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Scam alert


Insolvent NoJuice Sports (SBR rating F) still accepting deposits and booking wagers.
The sportsbook says it will need one of its "investors" to provide additional funding in order to send players’ their balances yet they continues to take in new deposits. Some NoJuice users have been waiting over three weeks for withdrawals.

Scam alert


Industry scammer continues to trick players into joining sportsbooks. Robbie McPhail is operating which has attracted bettors looking for the real Legendz (SBR rating A-). SBR warned players in March of Mr. McPhail’s after readers reported depositing in what they believed to be LasPalmas (SBR rating C). Bettors should also beware of OceanSportsbook (SBR rating F) and AmericasBookie (SBR rating F). Both are part of this network of scam sites and are spamming email lists offering large bonuses.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


Second player reports a balance of $5,888 stolen from his Sports-Gambling (SBR rating D-) account after his balance was transferred from SunsetSports (SBR rating F-). The player says the book told him it "was not profitable" to service him. 

SBR Bill Dozer reports: Sports-Gambling cheating winning players.


Sports-Gambling (SBR rating D-) management confirms that it confiscated a player’s balance due to internal business problems that were unknown to the player. Last December the sportsbook agreed to book-to-book transfers with SunsetSports (SBR rating F-), which was near collapse. Sports-Gambling General Manager, Randal, tells SBR that the deletion of the $7,000 was "ownership’s decision" and that "it was never real money", because Sunset didn’t fulfill its financial obligations to Sports-Gambling. Sports-Gambling admits that it honored balances of transferred accounts they deemed to be profitable. The sportsbook has been downgraded twice in the last two months due to complaints of unjustly debiting account balances.

No-Pay sportsbook,


BookTheBet (SBR rating F) also operating adult betting site, PornSportbook (SBR rating F). SBR has received complaints from two BTB players who have been waiting for their withdrawals for months.

SBR office Tours:


View the office photos for GPS Global SA sportsbooks, SexyWagers, BetGES and CasinoVIP, here. The company is located in Heredia, Costa Rica. Its focus has been servicing credit agents with sites such as Elite Sportsbook (BetESI), under the name of Evolution Sports Data Processing, or CallECC. This new post-up operation, which is still developing its policies and procedures, has received an initial SBR rating of D.

Beware of MVP Sportsbook (SBR rating D) agents soliciting deposits


An MVP Sportsbook ’agent’ is calling post-up customer lists offering deposit bonuses. One player complains his MVP account was deleted after winning $2338.  The player declined the initial deposit bonus offer, but was given a $3,000 line of credit. He went on to win $2338.00. The ’agent’ tells SBR that he will not pay because the MVP phone clerk was not supposed to let him wager the amount he did, and claims the bettor targeted "a weak clerk." The agent also claims the player’s winning bets do not count because the player agreed to "settle" once he had lost $1000. However, the line of credit gave the player ability to lose up to $3,000. Players should avoid dealing with phone solicitors or verify offers are directly from the sportsbook. Those seeming to represent MVP may only be part of BetOnSports’ ’per-head’ service.

SBR Hiring Writers and Reporters in Costa Rica

SBR Forum has career opportunities at the SBR office located in Escazu, Costa Rica.  Seeking experienced writers: Fluent English, and knowledge of the online gaming industry required. Photography experience a plus. This is a professional position offering excellent pay and advancement opportunities. Applicants must have own transportation. Send your resume & work samples in confidence to


enters SBR rating guide at D-. The sportsbook is managed by BetOnUSA’s (SBR rating D-) parent company IEE Ltd, and should be avoided.

Bet4Aces (SBR rating D)

tells SBR they will not be able to process payouts until Friday, possibly Monday. The sportsbook blames new bank wire problems for the latest failed attempt to move money to their Neteller merchant and local bank account.

New complaint of funds confiscation against BetOnSports (SBR rating C-).


The bettor lost $23,000 to the sportsbook since May 12th before his last deposit on Thursday of $4,000. The player claims the clerk offered him a 30% sportsbook bonus if he would be willing to double his usual deposit of $2,000  to $4000, which he did. The bettor went on to bring his balance to $20,984.87. On Saturday the account was frozen; the sportsbook telling him he was suspected of being part of a "syndicate." Today, $15,600 was sent to his Neteller account, $5,384 less than his balance. The player also holds accounts at BetOnSports Plc sites, MVP Sportsbook (SBR rating C-) and Millennium (SBR rating C-), and  states he has lost $8900 combined.

Update: BOS Management tells SBR they will once again be reviewing their decision on both cases today.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


International Data Solutions (IDS) takes SandalsWager (SBR rating F-) off-line after being informed of no-pay complaints. Visitors of the website will receive the message: "This website is offline due to administrative issues."

SBR mailbag: SportsInteraction (SBR rating C+) clients complain of payout delays.

