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sportsbook DragonWager (SBR rating F) taken off-line this morning. Although the homepage remains visible, players can no longer join Dragon Wager or log in to their account. Read more on problems with DragonWager.

Hope fading for Bet7Moons balance holders


Hope fades for Bet7Moons (SBR rating F) balance holders. 7Moons players, who received a letter from Mgr. Ron alerting them that the book would be closing and issuing payment within a week, have gone unpaid. Some players requested funds before the November 21st letter and have waited for over a month. Bet7Moons website is now off-line.

Off-line book PlayBanks pays two players


Closed sportsbook, PlayBanks (SBR rating F) pays at least two users this week. SBR will remove PlayBlanks’ rating once all users are paid in full. The sportsbook received an initial rating of F when it announced it was closing on November 29th without subsequent communication with players. The PlayBanks website remains on-line, advertising bonuses.

SIA cancels wager after event begins


Player Complaint: SportsInteraction (SBR rating C-) cancels wager after event begins; does not alert player. Bettor tells SBR that he watched an entire NBA game rooting for his team, the Phoenix Suns at +4. After the event was over he found that the winning bet was void due to a "bookmaker error." The bettor is upset that: 1) He did not receive a time-stamped email showing when SIA canceled the bet, and; 2) The book had the luxury of viewing the match in play. Players who compare sportsbook odds were aware of the market price and that the line was erroneously reversed. Sports Interaction claims the bet was canceled 7 minutes after post time and tells SBR they plan to email players when wagers are canceled in the future.

Pointbet users complain of withdrawal delays


Pointbet (SBR rating D+) users complain of latest withdrawal delays. Players are waiting between 5 to 10 days for payouts as was the case in July. The sportsbook admits that their Moneybookers merchant account is insufficiently funded and those who request larger sums are forced to wait. Pointbet has not offered clients alternative payment options.

DragonWager expected to go off-line this weekend


No-pay sportbook DragonWager (SBR rating F) is expected to go off-line this weekend. The book’s hosting company, which directly manages Ultimate-Odds (SBR rating C-) and WagerDaily (SBR rating C-), tells SBR that the site will be turned off unless owed players are paid in full and that the book is currently looking for a new host.

SCAM Alert: ExecutiveSportsbookdr (SBR rating F-)


The scam was first documented operating through The con artists have opened many sportsbook sites since to perpetuate the scam. Players are brought in through tout sites and are made to feel like they are getting a special deal for large VIP players. The sportsbook then sucks the player for all it can before he or she begins asking for the funds back. The group is known to request the bettor to send Western Union transfers to Poland. Below is an email sent to the player by Executive: 

"Mr. ******* thank you very much for becoming a member of the internets premier sports wagering websites . In setting up your account your referrer Tony made an error with the minimal deposit requirements for a Platinum Plus Member. All Platinum Plus accounts need to be at the minimal deposit level of $2,500USD. We will need to receive an additional $1,500 from you and your account will be activated immediately. After we receive your additional deposit today your ATM Card and Sports pager will be shipped to you immediately and you will receive everything no later than tomorrow November 29th, 2006 via Federal Express. Thank you for your business and we apologize for the error that was made on the start-up of your account. Thank you Sir. -Chad Halloran Accounts Mgr."

SBRforum posters assist in resolving wagering dispute


SBRforum Posters assist SportsInteraction (SBR rating C-) in resolving wagering dispute. Players who had a wager on Sparta Prague in the UEFA CUP on 11/30 canceled should see a credit in their account today. SBR acknowledges SIA’s communication with players and efforts to make the right decision.

BombaBet cancels winning football wager


BombaBet (SBR rating D-) cancels winning football wager after event has finished claiming that the Home and Away teams were reversed. The player believes he is owed as his funds were at risk as he intended. Players who had a losing wager on the Texas versus Michigan State game refunded by BombaBet are asked to inform SBR.

WorldSportCenter (SBR rating D)

balance holders unable to access accounts or the book’s customer service. BetWSC and Imptek management is invited to contact SBR in an effort to inform players of account status. 830-255-4677

Kahnawake Gaming Commission no longer permitting licensees to take phone wagers.


The KGC’s amendments primarily effect BetUS (SBR rating D) which opened its Canadian office to serve as an inbound call center that would take wagers. The sportsbook may close this office after letting over 100 staff members go. SportsInteraction (SBR rating C-) says that the Commission will soon amend the Regulation Agreement again, to simply prohibit wagering by phone. Sports Interaction plans to offer positions to former BetUS clerks.

Kahnawake’s new Internet-only "Interactive Gaming Regulations"
(a) no licence holder or authorized client provider, including their respective members, shareholders, directors, officers, employees (contractual or otherwise) and agents are permitted to conduct the following activities by way of voice communication with a player, through any device or means:
i. receiving or accepting a bet or wager;
ii. receiving or accepting instructions of any kind in relation to funds held in, or to be deposited to, the player’s account;
iii. providing odds, lines or any other information related to a sporting or

WorldSportCenter closure prompted by criminal charges


WordSportCenter (SBR rating D) closure prompted by criminal charges
The following press release was posted by CNW Group on behalf of the Kahnaawake Gaming Commission.

