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News on scam sports betting operations, events and business deals within the offshore sports gambling industry.

BetOnStars(SBR rating F-) - The proposed deal to rescue this failed sportsbook

has fallen through according to their previous promoter; TheOnlineWire. While BetOnStars was operating, management as well as their promoter publicly criticized SBR for their poor SBR rating and SBR’s skepticism that they were not simply another scam. The BetOnStars failure is yet another reminder that weak sportsbooks and scams abound in this unregulated industry. Players are advised to carefully research a sportsbook before sending money.

SBR Bill Dozer to meet with Sportingbet Directors in July

SBR approaches the conference with the expectation of resolving all pending complaints against the family of betting sites. Management has indicated that the company is open to policy changes and will amend rules in an effort to eliminate the potential for future complaints. The book attributes the recent issues to its growth, and states that it aims be more ’player-friendly’ and allow stated rules to decide player disputes.

Bet4Aces (SBR rating D+)


schedules player’s $1,800 Neteller payout for fourth business day. Backlogged withdrawal requests will likely be a problem until the book adds sufficient banking resources. Players should be cautious while this new sportsbook struggles through the start-up process.
Update 5/31/2006 6:30:23 PM: Bet4Aces processes withdrawal today, a day before forecasted.

New Entries Still Eligible for Baseball Bankroll Contest Grand Prize.


SBRforum posters are competing for a trip for two to the Caribbean island of Curacao; with airfare, 5 nights deluxe accommodations, and $1,000 spending money courtesy of VIP Sports (SBR rating A+). Contestants are also competing for monthly cash prizes in their VIP accounts. Congratulations to last month’s winner, Stump, who took 1st prize with a record of 16-4. Enter contest and see full details here.


Sports-Gambling (SBR rating D) takes over player’s $7,000 SunsetSports account then deletes balance. When SunsetSports folded, some account balances were transferred to Sports-Gambling. Sports-Gambling informed players it had "bailed out" Sunset clients but players would be required to wager their funds five times before requesting a withdrawal. Sports-Gambling informed this player that he has lost his funds for the second time, stating that they will no longer honor his balance.

Western Union Sportsbook SCAM claims new victim


Poland-based con artists, previously behind CypressSportsbook (SBR rating F-) and CreditSportsbook (SBR rating F-), strike again as LasVegasSportsbookDK. The con follows the same course. A tout establishes a relationship with a gambler before referring the player to a sportsbook where he is promised a line of credit after an initial investment. The player is then asked to Western Union funds to Poland. History suggest will be off-line shortly and the handicapper phone numbers will soon be disconnected.

DimePlayer (SBR rating B+)


now managed and hosted by BetCascade (SBR rating A-). Dimeplayer accounts and balances have been transferred from the Legendz Sports Group (SBR rating A-) and are expected to be active on Cascade’s wagering platform tomorrow, when the server transfer is complete. Dimeplayer acknowledges the potential for technical difficulties due to the moving of account data from IQL to ASI wagering software. Players who experience technical problems should email

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

BetCascade (SBR rating A-) to manage new brands. More than one small sportsbook is exploring the possibility of turning control over to Cascade’s management team; with one system migration expected to take place as soon as tomorrow. Players will have the option of benefiting from Cascade’s -105 pricing and baseball dimeline immediately.

BetOnSports (SBR rating C+)



wager cancellation policy drawing complaints.
BetonSports tells poster that it reserves the right to cancel wagers on sports odds that are about to change. Sportsbooks often subjectively label these types of wagers as "betting steam". The industry standard dictates that the only time it is acceptable for a sportsbook to cancel a wager is when the line posted is a gross error and is addressed before the event begins. This is commonly referred to as a ’Bad line’ or ’erroneous betting odds’. Sportsbooks are entitled to deny service to players but confirmed wagers should not be susceptible to cancellation at the book’s discretion.
5/27/2006 1:21:33 PM Update: BetOnSports tells SBR that as of today, this policy will no longer exist and all confirmed wagers will be honored.



Poster fingers SCAM sportsbook. SureBookie (SBR rating F-) is using sportsbook email lists to spam bettors with 100% bonus offers. Surebookie’s customer service number (1-617-529-9091)  and email is from Massachusetts while the site is hosted in California. SBR readers have also reported receiving investment solicitations like the one posted here:


WagerTonight  (SBR rating D+) botches player’s withdrawal. SBR has received an influx of complaints from players with Sportingbet Plc & World Gaming licensees who have received bank checks days or weeks after Neteller withdrawals were requested. Players are frustrated by banking fees and the inability to deposit their funds at a different sportsbook immediately via Neteller.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


WagerWeb (SBR rating B) apologizes to player; agrees to honor original bonus terms. Ownership states that the new bonus terms should not have affected those who deposited prior to the change.


