3 Tips to Avoid a Past-posted Wagering Dispute

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Sportsbook Review occasionally receives complaints from online sports bettors who have complained that their wagers have been accepted and then later cancelled due to being posted right after the game has started.

Betting sites have inconsistent ways of handling these situations, which leads to a dispute of the best way to handle grading.

There are some things players can do to minimize their bets being cancelled in the first place.

Sync PC Clock with Sportsbook Time
First, ensure that your PC time clock is in perfect sync with the the time used by the online sportsbook. Even if the sportsbook server time is off by 20 seconds vs. an official clock source such as Time.gov, if your PC is not in sync, your bet could be placed in the danger zone of being voided.

Take a Sreen Capture
Second, take a screen capture of the wager when placed and of the time-stamp listed. A record of having action at a time that is not considered past-post may be useful in clearing up a dispute later on.

Come Clean
Finally, if you have unintentionally wagered late, the best course of action is to immediately notify the sportsbook. It is important to avoid being flagged as an angle-shooter or cheater, because this could come at the expense of your account.

If you still have a dispute over the handling of a wagering ticket, file a sportsbook complaint with SBR.

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