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SBG Global (SBR rating D)



gives player back amount he deposited, $10,500 of $28,821 balanceManagement tells SBR the total balance of $28,821 was originally confiscated six months ago because the user had an account with the company’s other sportsbook,, where he gave "professional action". This player wagered at SBG Global for two months, meeting his bonus rollover requirement. In that time the account was reviewed resulting in a reduction in betting limits. SBG purchased Sports-Gambling in March of 2005, after the player was asked to leave Sports-Gambling. SBG states they will keep the player’s $18,321 in winnings.


Bombabet (SBR rating D-) responds


to July evaluation and complaints.
It has come to my attention that our site has been viewed negatively in the past and therefore been delegated to rogue lists.
We have made great efforts to correct our errors and have initiated new procedures in order to prevent them happening again.
Internally our management has been replaced and our main focus is on player support, prompt payments and competitive lines.
I would be happy to provide any information necessary to remove us from your rogue list and would like to hear from any players with any outstanding issues.

Bombabet users with complaints or feedback are invited to write to SBR.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


SBR receives multiple complaints from WagerWeb (SBR rating B) clients who were asked to leave the book due to professional play. Players complained of revoked bonuses and payout delays after the ability to wager was removed. SBR to inquire with WagerWeb about bonus policy changes and recent customer treatment.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


EZ Sports SCAM Group pushing football-focused sportsbooks. This is the time of year when stiff bookmakers are most likely to target new unsuspecting bettors. Players recently alerted SBR to unrated EZ Sports sportsbook sites such as BettingSportslinesFootball. BettingSportslinesFootball enters the SBR rating guide at F.

SBR mailbag complaints:


IGotSports (SBR rating D) player complains sportsbook revokes bonus after winning streak and completing more than half of the required roll-over. The sportsbook tells player they do not service professionals and has closed his account
Topcil (not rated) player waiting for 3000 Euros since January. Book not responding to player emails.
USDbet (SBR rating D+) player waiting for $6,845.00 by Firepay since August 10th. USDbet tells player delay is due to high volume of payout requests. Player requests transfer through alternate method but is asked to continue to wait for Firepay.



now bwin (SBR rating C) cancels winning wager after event has concluded due to a "bad-line" or "erroneous betting odds". SBR to discuss wager with management and request player be credited at what the book believes should have been the correct payout odds.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


EnVivoSports (SBR rating D-) slow-paying one of few remaining players. InstantActionSports (SBR rating C-) tells SBR it is no longer operating EnVivo and it is in the hands of independant ownership. SBR expects IAS, which previously backed Envivo, to stand for remaining pending withdrawals.

Mansion (SBR rating B)


players complain of missing pending wagers. Players should write down all ticket number or take screen shots while Mansion addresses this software error.

SCAM ALERT: BetBTW (SBR rating F) fly-by-night sportsbook lying to players.


BetTheWorld initially told SBR that they have been located in San Jose on 1st floor of building 2 in Oficentro and have been there for over two years. After SBR visited the building only to find that no one there has heard of the book, BTW told SBR they work out of a house where they have a staff of two employees. The book’s General Manager went on to say that their clerks are in residential houses throughout the world patched into the server through their home phone lines. BetBTW is offering 100% match bonuses to a list of players who were supposedly victims of the BetOnSports debacle. Players should avoid BetBTW and their exorbitant offers. This book will likely be closed before the start of the regular NFL season.

SBROdds 3.0


receiving rave reviews from both new and veteran bettors. The new program features real-time betting odds displayed in Flash software and Live MLB Play-by-Play reporting. SBROdds remains the only FREE real-time odds program featuring top sportsbooks.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

SBR receives second payout complaint from ThePool (not rated) users in two months. Latest slow-paid player requested $4,000 on May 29th, July 4th and July 29th. ThePool has not responded to emails from player or returned phone calls to SBR.



downgraded from D to D-. EasyBets is part of BetOnSports Plc which today announced that it does not have all player balances.

BetOnSports blaming processors for inability to pay.


The manner in which BetOnSports handled the US District Court indictment has been scrutinized by everyone familiar with the situation. Now that the sportsbook has announced it will close and does not have all player funds, the finger pointing has ensued.

