest rules and get your picks in for week 14 HERE.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

SBR confirms SportsbettingTrivia(SBR rating F+) sends player a partial payment of $1,000 in  money orders via US Postal Service.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Largest US-based online sportsbook scam, WagerFree(SBR rating F-), finally off-line. Nevada authorities have been investigating owner, Mr. Garet Bradford for fraudulent business practices and operating a gaming establishment without a license. Mr. Bradford’s elaborate con was able to survive for almost two years with the help of his lawyers who challenged authorities to prove that he was anything more than a Nevada-based hosting company for a peer-to-peer betting "club". It is unclear at this time if charges have been filed by the state or if Garet succumbed to the pressure of the investigation and angry victims. If and when charges are filed, SBR will support victims who choose to proceed with a class action lawsuit.

SBR Bill Dozer reports: BigDaveSports(SBR rating D+) Closes.

BigDave’s hosting company, SportsCallCenter F.A. tells SBR that Dave, the owner of the book, picked up his computer and left yesterday after saying "I can’t take this anymore". SBR is attempting to contact Dave to discuss player balances.

DreamWager(SBR rating D-), which is owned and operated by SportsCallCenter F.A., tells SBR they no longer accept post-up players and operate a credit-only sportsbook. DreamWager will hold a SBR rating until their "Join" page is disabled.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


Problem sportsbook SportsbettingTrivia(SBR rating F+) situation worsens. After legal issues and bad business practices were responsible for bringing down most of the book’s business, players reported sporadic payouts. Trivia now appears to be on the brink of collapse. The book is unable to bring in new business or pay current players. Phones are unmanned and emails are unreturned.

BetUSA(SBR rating B-)

earns 2nd upgrade in two months. The sportsbook’s management continues to make decisions independant of their service provider, Sportingbet Plc, and assures SBR that they will maintain their player-friendly policies. B- is currently the highest rating that a Sportingbet/World Gaming sportsbook holds.

Sportsbooks get mauled again as speculation of failures picks up steam.

Players need to be aware that this football season has been one of the worst seasons on record for sportsbooks and may end up being the worst of the modern era. Player funds are at risk in lower rated books that do not have the staying power of the large well funded sportsbooks. SBR recommends players exercise caution and only hold funds in sportsbooks rated B+ or higher.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Problems continue for bettors with books under the Sportingbet umbrella. Although management has resolved some individual complaints, the company continues to unjustly debit client accounts. Current complaints include voided winning wagers, the closure of accounts and confiscation of profits from those accounts, and the seizing of earned bonuses. The majority of gamblers likely will not experience these issues although bettors who successfully utilize the company’s promotions may be severely penalized without warning.

Player reports AllProSportsbook(SBR rating D+) confiscating funds and ignoring emails.
Hi, this is my first time sending you ( E-mail. I have an account in I have been using this account since August 2005. But recently, this company gave me some hard time. They paid slow, E-mail no reply and deducted all of my bonus in my account eventhought I have covered the rollerover requirement. But that wasn’t  a big deal. I don’t really care about the bonus, I also told them I do not want any further bonus in my account. After then, I only deposited twice and received $77.50 automatically right after. Then I kept wagering a lot and requested a payout. at that payout, They also deducted the $77.50 bonus. that’s fine!  after then I still wagered for a while without any deposit. then I requested another payout. But they still deducted the same amount of $77.50. That’s my money,  not the bonus. Then I talked the live chat person, and he said they will check for me. I also send that company an E-mail about thit case. so far they still haven’t replied me. I have no idea if they return me $77.50 or not. They might have system error or they don’t even care of their clients money. If I make another withdrawl next time.  I might still have money deducted.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

GolfingGods(SBR rating D-) owner comments on recent difficulties, assures SBR accounting issues have been addressed.
"I can thankfully report that our Neteller situation is now corrected and we are free to move unlimited funds to client accounts through Neteller. As you know we were restricted previously but I am glad to say that our bank (Royal Bank of Scotland) and Neteller have now lifted restrictions."
"We are both aware of the initial difficulties faced by Golfinggods but as I have pointed out in this email these issues have now been resolved. I look forward to working with you to achieve a better rating for my company on the Sports Book Review."

GolfingGods had previously blamed payout delays on limitations put in place by Neteller although alternate withdrawal options were not made available. All players who have complained of payout delays to SBR have been paid in full as of September. 

SBR Bill Dozer reports: Reno, Nevada-based WagerFree(SBR rating F-) scam to cease operating?

