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News on scam sports betting operations, events and business deals within the offshore sports gambling industry.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Bet4Aces (SBR rating F) management confirms insolvency. Manager Charlie tells SBR that the sportsbook does not have player balances, and the problems are beyond the transferring of funds to merchant accounts. Charlie, who was brought in last month to assist with finances, says he has not been given access to funds as promised, and will leave Bet4Aces early this month. Bet4Aces continues to take deposits and should be considered a SCAM.

Leisure & Gaming Plc consolidating properties


under new (SBR rating A+) brand. Bet19, BetOnGames, BetOnRaces, FairDeal, FiveCardCharlie, and WSSB players will be redirected to on Wednesday evening. Balances and account history will be available in the player’s new VIP account. Management expects a seamless transition, as all sites use IGW software.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


PointBet (SBR rating D+) slow-paying player waiting for Moneybookers withdrawal. On the fourth day the player was informed that his withdrawal was not processed due to a lack of funds in PointBet’s Moneybookers merchant account. Players should expect their sportsbook to immediately offer the payout through other means when the preferred method is not available.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


ActionBets (SBR rating D+) one week behind on withdrawals. The book has been able to send some partial payments thanks to new deposits. Today, a player reported receiving a $2,000 Neteller payout in response to a $5,000 request. Actionbets’ delinquent amount exceeds $100,000. Large balance holders are waiting for ownership to fund merchant accounts.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


Newest Leisure & Gaming Plc sportsbooks, Nine, BetCom and MyBookie receive upgrades from B to B+ after inheriting A+ rated VIP Sports’ wagering rules and policies. VIP’s terms of service were implemented today.

BookTheBet (SBR rating F) claims new victim


Player writes: "In the last 3 months I have been trying to make a withdraw at US 4000. I am afraid Bookthebet dont can or won’t send me the withdraw. The excuses for not making the withdraw are numerous, and it had not been able for me to get in contact with the manager since I made my first deposit. By now I have probably called/mailed the book a total of 40-50 times, always without results. Anthony the person in charge of the book and cash-outs is never available, but I was promised they/he would call or mail me. He never did. It seems Bookthebet are doing everything not to give me my money."

BetMania enters SBR Rating Guide at B-


BetMania is a new sportsbook from Skybook (SBR rating A-) ownership that aims to fill the reduced juice gap left after InternationalIslandSportsbook was absorbed by SkyBook last week. BetMania operates independently in a separate office in Escazu, Costa Rica; and is managed by Head Linesman, Eric and Operations Director, Mike Mitchell, both formerly of Millennium Sports. The book uses ASI software. SBR will visit BetMania in July. 

SBR office Tours:


View photos of IGotSports (SBR rating C-) here. The sportsbook is located in a three-floor office building in San Francisco de Calle Blancos, San Jose, Costa Rica. The Operations Manager, Kyle previously held the same position at BetOnSports. IGotSports tells SBR that the primary owner is Brad Mitchell who previously managed Jaguar Sports, although the consensus from IGotGaming employees and industry insiders in Costa Rica is the operation is financed by Gary Kaplan, founder and former owner of BetOnSports.

Skybook (SBR rating A-) Group consolidates properties

Five days after absorbing sister sportsbook, IIS (SBR rating A-), the group has taken Rio (SBR rating A-) and ClickAndBet (SBR rating B) off-line. All accounts will be moved to Ownership has planned to focus the company on its flagship, and now only brand, for over a year. Skybook will have an affiliation with new sportsbook, BetMania (not rated), which will be managed and operated externally.

Jessica Davis steps down as COO of WWTS (SBR rating A+)


Jessica cites personal reasons for leaving the company and states that BetCorp remains in the hands of top-level management. Ms. Davis worked her way through the ranks at WWTS over the past eleven years, helping to build WWTS into the powerhouse it is today.



(SBR rating D+) withdrawals unavailable regardless of requested payout method. The book was able to send partial balances owed through Western Union yesterday but has stopped processing payouts completely today. ActionBets says it must wait for deposits or a bank wire expected early next week, before resuming transfers.

ActionBets (SBR rating C-)

sending Western Union payments in place of Neteller requests. ActionBets tells SBR it will conclude a fraud investigation, which involves a group of players brought to the sportsbook by a staff member, before the end of the week. The sportsbook’s rating will be reevaluated Monday.

Carib Sports (SBR rating B)

responds to Email Response Test score:
"My name is Liz and I am writing on behalf of  We just wanted to let you know that we appreciate your reviews of our website and services as this helps us to make improvements where needed to better be able to serve our members.
Some weeks ago you had rated our e-mail services as poor due to a very long delay in responding (for which we apologize); we wanted to let you know that we have since made the necessary changes to ensure that delays no longer occur when using e-mails to communicate with us. 
However, please note that we always try our very best to reply to all queries in a timely fashion.  To make this process even more efficient, some time ago we created our own “in house” messaging system which at this time is used by 90% of our members for communications as they are guaranteed a response with 3-5 minutes."
Results from this month’s Email Response Test will be released Saturday.

ActionBets downgraded from C to C-


SBR has received reports of the following: increased bonus roll-over requirements after bonus terms have been met, Actionbets asking for 4 days to process Neteller withdrawals, solicitations from an Actionbets employee to play at a different unrelated sportsbook, and withdrawals denied during 2 week fraud investigations taking place while account holders are allowed to wager. SBR to speak with management in the morning.

Tradewinds Group (SBR rating B-)


to be rebranded as "JustBet." Regency Sportsbook (SBR rating B-) will be the first sportsbook in the family to move its players under August 1st, 2006. Tradewinds General Manager tells SBR that the company plans to push the new brand, which won’t use the inconvenient extension "" Tradewinds hopes to experience the same recognition and growth that Grand Central Sports achieved when it transformed to, prior to being acquired by Leisure & Gaming plc. Tradewinds has been upgraded to B- after seven months without a player complaint. SBR is scheduled to meet with ownership and management in July.

Scam alert


Insolvent NoJuice Sports (SBR rating F) still accepting deposits and booking wagers.
The sportsbook says it will need one of its "investors" to provide additional funding in order to send players’ their balances yet they continues to take in new deposits. Some NoJuice users have been waiting over three weeks for withdrawals.

Scam alert


Industry scammer continues to trick players into joining sportsbooks. Robbie McPhail is operating which has attracted bettors looking for the real Legendz (SBR rating A-). SBR warned players in March of Mr. McPhail’s after readers reported depositing in what they believed to be LasPalmas (SBR rating C). Bettors should also beware of OceanSportsbook (SBR rating F) and AmericasBookie (SBR rating F). Both are part of this network of scam sites and are spamming email lists offering large bonuses.