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News on scam sports betting operations, events and business deals within the offshore sports gambling industry.

Bodog (SBR rating A+) to stop applying reload bonuses as of Monday


For over four years Bodog was known as the only sportsbook to automatically credit a 10% or 20% bonus to every deposit. The sportsbook cites an increase in payment processing costs, after the most cost effective money transferring services left the US market, for prompting the change. Bodog states that all deposits and withdrawals will continue to be free.

Pointbet lowered to D-

Pointbet drops to D-. Players from around the world are reporting failed promises to pay on a daily basis. Some report having made their payout request over two months ago. The sportsbook is now telling users they must continue to wait but have not committed to a date or provided an excuse for not paying. Pointbet blames a recent earthquake in the region for intermittent website downtime over the past two weeks.

Player: You can add my name to the lsit of people who are owedd money by point bet They owe me $7500 for a couple of weeks. There website has been down all week. Have they disappeared? Do you know if anyone else has been paid?

Neteller US' electronic funds transfers delayed


The e-wallet is currently telling players they must wait 4 to 6 weeks for EFTs. Sportsbooks with Neteller merchant accounts have also been told they must wait a minimum of 4 weeks to redeem their funds in full. Neteller is encouraging U.S. residents who hold a Neteller debit card to withdraw the daily limit. Players report the payout method is currently functioning normally.

01.26.2007 Update: Third party debit card provider no longer servicing Neteller. Neteller’s website states: NETELLER is currently unable to transact with USD bank accounts, regardless of the location of the member. Neteller says it is working on the issue. Some account holders are attempting to transfer their funds from Neteller to non USD bank accounts or merchants.

Cascade (SBR rating B) to join Horizon/Atlas Group

Cascade (SBR rating B) to join Horizon/Atlas Group; will change platforms from ASI to BLR tomorrow. The sportsbook and its wagering lines will remain independently managed. BetCascade will continue to offer a -105 lineset.

ExecutiveSportsbookdr (SBR rating F-) closes with player’s $27,900 balance.


The book attracted depositors by working with touts who would build a relationship with the player and then recommend the deposit-only sportsbook. Bettors can expect an increase in scam attempts that utilize Western Union now that Neteller and Citadel are no longer servicing U.S. bettors. Thieves behind Executive Sportsbookdr are likely already preparing to rob bettors under a new sportsbook front.
Player: I have been scam by some con artist and their name are yosef levine.I didn’t now tell I looked on the web.They made me deposit 4,000 usd and made me send my money through western union and they receive it in poland.I wanted to email you guys so you can help me get my money back. I won about 27,900 usd dollars and I still haven’t receive it yet. They are say that is alot of money and that western union is having problems sending it.

LasPalmas offers bailout deal to Bet7Moons victims

LasPalmas (SBR rating C) offering bailout deal to Bet7Moons (SBR rating F) victims. Players have the option to have their balances covered in full with a 20x roll-over (to make wagers totaling twenty times bailout amount) or match the bailout amount with a deposit for a 7x roll-over.

Ladbrokes acquires Sponsio Ltd.


Ladbrokes (SBR rating A+) acquires Sponsio Ltd, the company used to service Ladbrokes’ Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland operation, for 36 million pounds (approximately $71 million USD). Ladbrokes intends to increase its presence in Scandinavia and eventually open betting shops across the region.

Bet7Moons site redirecting to LasPalmas


Bet7Moons (SBR rating F) owner redirects website to LasPalmas (SBR rating C), where he has relocated his credit package. Robbed Bet7Moons post-up players are hopeful that LasPalmas will not service the stiff agent or will force him to take part in a payment plan to refund victims.

State of gambling industry in US

Sportsbooks tested as payment processors decline service to U.S. gambling industry. Sportsbooks will see an immediate reduction in business now that "e-wallets" such as Neteller, myCitadel Wallet and ATMonline are no longer an option for US-focused gaming companies. Low rated sportsbooks relying on player deposits to operate, as well as dishonest bookmakers who believe it may be more profitable to keep player funds than to expand its business model, are the industry’s primary concern. During this high risk period players are advised to only use sportsbooks with a minimum SBR rating of A-. Players are also advised to expect delays in payout processing time from even the best bookmakers. Many operators are attempting to move money quickly to compensate for high demand on remaining withdrawal options.

