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News on scam sports betting operations, events and business deals within the offshore sports gambling industry.


enters the SBR rating guide at D+. JerseyCasino is a new site from the GoTo Entertainment Group. SBR has not received a payout complaint from GoTo players since the sportsbook completed its installment plan to slow-paid bettors one year ago. The GoTo group has recently received an upgrade from D to D+.

Dimeplayer (SBR rating B+)


to be absorbed by Legendz (SBR rating A)
As of Monday, September 25th, the Dimeplayer homepage will redirect to Dimeplayer clients will maintain their current account number and password and will continue to receive a 10 cent baseball line for the remainder of the MLB season.

Bwin (SBR rating C-) agrees to credit players for voided wins


SBR Justin speaks with Bwin Wagering Director Frank Mahon about winning wagers that were canceled after the event for being a "bad line." Winning bets placed August 31st on Tampa Bay +7 and August 30th wagers on tennis player Monfils at 1.4 will be honored. SBR to resume discussions with Bwin regarding additional complaints of canceled bets. Bwin, formerly BetAndWin, will be reevaluated after all complaints have been addressed.

BetButler(not rated) closes; slow-paying users

BetButler’s website states that the exchange bookmaker will no longer be servicing bettors and advises all clients to request their balances. Two players who made Moneybookers withdrawal requests a week before the closing, say they are still waiting for their transfer. BetButler has not responded to player emails inquiring about the payout status.

Mansion (SBR rating B) at least two days behind responding to emails.

The sportsbook blames the delay on an overflow of customer inquiries after underestimating the amount of new clients for the 2006 football season. Mansion is advising bettors to use LiveChat for faster service. SBR has also received complaints regarding misgraded wagers, highlighted by the delay in response time. The book tells SBR they have hired additional staff, and plan to be current with player inquiries and software issues this week.

BetSense (SBR rating D) slow-pay report prompts more negative feedback from users


Player: "Hi Bill, Today I read your new file concerning two users who have problems with the bookie BETSENSE. I can totally confirm this experience. I reqested about 1300 Euro at the end of the football world championship (i.e. 10th of July) and had to wait around 6 (!) weeks for my money to arrive on my bank account. I made the experience that they ignored some of my eMails, told me that my bank details were wrong and all this stupid stuff (of course this was just a measure to gain time). At the end I could by lucky, but for me this bookie is dead. It is absolutely correct that you have this bookie on your avoid-list!"

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Two BetSense (SBR rating D) users file slow-pay complaints in the amounts of £950 and £377.40 and report a lack of email responses. A third client states he has incurred an erroneous credit card charge. SBR to contact the sportsbook on behalf of players.

SBR network of websites adds LiveChat Technical Support

Forget your SBRforum password or have trouble loading a web page? Tell us about it. LiveChat technical assistance will be available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m central time beginning tomorrow and will be featured on SBR, SBROdds and SBRforum.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

New sportsbook, BetBones and sister sites, StockCarBets, 911Wager, LionSportsbook not paying employees. Two employees have complained they have not received a paycheck in three weeks and say the staff is owed over $10,000. The small operation has been downgraded from D to D-.

Scam alert:


Nt bet (SBR rating F-) is a new sportsbook from former owners of scam operation, Sunset Sports (SBR rating F-).

BetAndWin (SBR rating C-) failing to honor winning wagers


BAW, now called bwin, users are consistently submitting complaints that the sportsbook is voiding winning wagers well after the match has finished. Many recent complaints are the result of live-wagering bad lines. Few players are able to gauge what the correct market price should be, and therefore are unaware if in-game betting odds are offered in error. Players are referring to bwin’s practice of voiding bets on recent soccer matches and preseason NFL lines as "the bait and switch." Bwin offered Tampa Bay +7 for two days when the average market price was +3.5. After the game was played, bwin cancelled winning wagers on Tampa Bay citing their “bad line rule". Players who took Houston -7 in week four of the preseason are asked to contact SBR.
Player: Bwin take shot at players. It took bet on Tampabay and cancelled them after the match... say it was a bad line mistake. wtf is that??? This bookie get to gamble and when they lose they say oops!! sorry my mistake! they probably get new players to sign up this way too!!

Note: The Austrian bookmaker’s license has been void in Germany and the book stands to lose much of its German player base immediately. Co-Chief Executive Officers of bwin International Entertainment AG were detained for questioning by French Authorities on 9/15/06. Players may find updates on the books CEOs here.

BetOnSports Plc


sportsbook, Yishengbo enters the SBR rating guide at D-. BetOnSports continues to cheat players through its remaining active sportsbooks. SBR has received multiple complaints from American-based bettors who were ejected from Easybets (SBR rating D-) after solidifying MLB future wager wins. EasyBets was known for offering generous future betting odds to attract its clients.
Bettor: "Bill, The voided wagers were still pending.  EasyBets stiffed me on the Mets winning the NL East division - which is already a foregone conclusion, and I’ll get cheated big if either San Diego or San Francisco win the NL West." 

