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News on scam sports betting operations, events and business deals within the offshore sports gambling industry.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


BetOnSports PLC-owned EasyBets (SBR rating D-) cheats players out of winning MLB future wagers. The sportsbook has alerted it’s US-based clients that their accounts will be closed and all pending wagers will be voided.

Player: "I just received this e-mail from easybets.  It’s a real shocker, and doesn’t seem legal or ethical.  I need your advice and help.  How can they cancel pending bets (such as several baseball season future that are about to pay off, for example)?  Are these not contracts they have entered into and must honor?  If they decide to cease dealing with people in the US, why can’t they stop accepting new bets, but still pay ones they have accepted upon settlement?"

SBR mailbag: Players complain


TradeSports (SBR rating C+) increases fees. Bettors are rightfully upset that the higher prices are set to apply to wager contracts that were placed under the original fee structure.

Player: They are retroactively raising fees on positions people hold in long-term non-sports events, such as the 2008 elections (about 500,000 contracts traded there before the announced fee change), current-events contracts, legal contracts, etc.

GolfingGods (SBR rating D)


slow-pays expand to players requesting bank wires. SBR received two new complaints this week and advises players to avoid GolfingGods (SBR rating D).
"Kindly ask you to help me to solve withdrawal problem with GOLFINGGODS.15th of August 2006 I’ve made a request to withdraw 1000 gbp from my account to my bank account. But there’re no money still deposited on my bank account. And there’re no any answers from GOLFINGGODS. I’ve sent them about 20 letters".

Sportingbet Plc Chairman detained; company freezes shares


Statement regarding Chairman

Whilst visiting the US on non-Sportingbet business, Mr Peter Dicks, aged 64, Non-Executive Chairman of Sportingbet Plc, was detained by US Authorities at approximately 2.00am BST on Thursday, 6 September 2006.

A hearing for Mr Dicks is scheduled for 2.00pm BST.

Pending clarification of the situation the Board has sought immediate temporary suspension of Sportingbet’s shares.

Further information will be issued in due course.

For further information please contact:

Smithfield (media) Tel: 020 7903 0669
George Hudson Tel: 07803 603 130
Link to Sportingbet Plc statement

Players who are adverse to risk may wish to withdraw their funds from all Sportingbet and World Gaming operated sportsbooks. SBR does not expect Sportingbet to follow the path of BetOnSports which did not have player funds in reserve. Trading is expected to resume shortly. View sportsbook list here.

PlayWePay (SBR rating D+) bails on bailout deal

Last week the sportsbook paid a user his final payment totaling approximately 25% of his balance, refusing to pay the remainder. The player initially accepted a generous offer that PWP would cover his balance from defunct sportsbook, BetCasinoSports (SBR rating F). The only stipulation was a 7x rollover which was changed to 10x when the wagering requirement was nearly finished. The bettor went on to win $15,310 for a total of $28,080. PlayWePay has sent a total of only $6,885. The bettor states that he suffered further losses by accepting the PWP offer since he would have earned the winnings with a different sportsbook.



slow-paying player 940 Euros since June 1, 2006. The player reports initially being asked to wait 60 days for his funds. Europlay has not responded to client or SBR emails and phone calls to the book are answered by voice mail. Europlay, which is now known for paying months after withdrawal requests are made, has been downgraded from D+ to D-.



earns upgrade from B- to B. It has been 13 months since the sportsbook was upgraded to B- and implemented its "one hour" payout policy. SBR has not received a payout complaint from Sportbet users since last evaluation.

WagerFree (SBR rating F-)


conman, Garet Bradford pleads guilty to one category B felony count for unlicensed gaming activities. Sentencing is scheduled for October 12th at 9:00 a.m.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


BetRoyal (SBR rating C-) adds "payout issues" button which points to an email for the book’s General Manager. Royal tells SBR they are making an effort to give players earlier access to management. Players who use this feature are welcome to copy to SBR.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


GolfingGods rating reduced to D. The sportsbook has been unresponsive to emails and phone messages from players waiting for withdrawals.




Congratulates August’s Baseball Bankroll Contest WinnersPoster njschimpf took first place scoring 10.65 units for the month with posters manly and BigDaddy coming in 2nd and 3rd respectively. Sixteen contestants finished in the positive column with the top three combining to show a profit of almost 28 units. New posters are still eligible for September prizes. View Contest


Players reminded to use one password for each wagering account


Former employees of BetOnSports (SBR rating D-) are selling client lists containing all user information originally provided to the book. Other sportsbooks and their third party marketing departments use this information to spam potential customers. Some player databases may also include client passwords, which can be dangerous for those using one universal password for all sportsbooks. Bettors should use a unique password for each individual online account.