Spreads(SBR rating C), managed by WagerWeb(SBR rating B), changes bonus terms after player wins. The bettor states that he agreed to accept a 20% bonus with a 50X rollover (wagering fifty times the bonus and deposit) because the terms of the offer allowed him to withdraw his winnings at anytime, thereby limiting his exposure and assuring his account balance would not exceed the deposit and bonus.

Hollywood Sportsbook (SBR rating C)


players continue to complain about problems redeeming funds and accessing account history.
Player: "I asked for a payout thurs. and checked in on Sat. I was told it will be there Sat. then sunday,monday,tuesday,,,,Not sure if I am getting it and I am always asked give it another 24 to 48 hours."

SBR has verified that multiple 5 figure withdrawals have been received by Hollywood players. Clients can feel confident that their funds will reach them, although Neteller payouts have taken as long as two weeks. Hollywood customer service tells SBR that they continue to work with new hosting services management on administrative issues responsible for excessive delays. 



to add direct access to sportsbooks’ LiveChat in company overview feature. SBR will link to all books that offer the service before the end of June. Players can  currently view their book’s company details, including contact information, location, and which other sportsbooks they are affiliated with, by clicking on the book name in the Rating Guide, or by entering the name into the SBR search engine. 

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


BetOnSportsOnline (SBR rating F) ignoring player’s requests for $200 payout. The EZ Sports Group, which is known for stiffing large winners, has owed  the bettor for over four months. CasinoCityOnline (SBR rating F) is the latest sportsbook scam from this company to enter SBR’s blacklist.



Bet4aces (SBR rating D+) client complains during past week that the sportsbook misses scheduled withdrawal mark. Bet4Aces acknowledges difficulties moving funds to Neteller but has not made alternate banking options available to players. The bettor hopes to receive his Neteller transfer tomorrow, the fourth business day.

Player: "I requested a $2K payout at 8:30AM on Tuesday and was told I’d have my money on Wednesday. Their processing window is 24-48 hrs for Neteller. But didn’t get the payout on Wed, and Thursday (today) I called them and was told I’d get it for sure this evening." "I still wonder if I’ll get the payout on Friday afternoon. This is really poor service. Tuesday AM requests not being processed until Friday afternoon???"

Recent Sportsbook Website Upgrades:


Mansion (SBR rating B+) adds LiveChat customer service.
Pinnacle (SBR rating A+) expands casino software to include Craps and Keno.
10Bet (SBR rating C+) launches new website and proprietary In-Game wagering software client. Players who wager on US sports and rely on phone support are advised to wait for 10Bet to be reevaluated next month when 24 hour CS is scheduled to be added.
BetJamaica (SBR rating A+) adds financial processor InstaDebit.

BetUs (SBR rating D) management agrees to


take copy-cat site, off-line. PlayDSI impersonates A- rated Diamond Sportsbook International ( The website was tailor made to look like the real DSI, which has since removed its diamond graphic and now lists the brand name simply as, Diamond Sportsbook. BetUs management tells SBR that this is what is left from previous marketing teams and will be removed shortly. Last year the BetUs marketing department removed blog-style websites that linked words such as "Bill Dozer" and "SportsbookReview" to the sportsbook’s website.

SportsInteraction (SBR rating C+) loses key member of management.


Customer Service Manager, Perry, is attributed with much of the sportsbook’s steady improvements moving from a D- in 2004, to its current rating of C+. Although SIA’s accounting system remains a work in progress, Perry has helped SIA repair its reputation and open communication between players and management. SBR will continue to work with SportsInteraction management and its players. SIA bettors are encouraged to send feedback to SBR or to share their experiences in our forum.

SBR Bill Dozer reports: Hollywood (SBR rating C+)

clients suffer during transition to World Gaming system. Players have complained of missing transaction history and pending wagers, misgraded bets, slow-payment and withdrawals processed by check in the place of Neteller requests. Players requesting a Neteller withdrawal are being asked to deposit $20 in order to link Neteller accounts to the client ID in the new World Gaming system. SBR recommends avoiding this sportsbook during the transition period. Clients with a complaint or feedback may contact

Pinnacle (SBR rating A+) Casino


adds Craps and Keno to its already impressive casino offerings. Pinnacle’s Craps table is expected to be one of the most competitive in the industry, with the casino’s 0.3% rebate applying to every bet.