Payouts confirmed from slow-paying sportsbooks


SBR has verified that three players have received a delayed Neteller or wire transfer from SportsInteraction (SBR rating C-) this morning. Management tells SBR that the remaining delinquent Neteller payouts will reach clients no later than tomorrow. The book continues to blame system processing errors for delays. Players who have not already received verification that payment will be processed today should contact SBR or SIA. Players should also check to verify that all deposits have reached the sportsbook and are for the correct amounts. SBR has received over 20 SIA payout complaints with the last week.

09:07 AM CST Update: Three more players report receiving Neteller withdrawals.

GoldingGods (SBR rating D-) player confirms receipt of £1,000 after six month wait and £848 after waiting three months. The player states that the payout was sent after he threatened to chargeback his credit card deposits. Bettors should continue to steer clear of this problem golf sportsbook.

Regency (SBR rating B-)


and Tradewinds (SBR rating B-) websites closed; players moved under new brand, JustBet (SBR rating B-) is the new flagship book from the Tradewinds group, focusing on the post-up market. Credit players will continue to use "Tradewinds" at BadLands (SBR rating B-) users are also expected to be moved to JustBet in the near future.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


SportsInteraction receives further downgrade to C-. SBR has received a new batch of SIA slow-pay complaints. Three players report that they are waiting over 10 days for their withdrawal. Three others report payout delays now exceeding four days. Customer service is sending a standard email to those inquiring about the status of their payout:

"Dear Customer,
Thank you for contacting Sports Interaction!
We have received your inquiry and are assigning it to a representative."

SBR advises players to avoid SIA until it has addressed internal system errors that are having an adverse affect on all aspects of the operation.

Bombabet (SBR rating D-)


tells SBR that all players who experienced a payout delay have received bonus compensation. Bombabet players who are having difficulty with a withdrawal request or have had a problem, are asked to submit their feedback to SBR.

SBR receives multiple SportsInteraction (SBR rating C+) complaints


Players report missing withdrawal requests and week long payout delays. Management tells SBR that there were system errors causing the book to loose both deposit and withdrawal information during the last week, but says these issues have been resolved. Sports Interaction management also admits that the book is at least four days behind on email responses saying, "We just don’t have the man power to keep up right now". SIA will not turn on the site’s LiveChat feature until the backlogged emails are answered.

BeatThePrick Contest Underway


The Prick has made his picks for opening week of the BeatThePrick Football contest. The top 50 SBRforum Posters to out-score The Prick each week will win a $200 credit in their BetCris (SBR rating A+) account, with the top finisher earning $500. Scores will count for season-ending prizes, including a trip to the Super Bowl, beginning on Week 3. Join contest here.

Contestants must have their week 1 selections posted no later than 11:00 a.m. EST today.

West Ham United



announces partnership with PinnacleCasino.comThe club entered into a three-year sponsorship with the casino product. Blue Chip Games, which powers the PinnacleSports (SBR rating A+) casino, will develop the soccer team’s homepage, Keith Long of PinnacleCasino tells SBR he is pleased to be United’s exclusive casino partner and looks forward to supporting the football club.


SBR Bill Dozer reports:


BetOnSports PLC-owned EasyBets (SBR rating D-) cheats players out of winning MLB future wagers. The sportsbook has alerted it’s US-based clients that their accounts will be closed and all pending wagers will be voided.

Player: "I just received this e-mail from easybets.  It’s a real shocker, and doesn’t seem legal or ethical.  I need your advice and help.  How can they cancel pending bets (such as several baseball season future that are about to pay off, for example)?  Are these not contracts they have entered into and must honor?  If they decide to cease dealing with people in the US, why can’t they stop accepting new bets, but still pay ones they have accepted upon settlement?"

SBR mailbag: Players complain


TradeSports (SBR rating C+) increases fees. Bettors are rightfully upset that the higher prices are set to apply to wager contracts that were placed under the original fee structure.

Player: They are retroactively raising fees on positions people hold in long-term non-sports events, such as the 2008 elections (about 500,000 contracts traded there before the announced fee change), current-events contracts, legal contracts, etc.

GolfingGods (SBR rating D)


slow-pays expand to players requesting bank wires. SBR received two new complaints this week and advises players to avoid GolfingGods (SBR rating D).
"Kindly ask you to help me to solve withdrawal problem with GOLFINGGODS.15th of August 2006 I’ve made a request to withdraw 1000 gbp from my account to my bank account. But there’re no money still deposited on my bank account. And there’re no any answers from GOLFINGGODS. I’ve sent them about 20 letters".