Three players complained this week of payout delays caused by account audits and internal errors. SIA uses a third party service for fraud control which has told players they must provide their social security number before the book can process a withdrawal. SportsInteraction management tells SBR they intend to change their procedure to avoid inconveniencing established players. SBR has advised SIA to eliminate the social security number requirement or inform players that this will be requested in the book’s Terms Of Service.

Player: "I have had an account with for over a year now, but have never made a withdrawl.  I recently attempted to make a withdrawl and it said my neteller account was in use by another account.  After almost a month of phone calls we figured out it was because I played at SIAcasino as well, and the problem was fixed in my account.  Last thursday I made a withdrawl for $2000 and it went through fine on the site, and the amount was deducted from my balence.

A week later the money still has not been sent to my neteller account.  And they are sending emails asking for my social security number and other details about my family I refuse to give to an offshore sportsbook.  Please keep in mind this is the same neteller account I used to deposit.  This is ridiclious, and no one should have to deal with a month long ordeal to get a payout.  Please help!!!!!!"

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


BetUS (SBR rating D) takes imposter website off-line. The website copied a version of the real Diamond Sportsbook (SBR rating A) which uses the url SBR is optimistic that this is a sign the company is moving in a positive and more professional direction. New COO, Kevin King is addressing the final payout complaint from an SBR reader owed $14,000.

NoJuice Sports (SBR rating D-) "hoping for infusion of cash"


NoJuice tells SBR that the sportsbook is still waiting for $40,000 to arrive by wire to Neteller but admits that they will require an "infusion of cash" from partners to process further payouts. When SBR inquired about the sporadic partial payments sent out this week, we were told that "people are still depositing and as soon as that money comes in, it goes right back out."

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


Defunct Austrian sportsbook, BetAttack (SBR rating F) back under new name, The company, which stiffed the few players it had, is using its old client list to solicit deposits for the new website. receives an initial rating of F


On Sunday, 6/04/06, the bettor made a $3,000 deposit, received a $1,200 (40%) reload bonus, then made a winning wager that risked his $4,200 balance on the Anaheim Angels, bringing the account balance to $10,920. Today, Millennium closed the account and sent him $6,414; confiscating the sportsbook bonus as well as 28% of proceeds from the winning wager. Just as is the case with an unjust confiscation of free-play bonus winnings, the player could have risked his funds for the desired return at a different sportsbook. This player has lost over $23,000 to Millennium Sports and has received 9 reload bonuses during one month as a losing client.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


The latest sportsbook to launch a fake sportsbook review site is USSportsbook (SBR rating D+). claims to offer impartial ratings, complete with a sportsbook blacklist:
"Official Betting Review understands today’s online gamblers’ needs and concerns. That is why we considered the most popular questions and criteria to establish our ratings system. While Sportsbook/Casino/Poker sites may purchase sponsorship, they may NOT purchase a rating; grades will only be awarded after our internal researchers and insiders have vetted the company."

The site is owned by software maker and parent company of USsportsbook, DATISI Group. USsportsbook wears the site’s medals and awards on its homepage.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

NoJuice Sports (SBR rating D) blaming payout delays on three lost bank wires, totaling $40,000. Management states that bank checks and bank wires are offered; however normal processing may require an additional week. Customer service tells SBR that other instant-transfer methods such as Moneybookers and InstaDebit are only available for deposits citing a "new processing system". NoJuice has been downgraded from D+ to D.

SBR expects a rise in payout complaints this week after Neteller informed Costa Rica bookmakers that they would no longer accept emergency/instant account-to-account tranfers through Costa Rican banks.  All merchant deposits must be sent to Neteller’s bank account in the United Kingdom via standard wire. This change may affect the liquidity of small sportsbooks, and require multiple merchant accounts be adequately funded.

777Rock (SBR rating B)

move to Cascade (SBR rating A-) office complete. Cascade ownership tells SBR that 777 will change from -107 to -105 pricing. BetCascade Management has hired Richard Jones, formerly Customer Service Manger of Royal Sports (BetRoyal), to assist with managing new brands. A deal to add Dimeplayer (SBR rating B-) has also been completed although software compatibility issues have delayed the server change.


SBG Global (SBR rating D) and Sports-Gambling (SBR rating D) Management confirms it has confiscated account balances due to "sharp play."
A Sports-Gambling player wagered consistantly over a two month period after his $7,000 balance was transferred from Sunset Sports(SBR rating F-). Management tells SBR they "zeroed his account because he is not someone we wish to deal with" after beating the book to betting odds changes in hockey.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


SportsbookUSA (SBR rating F) with most no-pays thus far in 2006. No other website prompts more withdrawal complaints to SBR each week than Futurebet’s flagship site, SportsbookUSA. SBR will continue to warn players regularly about this book, which still manages to attract new clients with creative marketing and its attractive website.

Jimmy 6/03/06: "Have you ever heard a 24 to 48 hour withdraw taking close to two months.  I’m with and I have had a withdraw pending since april 12th of this year.  I have emailed everyone that I could and yet no response...  This is probably the worst sportsbook there is out there and I would apprieciate it if you would let everyone else no how horrible they are."