Garet Bradford, the subject of an investigation by the Nevada Gaming Commission, tells players he will be closing his operation on December 7th if he does not receive funds from "investors". Garet claims his "business" will file bankruptcy, which will protect him from his debt to victims. However, WagerFree, L.L.C.’s business license was revoked on 12/1/2004. Players and SBR have contributed to the investigation against Mr. Bradford, which is likely responsible for WagerFree’s forecasted closure. One local player who has visited state authorities, reports receiving a partial refund of his balance.

Note: SBR does not condone personal threats when settling fraudulent business complaints. Players with a complaint should contact their local authorities as well as the Nevada Gaming Control Board at (775) 823-7250.

TOW management meets BetRoyal (SBR rating D-)

management to explain recent issues, disclose their short and medium term plans and re open a line of communication. Management tells TOW that they are still unable to process payout via checks within industry standard timeframes. Some significant delays may therefore be expected from time when requesting payouts via cashiers checks. However they disclosed their available Neteller balance which appears to be within industry average levels. Management discarded circulating rumors about a possible demise, indicating that said rumors may have been fueled by a couple of recently dismissed middle managers....

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


SportsbookUSA(SBR rating D-) unable to process withdrawals, tells SBR payouts are delayed indefinitely.  Players with SportsbookUSA and sister books under the Futurebet umbrella are experiencing longer than usual payout delays and the company is no longer able to put players on installment plans per SBR’s request. A sub-par football season for the bookmaker, as well as a change in management are likely responsible for the worsened situation. Futurebet accounting issues have been known to become progressively worse. Current customers should request their funds immediately. Below is an email to a player from Futurebet’s Player Support.

Hello *****, We thank you for your continued patience regarding the pending withdrawal situation with .  We have been informed that SportsbookUSA has been experiencing major delays in settling player withdrawals. We will notify the casino operator that you have contacted us today regarding your pending withdrawal with Thank you for choosing SportsbookUSA and we at Player Support wish you the best of luck in the future.
Charlynn Player Support

joins BetCorp Group, upgraded from D+ to B-. Sportbook’s players will not experience an interruption in service and players will immediately benefit from a higher level of customer support and software. Sportbook was previously powered by SBG Global (SBR rating D+) and Mercedes software.

SBR mailbag: Actionbets player submits negative feedback.

Player reports ActionBets(SBR rating C) refusing to honor free monthly Neteller withdrawal as stated on website. Player also complains that his payout request was initially denied resulting in a one day delay.

"I requested a $4532 Neteller withdrawal via their website on the evening of Sunday Nov. 27. The funds, minus fees, were sent promptly after I re-submitted the withdrawal request. They do not process payouts on Monday that are submitted over a weekend. I have received the funds minus $60. $30 for each Neteller transaction required to send the payout." "I don’t feel this is consistent with what is stated on actionbets’ website"

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Three sportsbooks disappear in last two weeks. FirstClassSportsbook(SBR rating F-), BetGateway(SBR rating F) and SSP International(SBR rating F) each decided that their scams have run their course. Players should be aware of reincarnations or sister sites of these phony bookmakers. BetGateway now operates as Bet4Aces(SBR rating F-) and is cold calling potential players. FirstClassSportsbook’s sister site, PlayersTime(SBR rating F) steals player’s $19,000 balance. Substantial balances are at high risk. Both books focus their maketing efforts on off-line advertising and on bettors who are less likely to be aware of their unscrupulous actions.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


Players fear SSP International (SBR rating F) has finally ceased operating. SSP’s excuses for withholding payment in 2005 included technical difficulties and claims that the company’s assets were frozen due to an impending sale. The website has been off-line for nine days and emails have not been returned.

WagerWeb(SBR rating C) tells player what bets he can and can't make


This email is to inform you of our new prop policy. All players who wager on props must also wager on other regular lines or the account will be closed. As of today you must wager at least 5 times your prop volume each day on other regular listed games as well.
Your account has been locked until you confirm your understanding of this with a return email.....>

Source: TheRx Posting Forum thread: Wagerweb prop rule

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


PlayersTime (SBR rating F) informs player that he won too much which violates the "wiseguy rule" and he will not receive his balance of $19,144. View the chat transcript where book tells player they are stealing his balance here.

SportOdds rolled under sister site

SportOdds (SBR rating B) rolled under sister site, Centrebet (SBR rating B+). Centrebet was purchased by the SportOdds Group in 2003.