Mansionbet no longer accepting new US business


Mansion (SBR rating B-) no longer accepting deposits from players residing in the United States. Mansionbet currently holding a balance may continue to wager in the betting exchange.

Neteller discontinues service to US gamblers


Neteller no longer processing gambling transactions from U.S. residents. The processor stated today that it will continue to allow current U.S. clients to use the service for non-gambling transactions including EFT withdrawals. Electronic check (ACH) processor, Citadel also announced that it will cease to service U.S. bettors. Sportsbooks have already reported an increase in other "E-wallet" services such as Click2Pay, InstaDebit and ATMonline this week. Sportsbooks such as Bodog, which use other electronic check providers, will likely benefit from Citadel’s announcement.

Neteller founders charged with gambling violations

United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York announced today that Neteller founders, Stephen Eric Lawrence and John David Lefebvre have been charged with gambling related violations. Both were charged with U.S.C. 1955, which is the prohibition of illegal gambling businesses; U.S.C. 1956, the laundering of monetary instruments, and U.S.C 1084, the transmission of wagering information, also known as the 1961 Wire Act. Both individuals are Neteller Plc shareholders and neither hold a position with the company.

5Dimes (SBR rating A) now accepting transfers from Pinnacle Sports (SBR rating A+).


5Dimes (SBR rating A) now accepting transfers from Pinnacle Sports (SBR rating A+). There are no fees or minimum amount required. The bonus structure used for new Neteller deposits will apply. Transfer balances will be credited once Pinnacle acknowledges the request sent to its Customer Service Department. The following sportsbooks are also accepting transfers:

BetJamaica (SBR rating A+): The minimum transfer amount is $50. No fees will be applied by BetJamaica. Transferred funds are eligible for available bonuses.
TheGreek (SBR rating A+): The minimum transfer amount is $500. No fees will be applied by TheGreek Sportsbook. Transferred funds are eligible for available bonuses.
WSEX (SBR rating A+): There is no minimum to transfer funds. No fees will be applied by WSEX. A 10% bonus will be applied to funds transferred from Pinnacle Sports.

More sportsbooks considering reduced juice pricing


In an effort to obtain market share formerly held by Pinnacle Sports (SBR rating A+), many sportsbooks will target players with new offers of reduced vigorish and low juice promotions. Multiple bookmakers have told SBR they are considering moving to "discount wagering" full-time after the announcement from Pinnacle to leave the US market. 5Dimes (SBR rating A) told SBR today that they have decided to offer -105 style lines (10 cent pricing) on all NHL hockey games. 5Dimes already offered -105 lines on the NFL playoffs. Sportsbooks must be extremely skilled and experienced in order to manage low margin wagering.  SBR advises players to stay with the best and most proven sportsbooks.

Pointbet (SBR rating D) situation worsens

Despite confirmed reports of payment at the end of last year, the amount of withdrawal complaints from Pointbet users has peaked. Wait time for many have exceeded one month and complaints to SBR involve requests totaling over $100,000. Players should pursue their balances through whatever means possible.

A+ Sportsbooks accepting book transfers from Pinnacle Sports:


BetJamaica (SBR rating A+): The minimum transfer amount is $50. No fees will be applied by BetJamaica. Transferred funds are eligible for available bonuses.
TheGreek (SBR rating A+): The minimum transfer amount is $500. No fees will be applied by TheGreek Sportsbook. Transferred funds are eligible for available bonuses.
WSEX (SBR rating A+): There is no minimum to transfer funds. No fees will be applied by WSEX. A bonus will be applied to funds transferred from Pinnacle Sports.

