3 Important Things to Consider Before Choosing a New Sportsbook

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There are three simple and effective ways to narrow down the search for a new online sportsbook on the SBR network. Instead of being blinded by website bells and whistles or trusting your gut instinct based on how catchy the URL sounds, it is important that players use the resources at their disposal and consider these three methods of analyzing any new sportsbook before sending their hard-earned funds.

Rating History
If the sportsbook has changed ratings more than Kylie Jenner has changed hairstyles, it is a good idea to exercise some restraint and caution. Sportsbooks that are constantly faced with processor challenges and unable to maintain a consistent rating often have challenges from the top down at giving players a consistent experience. The rating history of each sportsbook can be accessed both their profile page, which is hot linked on the betting sites rating guide. Players can also use the search box to find a sportsbook's history.

Reports From Players
Word of mouth is a powerful tool and one players should weigh carefully and consider when deciding on which new sportsbook to give a try. Between resources like the players' poll which surveys the 400,000+ members and the monthly sportsbook payouts thread, there are plenty of outlets for players to discuss how sportsbooks are treating them and whether or not they are paying in a timely fashion. These reports should be used in conjunction with rating history and website age, as the below bullet point details.

Website Age
A betting site might have been online six months with no negative reports and be lighting up message boards like Christmas trees with new posters and industry veterans afraid to make a disparaging remark because they have a balance tied up, which is why this category should be looked at in relation to rating history and reports from players. A betting site that has operated for seven years with a stable rating history and multiple top 5 placements in the online sportsbooks poll at SBR Forum is much safer and more battle-tested than the flavor of the week sportsbook with shaky background. Website age can be filtered using the sportsbook rating guide.

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