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SBR speaks with PlatinumSportsBets(SBR rating C-).


Owner, Ali Eltaib, tells SBR about the early lessons learned as a credit-player’s sportsbook trying to establish a presence in the post-up business. Ali recalls initially sustaining losses due to poor marketing decisions and over-generous deposit bonuses. Although this bookmaker is attempting to succeed offering reduced juice, Platinum is taking steps toward a more sustainable business model. Online wagering limits and bonus maximums have been reduced and professional action has been limited. PSB, having just completed its sophomore football season, has been upgraded to C- and will be further evaluated after latest website upgrades are complete. The book is still attempting to find its niche and players should use caution while PSB is tested further. View PlatinumSportsBets office photos here.

The's Ken W warns players that Royal Sports(SBR rating D) is in trouble.


SBR has been made aware of large players being slow paid. However, slow paying large players is hardly new to BetRoyal and more like standard operating procedure at least for the past two years. SBR does not have first hand knowledge or supporting information to warrant a downgrade from the current SBR D rating at this time although players should take EOG  warnings seriously.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:



A look into Costa Rican start-upNew sportsbook NoJuiceSports (SBR rating D+) allows SBR to photograph its extremely small facility. The offices are located in Building #3 of Oficentro La Sabana in San Jose, Costa Rica. SBR appreciates NoJuice’s open-door policy. View NoJuiceSports pictures here.


Merger and Aquistion activety at all time high.


VIP Sports is the most active buyer. YouWager, BetRoyal and many smaller books are all said to be Sellers actively seeking buyouts. BetCRIS could also be a Buyer under the right circumstances which recently has focused on bailing out small operators. BetWWTS has made several trips and has signed at least one confidentiality agreement although we are unaware of any serious interest. Betting sites who have had made M&A headlines in the recent past that appear to be holding pat; Hollywood, BoDog, SportsInteraction are said to be no longer active Sellers. Smaller operations such as BetMaker, YouWager and Sportbet along with operations that have difficult reputations such as Royal Sports have mostly signed confidentiality agreements giving buyers a chance to possibly make an offer. SBR expects a pick-up in M&A activity despite rising valuations.  

BestLines Sports (SBR rating B-) controlling interest bought by former BoS executive.

Look for BestLines Sports to move out of the old PanAm building within 60 days. The new partner told SBR in a meeting in Panama City that he intends to invest millions of dollars in a new facility, marketing and personnel. Although preferring to remain anonymous, this operator was one of the few well respected operators that came out of the Greg Champion era of BetOnSports. This book is worth keeping an eye on however players should wait until their move and reorganization has taken better shape before trying.



The following sportsbooks have been identified as part of SCAM company EZ Sports: SurvivorSportsbook, Sportsbettings and BasketballSportsbetting. SBR consistently receives no-pay complaints from sister sportsbooks, like BetonSportsOnline (SBR rating F).

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

02.10.2006 rated) unable to pay players. This new Futurebet site is marketing 30% to 100% bonus promotions in an effort to attract bettors who are unaware of the company’s current payout problems.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

WorldSportCenter upgraded to C after maintaining stable website through 2005-06 NFL season. The sportsbook has made notable progress since 2004 when it took wagers over chat clients due to chronic website downtime. Management blames early technical issues on the poor infrastructure in its previous location, Belize. WSC now resides in Canada’s Kahnawake Gaming Territory. 

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


BetonStars(SBR rating D-) phones and livechat down during office move. The migration began two days after the Super Bowl which is the most common time for a failing book to pull the plug. The fast-busy phone signal had players concerned. BetonStars has allowed SBR to visit and take pictures during the setup of their new office.
The sportsbook blames nervous clients for emptying its Neteller merchant account. One player has been waiting for a $1500 Neteller payout since the weekend. Management tells SBR that they expect to have a funded Neteller account, as well as a working phone system tomorrow.
2/9/2006 (3:37:57 PM) Update: Player paid in full. 


now hosted by World Gaming Services; inherits D rating.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

BetJamaica(SBR rating A+) adds new backup equipment, which includes two additional operating system backup hard drives, to eliminate the potential for extended downtime caused by hardware failure. Although the potential for down-time exists with any website, BetJam’s newest safeguards should minimize the effect on the user and help the sportsbook maintain its reputation of having one of the most reliable sportsbook websites. BetJamica’s A+ rating has been reinstated.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Bet4Aces(SBR rating F-) owner delivers $60,000 cash payment to player who has been owed $120,000 for over five months by BetGateway(SBR rating F-). Edward, owner of Bet4Aces, claims he purchased BetGateway’s facilities and inherited its staff but was unaware of the large debts to players. 
Bettors should expect to receive their funds via the listed methods on the sportsbook’s banking page. SBR advises players not to engage in person to person transactions and to stick with sportsbooks who operate professionally and according to their stated procedures. 