Kahnawake Gaming Commission suspends CPA held by WSC Management, Inc. Kahnawake, QC, Nov. 30 /CNW Telbec/ - At a meeting today, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission (the "Commission") directed that the Client Provider Authorization ("CPA") held by WSC Management Inc. ("WSC") be suspended, effective immediately. The suspension results from concerns related to criminal charges that have recently been laid against the principal of WSC alleging that he conspired with persons linked with organized crime in Montreal. The Commission decided that these allegations are sufficiently serious and extraordinary that an immediate suspension was necessary to ensure the public interest was not affected in an adverse and material way. The suspension will remain in force unless and until the Commission is provided further information about the allegations in question, at which time WSC’s permit will either be reinstated or revoked.

Some players reported receiving their balances paid in full via Neteller on Tuesday while others were directed to an unknown Costa Rican-based betting website, betting. upgraded


Nine, now on-site and fully integrated with VIP Management Services, receives upgrade from B+ to A.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

PlayBanks (SBR rating F) sends notice that it has closed as of November 29th and pending wagers not decided before the close of November will be canceled. Two players complain that the sportsbook is holding balances and not responding to email.

WorldSportCenter sold


WorldSportCenter sold; downgraded from C to D.
Upon logging in, players receive the following message:
Please be advised that a new Company will be taking over all players accounts. Please goto and login with your current username and password. All account info will remain the same in this transition period.

WorldSportCenter was located in Canada. The new sportsbook which is not answering phones, is hosted in Costa Rica. Players are advised to steer clear of BetWSC until more is known.

BetMania settles dispute


BetMania (SBR rating B-) settles disputes with two players who won funds betting duplicate parlays. A rollover has been applied to the reinstated winnings, which were originally deleted as the product of invalid bets. SBR has advised BetMania to update the sportsbook’s terms of service prohibiting users from rebetting duplicate parlay wagers.

Bodog absorbs Bowmans USA accounts


Bodog (SBR rating A+) absorbs Bowmans (SBR rating A) USA accounts. All transferred Bowmans player balances received a 10% bonus with a 1x roll-over that can be forfeited if the player prefers to withdraw funds. Players can now log into Bodog using their Bowmans account details. Pending wagers are expected to be imported to Bodog’s system in 24 to 48 hours. Players who also held a Bodog account will have their Bowmans balances moved to the original Bodog account within 24-48 hours and will have two active Bodog accounts until the consolidation is complete. Bowmans says the decision was influenced by their casino and poker providers, which both stopped servicing US residents, and their European bank refusing to support a US-serving gaming company. Bowmans will refocus on Canadian, European and Asian markets after cutting away over half of its client base.

Bets4All no pay complaints


SBR mailbag: Three players report Bets4All (SBR rating F) no-pays Player: I had opened an account with Bets4all before I knew about your site and the ratings that you give to Betting companies. Anyhow, I had Euros1703 in my account with Bets4all. On 4 September 2006 I requested a withdrawal of these funds. The funds were taken out of my account but were not sent to me.
Player: I am having issue’s withdrawing my balance from I set up the withdrawal at the end of August (29th I believe) and, even though it was confirmed to myself 3 weeks ago that the withdrawal would be completed within a week I am yet to see the money in my account.
Player: Please help!! Bets4all not pay going on two months and don’t use email. I will check SBR ahead of deposit. Is anything you can do?

SBG Global cancels player's withdrawal


SBG Global (SBR rating D-) cancels five-figure withdrawal, asking player to get in contact with management. Management has been unavailable and has not attempted to contact the player. SBG users with substantial balances are advised to withdraw their funds immediately. This past year the sportsbook has reverted to its old ways of hassling and stealing from large balance holders after a relatively quiet two year period.

Players request info on Play24Hours (unrated)

Play24, which is one-month-old and actively marketing by email, shows multiple signs of being a fly-by-night operation. The sportsbook advertises Paypal as a transfer option, but does not have a PayPal merchant account. PayPal prohibits gaming transactions with the exception of a few UK-based operations servicing non-US players. Play24hours is currently offering positions to "clerks without experience" for $3.00 per hour. Players should avoid this and all new sportsbooks.

Bet7Moons tells players they are closing


Bet7Moons (SBR rating D-) tells players they are closing and will settle accounts in 7-10 days. One player reports already being slow-paid one week. Players have reason to be concerned. The only identifiable members of management and 7Moons staff were also part of failed sportsbook RichCoastSports. RCS was bailed out by BetCRIS (SBR rating A+) in December of 2005.