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SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Omni Sportsbook(SBR rating D+) reverses decision to add wagering requirements to bettor’s winnings before processing additional payouts. This was a common complaint from BetUs and Omni clients in years past. Forcing the player to risk his/her funds is a form of theft.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


Omni Sportsbook(SBR rating D+) player reports being told he must continue to wager before given access to his funds. The player states he has met his bonus roll-over requirement and has already received one withdrawal since his last deposit. See full complaint.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


CypressSportsbook scammers back in business as CreditSportsbook(SBR rating F-). The scam is initiated when a sports tout recommends the player invest in a credit line at a specific online sportsbook. The bettor is promised a large line of betting credit if he will make an initial investment. Once the player has sent money the scammers bill the player for additional "fees" and new "administrative costs" until the player has finally had enough and refuses to send additional funds. As was the case with Cypress Sportsbook, the players have sent funds via Western Union to a Yosef Levine. Recipient names also included Eva Rowinska; both were collected in Poland. Randy Levine was the recipient of a bank wire.
Players should use caution when utilizing Western Union due to its anonymous nature. Read about similar Western Union scams here.



TotalBets operated by Robbie McPhail of the ApexSportsbook scam. This is a sister sportsbook of Bet33(SBR rating F). Totalbets is not to be confused with UK sportsbook, TotalBet.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Player files complaint against BetClass (not rated) over 540 Euros won on Super Bowl wager. The sportsbook has cancelled the bet four weeks after the game, stating that their system should not have allowed more than 1 wager on the same team. The player took the Pittsburg Steelers twice without exceeding betting limits. SBR awaits response from management.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


New UK Sportsbook BetClick (not rated) slow-paying players; blames payment processor. Bettors on Betting Advice forum discuss problems redeeming winnings.

BA poster Bisonravi says: "Unfortunately Betclic do not pay out. In common with a number of users I have had pending payouts for two weeks now, and any request that these be actioned is met by excuse after excuse (there is a stock response asking for bank details after which the cashout will be processed within 48 hours, which I’ve now received and replied to 3 times!). This is not a reliable bookmaker, I’m afraid. I think they were hammered by the initial sign up and have serious problems with cashflow."

SBR Bill Dozer reports: E-StadiumClub (SBR rating F)


off-line; phones unmanned. The sportsbook’s most recent (February 2006) excuse was that they were brought "down by hackers" and planned to be back online in March. E-Stadium was built on failed sportsbook, BestLineWager which disppeared in July of 2005.


The sportsbook relocated to its new office on 2/08/06 and management assured SBR that this would be the company’s turning point. BetonStars has since experienced persistent technical difficulties and players continue to report having to wait for their withdrawals. Customer service manager, John, recently left the company to join Bet4Aces(SBR rating D-).

SBR Bill Dozer reports: Bet33(SBR rating F)

player waiting over 2 weeks for $500 withdrawal. This is the first payout complaint from Bet33 users. The sportsbook is owned by Robbie McPhail who owned stiff sportsbook, ApexSports (SBR rating F-). Robbie is now using the alias "Zach".
3/20/2006 (11:37:57 AM) Update: Player paid in full via Western Union.

Free SBRforum Bracket Tourney:


Players can still join SBRforum’s first Final Four Bracket Challenge until the start of the first game at 12:20 EST time today. For contest prizes, rules and registration click here.

SBR BillDozer reports:


SBR meets with Bet4Aces(SBR rating D-); discusses affiliation with BetGateway. Edward, part of Bet4Aces ownership, tells SBR that they will take responsibility for its association with SCAM sportsbook BetGateway and settle all delinquent accounts. Edward assures SBR that Bet4Aces will "right this wrong" and contends that he is operating a legitimate sportsbook. Ownership acknowledges that the company was built on BetGateway’s platform, that they utilized the same servers and equipment, and employed a Gateway manager, but is adamant that the company was purchased and is controlled by new ownership. Edward went on to say that Gateway manager, Henry, is no longer with Bet4Aces and noted that Bet4Aces is in the Torre del Este building and not in the Law Offices of Mauricio Gomez like past reincarnations of VipBetZone scam sportsbooks. View Bet4Aces office photos here.


SurvivorSportsbook(SBR rating F) refusing to pay Steelers Super Bowl future bets. Survivor is part of the EZ Sports Group which is known for attracting bettors with generous odds on future wagers that they have no intention of honoring. The scam allows the books to take continous action on multiple teams through out the season, eventually stiffing backers of the championship team.

Player: "i won 6600 on the steelers to win the superbowl and this company refuses to pay out.  What have you heard about them they complain that i dont bet enough and all this bull****.  I have only collecte a grand so far.  They are and they suck"

SBR Mailbag:

Nine no-pay complaints from Internet1x2(SBR rating F-) users received in March. Players should continue to steer clear of this scam sportsbook which recently launched a new marketing campaign promoting its soccer offerings.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

The VO Group including MVPsportsbook(SBR rating C) and V-Wager(SBR rating C) experiencing technical difficulties as it moves into the BetOnSports(SBR rating C) building. BetOnSports purchased the VO Group at the close of 2005.  Players report missing pending wagers from their account history as well as slight delays with withdrawals. The sportsbook tells SBR that players may call for a complete record of their active plays and states that the migration should be complete by the end of next week.

SBR Sportsbook Tours: View


photos of CRIS (SBR rating A+) here. The operation is located in what is known in San Jose, Costa Rica as The CRIS Building and is officially called Building La Colmena. BetCRIS occupies the 6th and 7th floor.

SBR Bill Dozer reports: BetUs(SBR rating D+) Bait and Switch Bonus? Bettor denied NFL loss rebate.

The player was promised the 10% rebate throughout the football season as he lost $15,000, earning a $1500 free-play. After the NFL season, BetUS confirmed that the player had earned the bonus and assured him that future account activity would not affect his NFL rebate which would be credited before the end of February. The bettor reloaded his account and went on to to win back most of the amount lost during the NFL season. As a result, BetUs closed the betting account, denied the free-play earnings and deleted 25,000 in bonus points which could be redeemed for a free-play.

Player: "I SPECIFICALLY ASKED IF I LOSE MORE THROUGHOUT THE REST OF THE MONTH IF WOULD I GET MORE CASH BACK AND HE SAID NO -- IT DOESNT MATTER WHETHER YOU WIN OR LOSE NOW, ALL THAT MATTERS IS WHAT YOUR ACCOUNT BALANCE WAS RIGHT AFTER SUPERBOWL. Just to confirm that, I called two different clerks the next day and  asked if I were to go on a win streak in the days and weeks after the superbowl, if that would affect my gamblers assurance and they assured me that it would not."

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

BetOnUSA(SBR rating D-) offering to Fedex new checks to players whose initial check has bounced. Players must fax the first check to BetonUSA at 1-416-850-9602 and then confirm it was received by calling customer service at 1-866-238-6687. Over 100 players from BetonUSA, as well as clients with other sportsbooks have been affected by this check processor issue. BetonUSA is now using Citadel Commerce to process payouts by check.