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Sportingbet Plc Takes Over Hollywood Sportsbook


The Hollywood website and player accounts will be activated on Sportingbet’s World Gaming system today. Players will still be able to reach the book’s customer service manager Victor and his staff, which has also migrated to the World Gaming office, by calling 1-800-220-0002. Marty, one of the industry’s top General Managers who is credited for much of the book’s success, will no longer be involved with Hollywood. will feature World Gaming’s lines and will no longer offer players a -107 lineset. Hollywood has been downgraded to B as SBR monitors the book’s transition, anticipating the potential for changes in operational procedures. Sportingbet company press release can be found here.
5/9/2006 (3:16:55 PM) UPDATE: System migration is rescheduled to be completed tomorrow morning. Banking will resume at this time.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Two more players report receiving sums in the amount of stolen BetGateway (SBR rating F-) balanaces from Bet4Aces (SBR rating D-). Those with a claim against Gateway should contact SBR.



and WinAllYourBets inherit D- rating as part of the troubled Futurebet family of sportsbooks.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

BetOnStars (SBR rating F) unable to process withdrawal requests; still accepting deposits. The sportsbook tells SBR they expect to have a resolution to their financial problems by Tuesday when they will either be purchased, or allow another sportsbook to take over player accounts. BOS has been unable to fulfill substantial withdrawal requests over the last three weeks but some players have been receiving partial payment. Accounting states that they are prioritizing payouts by the amount the client has deposited. 



enters rating guide at D-. The sportsbook is managed by BetOnUSA’s (SBR rating D-) parent company IEE Ltd, and should be avoided.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

05.04.2006 (SBR rating D-) is the latest Futurebet serviced sportsbook to receive a payout complaint. Reno enters the rating guide at D-. Futurebet’s flagship sportsbook, SportsbookUSA (SBR rating F+) continues to struggle. The sportsbook’s own customer service is warning potential players "SportsbookUSA is having payout problems. You may want to play elsewhere".

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Bet4Aces (SBR rating D-) customer service manager agrees to credit player $50 for unlisted withdrawal fee and states that the website will be updated to show the withdrawal fee structure.


may experience intermittent downtime until 1:00 pm CST.

SBR mailbag:



10Bet (SBR rating C+): Player writes that 10Bet has cancelled his wager due to a bad-line, off by 10 cents, after the game was already in progress. Today’s phone calls to 10bet went unanswered.
Update May 9: 10bet provides documentation proving the wager was canceled prior to the start of match. 10Bet tells SBR of plans to add 24/7 phone support for US players.

Bet4Aces (SBR rating D-): Multiple players report timely payouts. One Bet4Aces client complains of being charged a $50 withdrawal fee, despite the book’s banking page listing "Free" withdrawals for all transfer methods. Upon inquiring about applicable fees, SBR was told to call back in the morning because "customer service was at dinner".

SBG Global (SBR rating D+): Two players complain of confiscation of winnings due to having an account at a sister sportsbook within the SBG family.


Notice: SBR to undergo system upgrades

The SBR network, including, live odds site, and, will be off-line between the hours of 12:00 am and 2:00 am central time for scheduled server maintenance.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

WorldBet (SBR rating D-) account holder reports that he is waiting over four months for $1000 withdrawal. The player claims the book has ignored multiple requests for the payout of his balance.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


5Dimes(SBR rating A) experiencing technical difficulty; tells SBR issues will be resolved before 6AM tomorrow. The sportsbook blames server issues for bringing the book off-line sporadically and slowing the site over the past few days. Players noticing a lag in website performance can try alternate web portals such as and

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Costa Rica sources report BetRoyal (SBR rating D) in early negotiation stages to sell to larger competitor, BetonSports (SBR rating C+).

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Sport55 (not rated) claims it donated client’s account balance to charity. The player requested a payout four months prior but states the transaction was never processed. The withdrawal showed as pending until the money was removed. The account history lists the debit as: "Customer Not Claimed (within 4month) expire. Fund transferred to Gambling Act Charity\232263". Web-based messages, the sportsbook’s only offered contact method, to Sport55 have not been returned. SBR is attempting to learn more about this sportsbook which claims to be licensed in the UK.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

BetUSA(SBR rating B) agrees to pay player for winning wagers totaling $1759.09.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

BetUSA(SBR rating B) cancels client’s pending wagers after closing his account due to ’non-recreational’ play. BetUSA had sent the player an email on 4/27 at 6AM, stating that any wagers placed after that point would be cancelled. The player continued to have full access to his account and made wagers minutes before the start of the mid-day baseball games, claiming he did not check his email. The wagers were cancelled after the games were already in progress. SBR expects BetUSA to honor wagers confirmed by its system.

