3 Tips to Avoid Sportsbook Betting Complaints

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Sportsbook Review occasionally receives wagering complaints from online sports bettors.

The players either intentionally or unintentionally wagered the wrong side, entered the wrong amount, or even claim they entered a wager that the online sportsbook does not have a record of under the bet slip history.

At the end of the day, these situations can often be prevented without much energy expended by players.

Below are three tips to avoid these frustrating scenarios.

#1. Do not immediately hit "confirm wager"
Take the time to read the wager out loud, or at least in your mind's eye, before locking in the wager. Sometimes online sports bettors might mistakenly enter a comma instead of a period, making a $1,050 wager when instead they intended to enter $100.50. Slow and steady wins the race, rushing to the finish line will backfire every once in a blue moon.

#2. Use "to win" instead of risk
Rather than trying to do the math in your head or potentially firing in an erroneous character (see step #1), use the luxury most every sportsbook software affords - enter the desired amount you wish to win with your wager, and let the software calculate the rest. For example, instead of entering $323.25 to win $100, simply enter to win $100. It is a worthwhile extra click to enter the "to win" box than risked if you've got fat fingers.

#3. Screen shot every wager placed
Assuming you followed the above steps, the only thing that can possibly go wrong from here is possible (however unlikely) software error. Strange things happen sometimes with servers in the computing world, and while your online sportsbook is probably redundant enough to withstand these incidents if you're playing with a top sportsbook - things just sometimes fail. Take a screen capture of every wager placed so that you can easily show visual proof that the wager was entered and accepted normally. 999 times out of 1,000 this won't be necessary, but you'll be thanking yourself that 1,000th time when you've got to show the photo.

What happens if I've made a mistake?
Let's say you tried your hardest but still flubbed up making a wager, and you've asked your online sportsbook to refund your money and cancel the wager, what happens then? Unfortunately, most online sportsbooks will stick to their guns and not allow you to cancel your wager, especially if much time has elapsed in-between or the line has moved.  The problem is that if online betting sites freely allowed players to have a mulligan, this opens the door so taking shots and creating a situation where the sportsbook and even players can be taken advantage of, which is not good for anyone.

Sadly, we live in an imperfect world and the online sportsbook betting industry is subject to mistakes and grievances just like any other. Players who would like SBR's opinion on a wagering dispute are encouraged to submit a sportsbook complaint form.

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