Recent reports suggested that BOS was unable to pay players because funds were inaccessible. An Associated Press news release published yesterday on Yahoo News stated "...because of the judge’s order on July 17, some payment processors, or e-wallets as they’re known, have stopped doing business with BetOnSports." AP News interviewed an unnamed BOS executive who stated, "BetOnSports has no way to transfer the bulk of the pending wagers or deposits to gamblers."

Today’s shareholder statement infers that the book’s ability to pay players depends on future earnings and "the Company’s ability to persuade banks and cash processors to release its funds." View full shareholders statement.

Neteller tells SBR that was not the case with its BOS merchant service. Once a sportsbook chooses to cease operating, Neteller’s policy is to freeze the merchant account. BetOnSports made its intention to suspend operating clear when it released a statement shortly after the indictment was unsealed.

Sportsbook operators and industry analysts tell SBR that BOS overreacted to the affect the indictment would have on the company’s public stock value. BetOnSports Plc is believed to have ceased operating

SBR Bill Dozer reports: BetonSports (SBR rating D-) to announce closure


Inside sources tell SBR that BetonSports Plc will close its US-facing Costa Rican operation. The announcement to shareholders is expected at 7:00 am UK time.

Update from Mall San Pedro: All hourly employees dismissed.

8.10.2006 (2:04:23 PM): Tomorrow’s shareholder statement said to reference disbursement of "player balances" within 60 to 90 days. SBR will continue to pursue further information regarding fate of player funds. BOS Plc is expected to maintain relatively small Asian-focused sportsbook, EasyBets (SBR rating D).

SBR Bill Dozer reports: Scam sportsbooks sharing account details


Player reports sportsbook opens account on his behalf, complete with password.

"Hi Bill, I received this today from scam book Bet33. As you can see they had already created an account for me. And I can log into using a password that I normally use. I have a feeling they got my password from either RichCoast Sports or NoJuice as I know from other forums that customers account details and passwords where sold. Just thought I’d let you know so you can warn people."
Players should always use a different password for each sportsbook account. If possible, a scam sportsbook will continue to steal even after its doors are closed. SBR has received multiple complaints of theft from players who now regret using the same password with multiple betting sites.

Player wins


$429,000 on a Royal Flush hand playing Pinnacle Casino’s stud poker August 2nd. Pinnacle Sports’ Casino is powered by Blue Chip Games’ casino suite which is widely considered to be the fairest casino software online.

Temporary URL change for SBRforum


SBR will be making updates to tomorrow morning.  The address is expected to be off-line from 4:00 am to 6:00 am central time. Posters will still be able to access SBRforum by clicking the "Forum" button on SBR or by using the address,

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


DragonWager (SBR rating D-) circles Thursday as date to clear all debts to players. Hosting and software provider, Capilleira S.A is expected to deactivate the  site’s sign-up function if the book does not uphold its promise to players.

ParlayCardz (SBR rating C) expects to be back online tomorrow


The book’s website has been off-line since July 28th when the domain registration expired. The registration has been renewed and ParlayCardz says they are waiting for the wbsite to propagate. Players can manage their accounts over the phone by calling 1-877-288-6238 or  1-888-852-3409.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


TradeSports (SBR rating C+) botched contract decision results in downgrade from B- to C+. The exchange-style sportsbook attracts many players with its prediction markets, known as ’prop bets’ at other sportsbooks. It has not graded wagers according to contract stipulations and has failed to use applicable TradeSports prediction market rules. The latest trader complaint was received after an incorrect decision on a North Korea missile contract. Details of the dispute and SBR Josh West’s assessment can be found at



(SBR rating C-) players requesting Neteller forced to wait or take Western Union and absorb fees. The sportsbook’s Neteller merchant account has been underfunded for over a month. SBR has advised IAS to refund clients for fees above the cost of the requested Neteller transfer.
Note: InstantActionSports has processed at least one Neteller payout today for $8,000.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


DragonWager (SBR rating D-) unable to pay clients. Dragon blames their financial woes on "massive player chargebacks." The sportsbook’s software provider tells SBR it will consider turning the software platform off if withdrawals are not processed soon. Dragon has been downgraded from D to D-. Players should aggressively pursue all balances.