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SBR Bill Dozer reports:

04.17.2006 (SBR rating D+) confiscates $1600 of bettor’s winnings because the player utilized bonus offers from multiple sites within the same family of sportsbooks. Sportingbet Plc and its sister company, World Gaming Plc, license and host many gambling websites which target the same players. These sites do not feature any rules disallowing clients from using more than one World Gaming product. SBR has confirmed that the sales department encourages players to join regardless if accounts with the company’s sportsbooks already exist. The group has a history of confiscating winnings from clients who have taken advantage of multiple offers.

SBR sportsbook tours:


SBR tours BetUs(SBR rating D) Costa Rica offices. The sportsbook is located on the third floor of building 2 of Oficentro La Sabana in San Jose, Costa Rica. View photos here. BetUs’ wagering department operates out of Montreal Canada.

SBR meets with Management of Heritage Sports(SBR rating C+)


Heritage has revised its decision to close its doors to new registrants until July 1st, instead allowing players to join on Monday, May 1st. SBR will reinstate Heritage’s B+ rating once the signup page is enabled. The sportsbook has retained the services of Gary Thomson who will serve as a consultant and assist Heritage with major changes and upgrades prior to the NFL season. Amongst the changes slated for the summer of 2006 is an upgraded website and a move to a new facility which was purchased by the sportsbook earlier this year. View pictures of the new Heritage building here.

SBR Bill Dozer meets with BetUS(SBR rating D) COO Kevin King

Mr. King has agreed to resolve two player complaints, paying one player $1500 owed from an NFL loss rebate as well as a 2nd player who saw his roll-over requirement double from 5 to 10 times. Mr King states that the book will no longer change wagering requirements and will honor the listed policies and procedures.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Globet(SBR rating C-) ignores its listed rule (9.2) stating that soccer matches suspended before the 90th minute will be "deemed void", graded as no action. The sportsbook has graded a player’s wager on a soccer match suspended in the 76th minute a loss, stating that the Argentinean Federation considers the match official. Players should be able to have confidence that the sportsbook’s printed rules will stand.

SBR office tours:


View photos of YouWager(SBR rating B) here. The sportsbook, which previously used the brand name First Fidelity, is located in building 7 of Oficentro La Sabana in San Jose, Costa Rica. YouWager’s offices are on the 2nd floor, three floors below Bodog(SBR rating A). View other sportsbook pictures in SBR’s new Sportsbook Tours section.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

SBR has confirmed Internet1x2 (SBR rating F-) withdrawals have been received by three players this week. The book claims it will began payment plans on all delinquent accounts. SBR will be assisting 1x2 with payment information for users who have submitted a complaint. Bettors are welcome to send account information to SBR. Players should be aware of the book’s history of sporadic payouts before eventually falling into no-pay mode once again.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


BetUS downgraded from D+ to D as bettors continue to file complaints. Management has not addressed pending issues or its policies toward winning clients as promised. Players have also voiced their displeasure with customer service and misleading bonus offers.

Heritage Sports not accepting new accounts; downgraded from B+ to C+

Management states that the sportsbook will reopen to the public on July 1st, citing facility and website upgrades. SBR was aware of the changes but is concerned by the extended amount of time needed before the sportsbook can operate normally. SBR believes player funds are safe but recognizes the potential for current players to be inconvenienced by the impending upgrades.

SBR Bill Dozer reports: WagerFree's Garet Bradford extradited back to Reno Nevada


Garet faces two category B felony counts (Case No. RCR 2006-026300) brought by The Nevada Gaming Control Board for unlicensed gambling activity. Victims of the deposit-only sportsbook can follow the case,  which is public record, once court room proceedings begin at Garet is expected to be arraigned shortly at the Second Judicial Court of Washoe County. Players are hopeful that the court will order the former WagerFree(SBR rating F-) operator to pay restitution.

SBR Bill Dozer reports: Pump and Dump Scam Continues


Within the last week the ChangeABet scammers have taken their latest batch of sites, RoverSportsbook(SBR rating F-), SunsetSports(SBR rating F-) and BetWGN(SBR rating F-), off-line. Bettors who want to contact the sportsbook can try the customer service line for the group’s latest sportsbook Bet-Bank(SBR rating F-) as well as 1stLines(SBR rating F-) at 1-800-480-5127. Players who have had their funds transferred to one of these sites should attempt to redeem their balances immediately. SBR appreciates the efforts from its readers who have continuously  helped to identify sites within this network. Bettors who had researched SunsetSports, RoverSportsbook and BetWGN would not have had to look far for feedback and warnings from fellow gamblers.