WorldBet (SBR rating D-): Player’s winning wager on FIBA basketball cancelled after match due to erroneous betting odds. Book not responding to player emails requesting the book pay at correct market odds.

DragonWager (SBR rating D-): Book moving toward F rating after two more players report no-pay cases. DragonWager continues to supply odd excuses such as a surge in chargebacks.

SCAM Alert:


GoToSportsbetting (SBR rating F-) owner, Warner Frank Williams targets football bettors with new site Mr. Williams has been behind many pump-and-dump scams including the ChangeABet (SBR rating F-) group of books, SunsetWager (SBR rating F), GoldPalace (SBR rating F-) and more.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


GolfingGods (SBR rating D+) slow-paying player $1100 over one week. The bettor has requested a Neteller payout on the 20th for $1700 but has only received a partial payment of $600. The book’s Managing Director Jason, tells the player he must wait until later this week due to insufficient funds in his Neteller merchant account. GolfingGods has not offered the user an alternate payout method.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


SBR continues to receive steady flow of BetAndWin (SBR rating C-) complaints. The sportsbook has been downgraded from C to C- for failing to catch "bad line" errors until after the event has finished. BAW, now called bwin, is suspected of giving "bonus" credits to those who complain instead of settling all bets at the correct betting odds. Recent complaints include a voided win on a baseball bet because the book erroneously listed the incorrect date. Players who had a loss stand on an incorrectly listed BAW wager should contact SBR immediately. A 2nd complaint was recorded on ski jump proposition. Players who had a wager on ANDREAS KOFLER at 55:1 cancelled, without any credit, should contact SBR.

Beat The Prick


Football Handicapping Contest Registration Now Open!

Weekly Prizes: Make 4 picks each week. Outscore the Prick and get $200 in your BetCris (SBR rating A+) account. Top Prick beater gets $500 in his BetCris account. see complete rules

Season Ending Prizes: The top cappers will win a trip for two to the Super Bowl with spending cash. Top 20 cappers will earn trips or cash prizes. see prize list

The Prick says: "If you think you got a prayer of getting in my pocket (delusional homo), then take your hot-shot ass to and follow the instructions. If them 3 little steps are too tough fer any of you braniacs, they even set up an e-mail account for ya to beg fer help. This deal goes LIVE on Sep 6, when you can all line up fer yer weekly dose of da Prick."

SSP International (SBR rating F)

claims to be back online with new ownership; players continue to report no-pays. The latest player to file a complaint has requested a small sum on July 28th, August 9th and 16th.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


New World Gaming licensee, USDbet (SBR rating D+) pays player via Firepay after 13 day wait. (SBR rating B-), another book using EFS processing, sends player a five-figure check instead of Neteller transfer as requested.

TSBets closes and sells accounts to BetTheWorld


TotalSportsbetting, also known as TSbets, (SBR rating F+) closes; Sells accounts to BetTheWorld (SBR rating F)

Earlier August report on BetTheWorld:
SCAM ALERT: BetBTW (SBR rating F) fly-by-night sportsbook lying to players. BetTheWorld initially told SBR that they have been located in San Jose on 1st floor of building 2 in Oficentro and have been there for over two years. After SBR visited the building only to find that no one there has heard of the book, BTW told SBR they work out of a house where they have a staff of two employees. The book’s General Manager went on to say that their clerks are in residential houses throughout the world patched into the server through their home phone lines. BetBTW is offering 100% match bonuses to a list of players who were supposedly victims of the BetOnSports debacle. Players should avoid BetBTW and their exorbitant offers. This book will likely be closed before the start of the regular NFL season.

SBR speaks with WagerWeb (SBR rating B) management


WagerWeb has agreed to prorate all bonuses in cases where the house termintates the original incentive agreement and relationship with player due to sharp play. Management tells SBR they will also allow such players to exceed its normal daily Neteller limits so the bettor has the ability to wager elsewhere. WagerWeb offers bank wire and checks for larger sums.

SBG Global (SBR rating D)



gives player back amount he deposited, $10,500 of $28,821 balanceManagement tells SBR the total balance of $28,821 was originally confiscated six months ago because the user had an account with the company’s other sportsbook,, where he gave "professional action". This player wagered at SBG Global for two months, meeting his bonus rollover requirement. In that time the account was reviewed resulting in a reduction in betting limits. SBG purchased Sports-Gambling in March of 2005, after the player was asked to leave Sports-Gambling. SBG states they will keep the player’s $18,321 in winnings.