3 Sportsbooks Paying +195 on Pacquiao to defeat Mayweather

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  • Online sportsbooks adjusting pricing to entice bettors
  • Best odds on Pacquiao register at +195; Mayweather -210
  • Prop bets on PPV purchases, line at 3.15 million

The average payoff for a wager on Manny Pacquiao to defeat Floyd Mayweather is +185, but three online sports betting websites are offering an extra 10 cents payoff for bets on Pacquiao. This means a $100 bet pays an extra $10 as betting at these sportsbooks yields $195 for every $100 risked on Pacquiao.

The competition is likely to continue as sportsbooks enhance their wagering cart with new prop bets ahead of the May 2 showdown.

One sportsbook manager told SBR that this weekend figures to be a top 3 betting weekend of all time, with the Kentucky Derby, NBA/NHL Playoffs, Red Sox vs. Yankees, all leading up to the Pacquiao vs. Mayweather PPV broadcast.

Sportsbook Review will update readers as new prop bets are released; Jamie Foxx has been scheduled to sing the US National Anthem, a prop market likely on the way is the amount of minutes and seconds Foxx will take to deliver the anthem - a bet commonly offered during the Super Bowl.

The challenge for players will be to ensure that they are not overcharged by bookmaker vigorish when better offers are available, especially considering the outrageous $99 cost to view the fight, which may ultimately be necessary as free streams may not satisfactorily complement in-play wagering. Sportsbook Review interviewed a betting site on their intent to offer live wagering throughout Mayweather vs. Pacquiao.

In addition to comparing the prop wagering lines, players should weigh the sportsbook bonuses offered by betting sites in conjunction with straight up betting value, as some betting sites are offering large cash bonuses ahead of the May 2 weekend.

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