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SBR Bill Dozer reports: SunsetSports(SBR rating F) players left with more questions.

Last week SBR confirmed with Sports-Gambling(SBR rating D+) management that the book, which is part of SBGglobal Group, would be taking over all Sunset player accounts at the start of this week. SBR has since spoken with SBGglobal’s General Manager who said the deal is not finalized and all accounts may not be migrated to Sports-Gambling. is now back online, claiming they are under a new company under different ownership. Sunset, which redirects to, tells SBR that customer accounts were divided according to "player packages" and some accounts will be moved to Sports-gambling. Sunset is telling account holders they must roll-over their balances 6 times before they can have access to their funds. Players are rightfully concerned that Sunset’s latest promises will not be fulfilled. It is more  probable that this wagering requirement is the latest stall tactic for unmovable accounts than it is that a new owner chose to take over a no-pay sportsbook, service its frustrated bettors, and build the tainted brand.

BetOnStars(SBR rating D+) claims slow paying was because they bought advertising and they were temporarily out of money.

Their new advertisers have swung into action. MajorWager complained SBR was picking on the slow pay sportsbook. Even TheOffshoreWire, who is also on the BetOnStars payroll, complained that SBR was "..crucifying a young book for a glitch" (glitch = slow pay).
Players should use extreme caution with new sportsbooks and books that have not aquired enough business sense to know that the sportsbook must pay the players first and then pay their advertisers. 

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

BetOnStars(SBR rating D+) player waiting since Tuesday morning for $2500 Neteller payout. Player states he was told Neteller was unfunded and that they "are waiting for a check to clear". He was promised his funds on each of the past two days, and is hoping to receive his withdrawal before accounting closes for the holiday.

BookTheBet (SBR rating D-)


asking 2wagerSports and UWagerSports victims to throw good money after bad? BookTheBet’s owner is calling customer lists from these scam sportsbooks, offering huge "bailout" bonuses. One player reports being offered $8,900 if he is willing to deposit $2,000 and wager the total amount ten times. Players should avoid all sportsbooks offering too-good-to-be-true bonuses as well as sportsbooks who are giving out U.S. phone numbers.

SBR Bill Dozer reports: Sun sets on SunsetSports(SBR rating D+), Sports-Gambling to take over accounts.

Sports-Gambling(SBR rating D+) management tells SBR that players will be able to access their accounts early next week. It is unknown at this time if this will be treated as a bailout situation where players will have to fulfill wagering requirements before being able to request a withdrawal. Sunset clients report their accounts were locked for weeks before the site came off-line.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Player slow-paid by AllSportsCasino(SBR rating D). The bettor’s account was closed nearly one month ago after he was labeled a "wiseguy". He has been waiting for his balance of $1103 since.  This marks the fourth payout complaint form the Phoenix Rising Group. Management claims that "accounting is backlogged" due to the "holidays", "Neteller upgrades" and a "server outage".
Phoenix Rising is a very small sportsbook that operates with a customer service staff of two. The book was likely hurt by the public’s success this football season. These recent payout complaints are the first from this book’s players. ASC has been covered in the SBR rating guide for over two years.

Phoenix Rising LTD Sportsbooks

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

World Gaming Plc acquires SportsBetting (SBR rating B-) and Real Entertainment Ltd Group. Sportsbetting had utilized World Gaming software and hosting but was owned and managed by Real Entertainment. Sportsbetting will be included in the reevaluation of the Sportingbet and World Gaming-owned sportsbooks.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Player waiting two weeks for a Fedex tracking number from BetRoyal (SBR rating D-). Royal management assures SBR that the player’s check will be sent on Monday, the 11th business day. To Royal’s credit, they have changed the listed wait time for a tracking number from 3-7 days to 10 days. Recent player feedback suggests that a bank check will take 21 days to be in-hand.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