Pinnacle Sports (SBR rating A+) leaves the U.S. market

Pinnacle Sports (SBR rating A+) leaves the U.S. market; requests U.S. players choose withdrawal method in order to redeem all funds. Pinnacle bettors awoke to find the following message on the sportsbook’s homepage.
Effective Immediately...
After careful consideration, Pinnacle Sports have chosen to voluntarily exit the U.S. market. Accordingly, wagers will no longer be accepted from clients within the U.S. as of Thursday, January 11, 2007.
Those clients who are affected will be required to withdraw their balances using the Cashier of their account. We assure all our clients your balances are available and Pinnacle will continue providing our international clients our same great value.

Dimeline Sportsbook users complain of slow-pay


Dimeline Sportsbook (SBR rating D) user complains of slow-pay and altered sign-up incentive.

Player: First I deposited a couple hundred on their "100% bonus" plan, which a week later (and well into my rollover) they downgraded to a "25% bonus".  Didn’t even bother arguing it as the lines were beatable.  Had an account balance of around $700, requested a $500 withdrawal last Thursday, and they said it would take 12-24 hours to be processed.  That $500 does not show up in my account anywhere as pending and there is no record whatsoever that the money was even there.  It is in "accounting limbo" right now.

BetCSL update

Slow-paid  BetCSL (SBR rating F) players have yet to receive their funds or communication from the sportsbook owner or sportsbook operator, Capilleira. SBR has downgraded all Capilleira sportsbooks which should be avoided at this time. Players are hopeful that Capilleira Systems will prove it does not facilitate scam operations and will take responsibility for bettor balances as promised. Capilleira claims it was unaware BetCSL was operated by former stiff sportsbook client, DragonWager (SBR rating F).

WagerWeb confiscates $2038 from player


WagerWeb (SBR rating B-) confiscates $2038 from account holder. The sportsbook deducted winnings from a $750 free-play bonus as well as winnings subsequently accumulated using those funds. A cash bonus of $500 and winnings accumulated using those funds were also confiscated. WagerWeb gave the player a 50% sign-up ’bonus package’ ($500 cash and $750 free-play) with the stipulation of a 10x roll-over (wagering the bonus and deposit ten times). The book’s Fraud Manager informed the player that his wagers equated to what the book classifies as "Bonus Pyramiding". This rule allows the bookmaker to review the account history of a winning customer to see if the betting style shows the user risked his/her balance + bonus repeatedly until the roll-over was met. The player’s account history shows that he did not wager his entire balance until the roll-over was met. SBR will address this issue with management tomorrow.
Update: Wagerweb states that despite the explanation given to the player, other factors in the decision involved fraudulently operating multiple accounts. SBR has asked Wagerweb to remove the pyramid rule which is nothing more than a subjective description of player activity.

Sportsbook scam alert on JonWoodGaming

JonWoodGaming enters the SBR Rating Guide with a rating of F. The new blacklisted sportsbook is one of the many mass produced fly-by-night operations from Interactive Gaming Systems, also known as PlayerSupport. Sister books include MobCasino, Bet4Charity and Prosbet, which closed in 2004 keeping all player balances.

Congrats 2006 BTP Football winner


SBR Congratulates Winners of the 2006 Beat The Prick Football Handicapping Contest!
SBRforum poster Aces took the grand prize with a 38-16-2 record and a total score of 30 points.  Aces and a guest will be attending Super Bowl XLI in Miami on February 4th. 
Second place went to poster TLD who was 34-19-3 for 22 points. The second best showing scored a trip for two to Monday’s BCS Bowl between Ohio State and Florida. 
SBRforum poster Hanco21 finished third with a record of 36-21-3, accumulating 21 points. Hanco21 will be taking a guest to the Pro Bowl in Hawaii on February 11th. 
18 other contestants picked up a season-ending cash prize, including poster MAB who took home the $500 booby prize. MAB finished with a score of -25 points and a record of 18-37-1. 
Over 400 SBRforum posters participated in the BTP contest which offered over $10,000 in weekly cash prizes. Beat The Prick, which was conducted during the NFL regular season, was sponsored by BetCRIS (SBR rated A+).