Best Baseball Books Updated


SBR’s Best Baseball Sportsbooks List now shows which sportsbooks offer:
Reverse Run Lines
5 Inning Lines
Grand Salami Totals

Eight Sportsbooks rated A- or higher offer a dimeline that will break at -150 or above. Players can find the best baseball betting odds at

March Email Response Test Results Posted


The latest edition of SBR’s Email Response Test targets customer service for established account holders. BetCascade(SBR rating A-), BetTrojan(SBR rating C) and TheGreek(SBR rating A+) each gave flawless responses within 30 minutes. See how 8 other sportsbooks responded to Dennis Holcomb’s inquiries after a wagering account was created.

Free Baseball Bankroll Contest

Begins Today. SBRforum posters will compete for a trip for two to the Caribbean island of Curacao, with airfare, 5 nights deluxe accommodations, and $1,000 spending money courtesy of VIP Sports(SBR rating A+). Contestants will also compete monthly for betting cash prizes in their VIP accounts. Enter contest and see full details and rules here.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Latest version of SunsetSports (SBR rating F-), which redirected to, off-line and phones disconnected. Three players report being owed over $9,000.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

UK-based Omnibet(not rated) no longer accepting wagers. The sportsbook’s parent company, Global Draw, is to be purchased by Scientific Games Corporation for approximately $183 million. Scientific Games will refocus Global Draw on the European video lottery market. Omnibet players will need to contact the book to make payout arrangements.

SBR Bill Dozer reports: BetUK Acquires BetEuro (SBR rating A-).

All BetEuro accounts have been transferred to BetUK. BetUK is part of Online Management Services which is also the parent company for rating B-) and BetUSA(SBR rating B). BetUK targets the European market but accepts US players.  The company’s owner, Bill Nevin, tells SBR they will specialize in soccer and in-game wagering. The sportsbook uses Finsoft software under the Sportingbet license.

SBR Bill Dozer reports: Doug Booth of Blue Grass joins BetRoyal as head bookmaker.


Doug tells SBR "I want players to get paid fast. I’m going to speed that up". Doug acknowledges that cases like this are unacceptable and states that he plans to help eliminate some of the company’s current procedural problems. Doug went on to say that, despite contradicting reports, he will remain the owner and Operations Manager of BlueGrass(SBR rating D).

BetUs new COO Kevin King to discuss payout complaints with Bill Dozer.


Management has assured SBR that remaining complaints will be addressed before the end of the week. Pending issues include a free-play winnings confiscation and a failure to honor NFL losses rebate. Mr. King is also expected to resume discussions regarding an archived $8,000 balance confiscation complaint.

SBR Bill Dozer reports: BetRoyal (SBR rating D) clients file payout complaints.

A player is seeking a $2,000 withdrawal that was initially requested on March 1st. Management has assured SBR that this bettor will receive his funds today. A 2nd account holder reports waiting two months for $7500 stating that BetRoyal has ignored his monthly requests for $9,000, only sending $1500.

Player: "The current $2000 withdrawal has been pending since 3/1. I contacted them on 3/15 and they apologized profusely and instructed me to add another $1000 to the withdrawal and they would process the $3000 immediately (thanks!). I did as they said and didn’t receive the funds. Two days ago, I contacted them again and they investigated the situation and I received a phone call and an email saying that the withdrawal would be processed that very day. Needless to say, it has not been processed yet."

BetRoyal states they will provide an update on these issues as well as the replacement of former CEO, Kevin King.

Warning: New Scams Target Old Victims

One of the first things a reinvented scam sportsbook does after launching a new website is contact its old player database. SBR consistently receives no-pay complaints from players who eventually find they were stung twice by the same conmen. The most recent example of this is which is using ChangeABet’s player list to give away free cash for players to wager with. If the player is unlucky enough to win, he must transfer his funds to one of the promoted books which are all operated by ChangeABet’s former ownership. A deposit is then required. Featured books have included BetWGN(SBR rating F), RoverSportsbook(SBR rating F) and 1stLines(SBR rating F).

SBR Bill Dozer reports: BetUs(SBR rating D+) Bonus Scams Worsen

A bettor won $1575 from his free-play but was informed he will not have the ability to redeem his winnings per the listed terms. The player was told he must forfeit his winnings or agree to double his roll-over from 5x to 10x with a wagering limit of only $50. The player would be forced to give the book an additional $18,125 in action and make over 456 fifty dollar additional wagers.

VIP Sports

announces a full year gross profit of $80,900,000, cites early 2006 growth exceeding 26%.