BetonStars(SBR rating D+) freezes player’s account for 7 days before removing $500 in earned bonus funds and sending remaining balance. BetonStars tells the player he was committing fraud by wagering on odds that have, or were about to change. The sportsbook initially threatened the player over livechat, saying they may keep winnings, as well as the awarded bonus incentive. BetonStars has since removed Rule #2 from their site which states, "All fraudulent activities and wise actions in the account will result as account closure and loss of funds." SBR to inquire with management about the confiscation of bonus funds.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Sources in Costa Rica report that former ChangeaBet(SBR rating F-) ownership is back in business operating as BetWGN(SBR rating D-). Stiffed players who would like to attempt to reach management to discuss their ChangeaBet balance can ask for Frank at 1-866-257-2472.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Phoenix Rising Group, including AllSportsCasino, downgraded from C to D+. Management, who attempts to run the office remotely, has been unavailable to deal with disputes, which are occurring frequently due to ineffective fraud controls. AllSports recently agreed to mediation from SBR in an effort to resolve one of these issues, and agreed to pay player $1,000 as a result. Six weeks later payment has not been made. CS complaints are also on the rise and one player complains he has been waiting four weeks for a $2,500 withdrawal by check. Customer service blames the holiday week and miscommunication regarding how the check would be delivered. Phoenix Rising will be reevaluated once all payments and disputes are settled.

Bluegrass(SBR rating D-) said to be fighting to stay afloat amid reports of stiffing players.

This once strong operation has spent the last couple of years suffering a number of set backs including a failed land based sportsbook, a failed attempt at the small player retail online sportsbook market and outright losing to sharp players. The ownership, however, is well liked here in Costa Rica although that could change if they continue to refuse to pay their debts. Special thanks to and the for information they provided

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Players report slow-pays from the Tradewinds Family(SBR rating C+) of sportsbooks. Offshore insiders suggest that the challenge of moving money to merchant accounts after a stretch of unprecedented success by the betting public, and subsequent payout requests at one time, may be responsible for a delay. SBR to inquire with management about reports of nearly two week delays.

Powerhouse VIP Sportsbook (SBR rating A+) reaches a market value

of $125 million USD (68 billion Costa Rican). After gobbling up up, SBR sat down with the honorable Alistair Assheton, CEO of VIP in the executive offices in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles:
SBR: Is VIP still in the acquisition mode?
Mr. Assheton : "Yes. We will be extremely selective however. We would look to acquire a strong brand with strong management that could compliment our present operation."
SBR: Any names you could mention?
Mr. Assheton : No. From your early report on our previous acquisition of, I don’t especially think you need me to name names, correct?
SBR: Yes sir. Thank you Mr Assheton.
Mr. Assheton: It’s my pleasure.


"Beat The Prick"


Week 14 Contest Lines Posted! "The Prick" went an incredible 3-0 with his picks in week 13, shutting out the SBRforum posters.

"I gotta warn ya ladies, that yer wasting yer time trying to get in my pocket this week. Some of ya probably like all the free whuppings you can get, so slap yer square picks up against my LOCKS, and   maybe you’ll get lucky and get paid.....I gotta say that my MNF watching at the jiggly room is a whole lot more fun when none of you fairies dip yer paws into my CRIS money. Still won’t cost ya anything but pride when ya lose, and if ya keep yer trap shut, I won’t even make fun of yer pathetic picks!"

Review contest rules and get your picks in for week 14 HERE.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

SBR confirms SportsbettingTrivia(SBR rating F+) sends player a partial payment of $1,000 in  money orders via US Postal Service.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Largest US-based online sportsbook scam, WagerFree(SBR rating F-), finally off-line. Nevada authorities have been investigating owner, Mr. Garet Bradford for fraudulent business practices and operating a gaming establishment without a license. Mr. Bradford’s elaborate con was able to survive for almost two years with the help of his lawyers who challenged authorities to prove that he was anything more than a Nevada-based hosting company for a peer-to-peer betting "club". It is unclear at this time if charges have been filed by the state or if Garet succumbed to the pressure of the investigation and angry victims. If and when charges are filed, SBR will support victims who choose to proceed with a class action lawsuit.