SBR Sportsbook Tours:


View photos of InstantActionSports (SBR rating C) here. The sportsbook is located in San Jose, Costa Rica in front of the Mercedes building but will be relocating when its newly purchased office in San Jose is renovated. SBR has met with ownership, who talked of plans to leave IQL software, in favor of Digital Gaming Solutions in May. IAS is targeting American players looking to bet into small markets such as motor racing, cycling and some soccer leagues.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

EvertonBet (SBR rating D) taken off-line; client reports missing funds. SBR to contact Evertonbet’s service provider, BetRoyal (SBR rating D).

Player: "Hi Bill, I emailed you last month about a problem ive had with evertonbet.  I placed a bet at the start of january.  The bet won.  Which was £180. 2 days later evertonbet had their whole system taken over by betroyal.  The winnings from the bet went missing from my account and they claim their was no such bet placed. I put in a withdrawal request before the system changed and after alot of emails from them telling me the problem had been sorted nothing has happened.  Now evertonbet have folded i dont know what to do.  What would you suggest?"
4/28/2006 (11:37:57 AM) UPDATE: Royal Sports agrees to credit player £180

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


SBR has learned that SandalsWager(SBR rating F-) is functioning as a post-up sportsbook serviced by turnkey service provider, International Data Solutions (IDS). Vince, the owner of the sportsbook who previously worked for scam sites, BetWGN and SunsetSports is using the Neteller merchant code sand4171 to accept deposits. Neteller and IDS have been notified of the no-pay complaint.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Player waiting one month for $3,150 withdrawal from rating D+). SBR to inquire about bankwire which was validated by managment on March 15th.

Player: "Dear Sirs, I have been experiencing some severe problems with the online sportsbook SPORTSBOOK.COM. As you may see from my attached correspondence, I bet on the 2006 Oscars and won $3,000.00 on Best Picture. I contacted them and asked for withdrawal, filling out their online form for bank transfer.
However, since then, I have not received the money. My account with them shows no money on it, and they keep not responding to my various e-mails. I am desperate! Is there anything I can do? Is there anyhow you could help me with? Please be kind enough to advise! I would be most grateful if you could do anything to help me!!!  Thank you so much in advance."


"Vince Taylor", a former employee for no-pay sportsbooks, HiltonSports(SBR rating D-), SunsetSports(SBR rating F-), RoverSportsbook(SBR rating F-) and BetWGN(SBR rating F-), soliciting deposits. Vince used, a per-head credit sportsbook website to book his players’ wagers and serve as an agent. A player complains that Vince posed as his account manager and broke off communication when he was ready to take his first payout on a $15,000 balance. SandalsWager’s only response to the matter was "all inquiries should be addressed to the agent".

BookTheBet (SBR rating D-)

player writes to SBR about attempts to cashout his funds after fulfilling his wagering requirements on a 100% bonus. Players should be leery of excessive bonuses and personalized offers that seem too good to be true.

"So, about 3 weeks ago , I called bookthebet and tried to get a cash-out.They told me that they would look at my account and get back with me. They never did, so I called them back---again and again!!!   By now Ihave probably called a total of 10-12 times, always without results. The excuses are numerous. Maybe the person in charge of cash-outs is not available, but I was promised they would call me. They never did, never, even though I was promised at least 5 times. Another time , the computers were not working, they said.Excuse after excuse!!!  Finally today, I was told that I had not completed my rollover, that it was 10 x. This is a lie. They are doing everything not to give me my money. I have about 2200 dollars in the account. I wish I had known your website before this happened. I was stupid to believe a deal like they offered me, but I didn’t know any better. Your website is very informative and taught me a lot. I will stick to highly rated books in the future."

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

SBR receives two new slow-pay complaints from EuroPlay(SBR rating D+) bettors. The latest player to file a complaint reports a missing balance and a lack of email response. Calls to Europlay are answered by the sportsbook’s voice mail.

Player: "I am having problems with which I hope you might be able to help with. I asked for a payout of 1550 euros in late January this year and was asked to send identification documents (passport and credit card used to deposit funds).  I did this on Jan 29th and received a reply on Feb 2nd acknowledging receipt of these and asking for bank details (bank name,IBAN and swfit code, account number and name of account holder).  I sent these off and had an email on February 12th acknowledging this information and promising transfer of the funds within 60 days. The funds had not been transferred on April 13th so I emailed asking for an update.  This email was ignored.  However my account balance is now 0 euros and has been since at least Monday.  I checked my bank balance online today and no money has been transferred."

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Sportingbet Plc returns $24,000 confiscated from client in October 2005. Over the course of a year the player had used multiple Sportingbet Plc sites including PlayersOnly(SBR rating D+), LinesMaker(SBR rating D+), SportFanatik(SBR rating D+), SportingBetUSA(SBR rating D+), Aces(SBR rating D+) and rating D+). The amount confiscated was the sum of what the player had earned in bonuses and won overall from the family of sportsbooks. SBT management originally stated that the player was violating the spirit of the bonus although the company’s client support has maintained that utilizing multiple sportsbooks and incentive offers was acceptable. Other Sportingbet players hope to experience the same success in resolving their issue and recovering their funds. SBR is currently speaking with Sportingbet’s corporate office about these matters.