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BETonSPORTS plc terminates CEO


Company Statement:
"BETonSPORTS plc Makes Announcement Regarding CEO
LONDON -- The Board of Directors of BETonSPORTS plc announced that on 24 July 2006 the contract under which David Carruthers acted as CEO of the Company was terminated. As a consequence, the Board has removed him as a director.
This action was taken as a consequence of Mr. Carruthers continued detention by US authorities. Clearly, while he remains in the custody of the U.S. Government he is unable to perform his duties. Further the company has been unable to speak directly with Mr. Carruthers."

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


StanJames (SBR rating B-) no longer servicing American bettors.
"I can confirm in the last 24 hours our company has decided that for the time being,at least until we get some clarity on the current situation with non US bookmaking companies,we will not be accepting wagers from US clients." - Stan James Customer Service
The sportsbook recently added Neteller as a banking option and began its first marketing campaign directed to US gamblers.

SBR reports from the San Pedro Mall:


SBR interviewed clerks outside the BetOnSports (SBR rating D-) San Pedro Mall offices today, who said they were called back to work after a brief vacation. Although nothing should be concluded from this, it is encouraging news. Even more encouraging is that SBR has confirmed that new clerks, who are scheduled to start on the wagering floor this football season, are currently undergoing training. "Now Hiring" signs remain outside of the sportsbook.

PlayASAP (SBR rating C)


rolled under BetCRIS (SBR rating A+). ASAP Sports was bailed out by BetCRIS in November of 2004 and has been operating independently in the CRIS building.

EasyBets (SBR rating D) users should request payouts immediately


EasyBets, which was acquired by BetonSports (SBR rating D-) in May of 2005, is currently operating while BOS has frozen all accounts. With the future of its parent company uncertain, EasyBets bettors are advised to request their funds. The following URLs are domains of Easybets:,,,,,,,

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


ActionBets (SBR rating D-) meets with SBR to discuss current situation. Ownership tells SBR that it is liquidating assets and that the majority of delinquent bettor accounts will be settled next week. For most players, this would be the final payment during one month of delays. SBR has also received seven complaints from ActionBets players whose accounts have been frozen for nearly two months. SBR will assist Actionbets with the assessment of these accounts. Players who hold frozen balances should supply Actionbets with a picture ID and two documents, such as utility bills, that confirm the address listed in their ActionBets account.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


NoJuice Sports (SBR rating F-) vacates office.
The sportsbook’s website has been off-line since Sunday. Players who have been owed for months have feared the worst. SBR has returned to the sportsbook’s location in Oficentro La Sabana and has confirmed that the sportsbook has literally closed its doors. Neighbors tell SBR that NoJuice packed up the few pieces of equipment it had "a few days ago." It is likely financial processors have finally stopped servicing the scam, eliminating the potential for the book to steal from others.

SBR Bill Dozer reports: Scammer spammer posing as SBR


An SBR imposter is sending emails titled "SBR Newsletter" from email address, asking recipients to "Review our Choice for Book of the Month". The latest sportsbook to be promoted under the guise is BetChamps, a site from the D- rated BetOnUSA Group.
Note: SBR does not take part in email marketing and has never done so.

iGotsports tied to recently indicted BetOnSports owner Gary Kaplan.


Two fraudulent watchdog sites tied to the same group. The fraudulent web sites are and BetOnSports and Gary Kaplan were recently indicted for fraud for setting up other bogus watchdog sites that promoted their sportsbooks. IGotSports SBR rating is lowered from C- to D. 

BetOnSports(SBR rating D) stock exchange trading halted as BOS' board issues the following statement:


From the BetOnSports Board of Directors: The Board have also noted that in a Press Release issued by the Department of Justice in the course of the evening of 17 July UK time, reference is made to a  temporary restraining order having been obtained by the US Department of  Justice against BETonSPORTS. The release states that a civil complaint has been filed in federal court to obtain an order requiring BETonSPORTS to stop taking sports bets from the United States, and to return money held in wagering accounts to account holders in the United States and that a  temporary restraining order was issued yesterday. A hearing in the civil case has been requested within 10 days. Reference is also made to the FBI  issuing letters to four telephone companies, instructing them to stop providing phone service to the Internet sportsbooks and casinos operated by BETonSPORTS.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

SBR received 2nd complaint of voided winning wagers in past month from Interwetten (SBR rating B) users. The sportsbook’s software did not apply correct wagering limits to some events. In these cases, management has applied the betting limits after the match was finished, during the grading process. The result was the cancellation of the winning wagers that put the player’s total risked amount over the intended limit. SBR to discuss the flawed system with management. 


The player bet that a boxer, J. Taylor "will not win the fight". The wording of the wager suggests that the bettor will win the wager if the opposing fighter wins or if there is a draw. The bettor confirmed prior to the match by email, that a draw would indeed result in a winning ticket. TradebetX has voided the winning bet that would have delivered over $2,000.

SportsInteraction (SBR rating C+)


customer service will go off-line tomorrow at 5:00am CST for scheduled maintenance. Phone lines and LiveChat will be out of service and emails will not be returned until Saturday. SIA tells SBR they will be operating normally Saturday morning.

BetCorp Ltd, parent company of


WWTS (SBR rating A+), acquires Oasis (SBR rating D+) for $9.8 million. WWTS management has already stated that it will pay over $4,000 to former Oasis players who filed confiscation complaints with SBR. The treatment to unwanted players in 2005 was largely responsible for the book’s rating to fall from B- to D+. Oasis was successfully migrated from Curacao to Betcorp’s servers in Antigua and will be reevaluated.

Dimeplayer (SBR rating B+)


purchased by Legendz (SBR rating A-)
The sportsbook, which was hosted by Legendz Sports, is now officially part of the company.’s previous owner had planned to move the website under BetCascade (SBR rating A-) management but the transfer was put on hold due to software compatibility issues. Legendz CEO, Luke King, tells SBR that "Dimeplayer will be part of legendz for the long haul". Dimeplayer has already been moved to Legendz’s new software, BLR Technologies.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


Former WagerFree (SBR rating F-) owner, Garet Bradford, to be arraigned in Washoe County, Nevada Court on Friday, July 14th. Mr. Bradford is facing one felony count of operating a gaming establishment without a license. WagerFree victims can follow court proceedings here.

ActionBets (SBR rating D-) Update:


Actionbets tells SBR they expect the next bank wire, which is in the amount of $50,000, to reach Neteller on Wednesday. The sum will not clear all debt to players, but the sportsbook states that each customer with a pending withdrawal will receive, at minimum, a partial payment.

7/13/2006 5:35:24 PM Update: Actionbets sends installments of up to $2,000 to players owed.

SBR has


confirmed that six Pointbet (SBR rating D+) users have received four figure Moneybookers transfers over the weekend. Management tells SBR that both merchant accounts (Moneybookers and bank transfer) are now sufficiently funded.