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

BetJamaica offering $25 free-play to players who were inconvenienced by yesterday’s downtime. Players must have had a balance prior to the website going off-line to qualify for the offer. BetJamaica has been downgraded from A+ to A, as the book takes steps to assure hardware failure will not be responsible for extended downtime and regain A+ status. BetJam’s website consistently scores as one of the highest in performance and assures us and players that this was an isolated incident.

SBRforum Super Bowl Contest:


Posters can still enter the Super Bowl contest which will be open until 4PM EST. Contestants will predict the results of the game for a chance to win up to $500 in their VIPSports(SBR rating A+) account. Enter contest here.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Two BetRoyal slow-paid clients including SBRforum poster paid in full. Royal reports processing payout for 3rd player via credit card refund, blames European credit card system for delay.


SBRforum poster complains Royal Sports(SBR rating D) unable to process payout.

Sportsbook Review presents the SBR Excellence Award for the 4th quarter of 2005.


Successful sportsbook owners know that one of the keys to success is surrounding themselves with quality management. Despite the best sportsbooks being synonymous with iconic figures, these are not one-man operations. This award is meant to highlight the daily efforts by other key individuals at elite or vastly improving sportsbooks.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

ChampSportsbook (SBR rating D-) defaulting on payment plans.

Player: "Boy am I hoping you can help me out. I’m having real problems with a payout from I’ve been playing with them for two years now and have spent a lot of money with them. I’m currently trying to withdraw 10,000 from my account with them. They told me that I would have to take the payments in increments of $2,000/per week for 5 weeks. I’m totally fine with that format. The problem is they paid me one payment of 2k for the week of January 7th after a whole lot of hassle and that’s it."

Players should pursue immediate payment from ChampSportsbook and its FutureBet sister sites, regardless of the amount. This company is known for being unprepared for large batches of withdrawal requests like those that occur following the Super Bowl. Although SBR has been successful facilitating some payout plans, it is not uncommon for bettors to wait months for small sums.

SBRForum: $1500 Super Bowl Contest


All posters are invited to join the first annual SBRforum Super Bowl contest. Players can win up to $500 in their VIPsports(SBR rating A+) account for giving their picks to questions like: Which team will score first? and for giving their prediction on who will be the game’s MVP. The contest will even award a $100 booby prize to the player who proves to be the worst capper in the forum. Read contest rules and enter HERE.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

BetonStars(SBR rating D-) processes withdrawals for two players who have both waited over one week; the sportsbook reports being up to date on all withdrawals. SBR will continue to monitor pending requests and confirm payments with players as the sportsbook talks of moving their office prior to Super Bowl weekend. 



receives second upgrade in two months, resulting in jump from C to B-. In a recent conversation with SBR, WagerWeb ownership talked of implementing friendlier policies and agreed to eliminate a procedure where accounts are temporarily locked until the user confirms that he/she understands betting restrictions placed on proposition wagers. Recent player feedback has otherwise been positive.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

BetonStars(SBR rating D-) tells SBR they are waitng for a $10,000 deposit to clear its Neteller merchant account in order to pay slow-paid bettors. When asked how they planned to pay players beyond this relatively small sum, management replied: "We will have enough left over to pay other players". BetonStars players now fear that the book will rely on a profitable Super Bowl from the few clients that remain. SBR and slow-paid players were originally assured that this latest wire would clear on January 24th.

SBR Bill Dozer reports: WagerFree(SBR rating F-)

owner makes final attempt to lessen severity of charges before impending arrest. Garet would like owed players to email him at with amounts owed.

Garet Bradford: "if and when you talk to the commish. let them know that anyone that wants to be paid need to make a request to this e-mail with there user name and password (from wagerfree) and the amount they are owed by march 1 so they can be set up on a payment plan. thanks"

This is likely a futile attempt to avoid the fallout of running a scam sportsbook within the US. Mr. Bradford has been quoted multiple times as saying he is bankrupt and does not have player funds.

SBR Bill Dozer reports: BetBookie and Phoenix Rising Group downgraded to F

as no-pay complaints continue to fill SBR’s mailbox. Customer service remains off-line and the sportsbook shows no signs of life. BetBookie victims had hoped that World Gaming was to take over the site as they did with AllSportsCasino. However, the different sites are being treated as separate entities, likely divided by ownership of player packages. World Gaming states that they currently do not have any plans to take over other Phoenix Rising sites.

"Hi.  I have a quick question about  They actually owe me $8000 since late October of 2005.  They gave me all these BS reasons for not giving me my funds.  When I tried to call them today, it seems like they disconnected their phone service.  Then I came to your site and noticed that they either sold or trying to sell their website.  Is there any way to receive my money or is this money down the drain?  Any suggestions or answers are welcomed.  Thank you very much and I truly appreciate your website."