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SBR Bill Dozer reports:


SBR has confirmed that PlayWePay (not rated) has paid out $5,000 to a former BetCasinoSports (SBR rating F-) client, with more players close to meeting the seven time roll-over that was part of the"bailout" terms. During BCS’ short existence, players had not been able to withdraw more than a few hundred dollars at a time. BCS victims can find more information about PlayWePay’s offer here.


upgraded from C+ to B-. BLS earns this upgrade after months of positive customer feedback, launching a new website and software update, and reassuring SBR that they will continue to give players the benefit of the doubt should a dispute arise. BestLine has held a conservative rating as SBR observed how the book adjusted to the move from Costa Rica to Panama over one year ago.


SBR receives weekly complaints like this one, from players wondering if they will ever be paid.

"Hey SBR, I requested a neteller withdrawal from SportsbookUSA on 9/19 and I still haven’t received any payout as of 9/26 even though on their website it says neteller withdrwals take 24-48 hours. I’ve copy and pasted a conversation I had with a customer service rep on live support, my screen name is XXXX and his is Dimitri."

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

SportsFanatik (SBR rating D+) sends withdrawal to player via regular mail, adding a two week processing delay to what should have been an instant Neteller transfer. Accounting is unwilling or unable to rectify the error. This SportsFanatik complaint is one of many from Sportingbet Plc players that now reach SBR almost daily. IWager (SBR rating C-), a sister book, is very close to obtaining the same D+ rating. IWager has little control over its poker service, which has frozen yet another player account without valid reason. The player has waited for his funds or an explanation for almost two months.

BoDog Sportsbook recent upgrade


The recent upgrade expands SBR’s listed book reviews to 13. SBR currently offers full sportsbook reviews on each bookmaker rated A and higher.
Have a wagering experience you would like to share? SBR appreciates all feedback which can be directed to

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Aebet (SBR rating D+) player submits latest canceled-winning wager complaint. The sportsbook claims that the event’s odds were set incorrectly, therefore the winnings will not be honored. However, the player has cited similar odds from other sportsbooks on the same event. The canceling of winning wagers due to a "bad line" after the match has unfortunately become an increasingly common complaint. Doing this gives the sportsbook the ability to cheat players. They may offer a questionable line while waiting to see the outcome of the game before deciding if the wager will be valid.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

BetonSports (SBR rating D+) customer files slow-pay complaint. The player reports that his account has been debited $2,000 for a Neteller payout that he has not received.

"I currently have a balance with them of 5,280. I called up Monday asking for a payout and some lady told me that they would call me back because they are still looking over my account because of some scores of games. Of course they never called me back. Ok next day which was Tuesday i get a guy from the payout department named Devin. He was a really nice guy he took my info. and he told me i would send me a neteller payout by midnight last night. Of course it never came. I called today and they were like it should have gotten there already meaning the Neteller payout. My account balance reads 3,280.  I have no idea what is going on right now and i can’t even sleep."
UpDate 9/22/05: Player receives $2,000 payout via Neteller

Can you out pick professional handicapper The Prick?


You pick 3 games and The Prick picks 3 games, if you out pick him you win $100 from CRIS (SBR rating A+). Pick from NCAA or NFL Beat The Prick Contest - It’s free and its fun so get ahead and take a shot at The Prick. Good Luck!

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Oasis receives further downgrade from C+ to C- due to unjust bonus confiscation. SBR has received valid complaints from players who have had their reload bonuses revoked when nearing completion of the roll-over requirement.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


BetCasinoSports (SBR rating F-) players begin testing what appears to be a bailout offer from PlayWePay (not rated).SBR will continue to monitor the progress of these arrangements.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


PlayersTime (SBR rating D-) Group again processing withdrawals. The book’s 800 number phone lines are still down with local numbers not allowing US calls. PlayersTime’s email is listed as

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

BetonUSA (SBR rating D-) voids player’s winnings. Player turns free $50 new account bonus into $1002 during one month of play and requests payout via Fedex. After exchanging 7 emails over 3 days attempting to obtain a tracking number, the sportsbook tells the player that "he has been disqualified" and will not be receiving his funds. BetonUSA claims that the player had an account 3 years earlier. The player disputes that he has ever played at BetonUSA and has emails from the book verifying his eligibility for the free $50 offer.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

09.16.2005 (SBR rating C) voids another player’s winning wager after event had finished. This is the third complaint from players with the Sportingbet Group whose funds were debited due to what management calls a "bad line" on Tiger Woods to win the British Open. SBR has presented with information showing that these odds can not be considered an "obvious error". Players would have a legitimate complaint if the wager was simply canceled prior to the event but since Sportsbook waited weeks after the event had conlcuded, these players are victims of theft.

SBR would also appreciate hearing from bettors who wagered on participants other than Tiger Woods to win the British Open whose wagers were graded as a loss.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Player receives $31,775 withdrawal from SportsInteraction (SBR rating D+) after a one month delay. SIA blames the problem on a processing error converting USD to Canadian currency.

"Beat The Prick" Week 2



Contest Lines Posted!"The Prick" went a miserable 0-3 with his picks in week 1 which saw 20 posters win $100 from BetCRIS.

"I hope all you sheep enjoyed stomping on the poor ol’ Prick in week 1......I felt like one of those moles in the machines at Chuck E Cheeseys that snotty little rug-rats are whacking in the pumpkin with a mallet." -The Prick

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SBR Bill Dozer reports:

BetCasinoSports (SBR rating F-) shutting down website. The group of thieves that has stolen from players under the sportsbook name BringMeLuck (SBR rating F-) has decided their newest scam has run its course. BetCasinoSports is no longer pretending to be a sportsbook and the website is expected to come off-line soon.

PlayWePay (not rated) to bailout BCS customers with 7x roll-over? PayWePlay General Manager tells SBR that they have their phone number displayed on the BCS website so players can take advantage of their bailout offer. SBR can not yet verify that this offer is legitimate, but it appears to be the only option available to BCS players. SBR is in the process of assessing PWP and is currently checking the references of PWP management. PlayWePay can be reached at 1-800-284-8195.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


Oasis (SBR rating C+) resolves dispute over bonus confiscation, reported 7/26/05. Oasis has agreed to prorate the bonus according to the percentage of the roll-over requirement completed by the player before he was asked to leave. Oasis does not welcome professional play and had terminated the relationship with the player after he had begun investing in the bonus incentive.

Beware of BetUs (SBR rating D-) Marketing SCAM


BetUs attempting to use the reputation of SBR top rated sportsbook Diamond Sports International / DSI (SBR rating A-) to trick new players into joining their operation. is a site owned and operated by the BetUs Group, also known as Little Nasa, which is made to look like the original Diamond Sportsbook complete with a stolen DSI logo and graphics. The phone number on the DSI-ripoff site leads players to the BetUs call center.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

SBR has received the fourth Europlay (SBR rating D+) slow-pay complaint of 2005. The sportsbook’s phone lines appear to be unmanned, as all calls are sent to a voice mail box. The player and SBR have also sent emails that have not been returned. Player has been waiting for payment for over 75 days.

SBROdds II Now Live


The latest edition of the web’s fastest FREE live odds service is now dynamic which means there is no need to refresh your web browser to see line changes. SBR Odds comes complete with a direct log in feature, color-coded line changes and sound alerts.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


BetPlatinum (SBR rating D+) agrees to resolve year long dispute by honoring $2,600 winning parlay. The book initially disputed the validity of the wager based on a phone conversation where the clerk purportedly told the player that his account was closed. The parlay bet was placed online the following day. SBR no longer has any pending claims against Platinum Sports.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

IWager (SBR rating C-) again freezing player’s account balance for over one month after the player is suspected of "chip dumping" in the poker room. Iwager has not offered a valid reason for freezing the players account and emails have gone unreturned during the past week. The previous player to experience a similar issue was paid after a 2 month wait.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


Scam sportsbook 2WagerSports
(SBR rating  F-) reemerges as UWagerSports.
Marty Kidd, of MK Sports Handicapping Service, is once again at the helm of this doomed sportsbook. Since our last 2wager report on 6/16/05 new players have reported being stiffed thousands by Marty and 2WagerSports. Players should avoid UWagerSports and its 40% bonuses at all costs.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Pari-action (SBR rating C+) ends comeback after one year. The sportsbook’s second stint online under new management came to a halt in late August. Players with Pari-action and sister sportsbook 121bets (SBR rating C+) can contact WorldBookie (SBR rating C+) who will be honoring all account balances. WorldBookie is owned by the company that backed and provided service to Pari-action and 121Bets. Players may call WorldBookie at 1-800-310-2799.