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Sportsbooks report player attempting to impersonate SBR staff

Sportsbooks, as well as players, are always welcome to verify contact with SBR by calling SportsBookReview's office at 830-255-4677 or by email. The latest instance of a player falsely claiming affiliation to SBR comes from a Mr. Thomas K. who impersonated a staff member in order to have his wagering account re-enabled after being banned for using inappropriate language with phone clerks. The same individual has also conned inexperienced sportsbooks into granting him a line of credit with no intention of paying. Anyone applying for credit, claiming to be associated with, employed by or vouched for by SBR is attempting fraud.

BetCascade payout complaints mounting

BetCascade (SBR rating D) payout complaints mount; book fails to meet latest self-set deadline. Cascade, which has blamed a variety of processing issues for withdrawal delays, is unable to pay due to lack of funds. There is currently no timetable set for when payments may resume or information regarding how Cascade plans to address its debt. Users are hopeful that the book will be able to partner with an existing operation as it has done in the past, although it is unlikely due to Cascade's volatile bookmaking style. Bettors should ignore all sales calls and bonus offers at this time.

New 3Vig (SBR rating F-) complaints filed

Two 3Vig players report being locked out of funded accounts. The sportsbook's live chat is no longer online and email is unresponsive. 3Vig, which admitted to players it did not have their funds, is still accepting new players and offering a 30% signup bonus. Upon logging in, players are prompted to use the banking page to execute a Neteller deposit.

Attorney's view on anti-gaming laws

Attorney, professional gambler and SBRforum columnist, Elihu Feustel,  shares his views on anti-gaming laws and the state of online gaming. Read: Hypocrisy in US anti-gambling policy By Elihu Feustel update

More (SBR rating D+) withdrawals confirmed by SBRforum posters. Many players are still waiting for both checks and bank wires that were "processed" over ten days ago. states that checks may take up to three weeks to reach users and that wait time may be up to one week less for bank wires.

BetCascade payouts

BetCascade (SBR rating C) states that payments will resume by Wednesday. SBR will continue to monitor and report on progress of pending withdrawals.

BetOnSports founder arrested

Founder of BetOnSports and shareholder of BetOnSports Plc arrested. Reuters reported that Gary Kaplan was apprehended late Wednesday in the Dominican Republic.

BetCascade user submits five figure slow-pay

BetCascade (SBR rating C) player reports five figure slow-pay and multiple failed payout promises. BetCascade states that payouts will resume next week when a new processor is obtained. A player who submitted a withdrawal complaint Tuesday received his full $10,000 balance yesterday via Neteller, which is no longer being offered.

Fifteen BetUS slow-pays on file


Fifteen BetUs (SBR rating D) players complain of payout delays; many waiting over one month for withdrawals. The sportsbook has blamed "misprocessed" payouts and processing difficulties but has left most players without a timeframe for when they can expect their funds. Despite the surge in BetUs withdrawal complaints, SBR has confirmed that a few players have received a recent payment.

BetUs has recently moved its servers from Canada to Panama and is rumored to be attempting to find a way to move its entire operation to Panama. Sources in the country suggest the only way the book would be authorized to operate in Panama would be if it joined a preexisting gaming company.

The sportsbook, which in the past two weeks has locked players out of accounts and canceled pending withdawals, sent the following email stating they will close and can not pay.

Neteller to stop processing gambling transactions in Canada

Neteller to cease processing gambling related transactions for users residing in Canada beginning Monday, April 9th 2007 The company released a press release today stating that the change is "likely to have a material negative impact" on 2007 results.

BestBookmaker enters the SBR rating guide

BestBookmaker enters the SBR rating guide at C+. The sportsbook is a licensee of Pegasus Gaming Corp. and is hosted and operated by Costa Rican-based Horizon Sports Group. BestBookmaker uses BLR software.

Question from the SBR mailbag


SBR mailbag: Which sportsbooks have dimelines for baseball and will let me bet on the first 5 innings? Thanks, Don

SBR has received updated sportsbook information for the 2007 MLB Baseball season. Dime line price breaks and information about betting options, including 5 inning wagering, team totals and reverse run lines, can be viewed here: Best MLB Lines. SBR will continously update this feature as sportsbooks solidify offerings leading up to opening day.

BetOnUSA to be moved back under preivous operator

Sources tell SBR that BetOnUSA (SBR rating D-) will be moved back under previous operators within one month. BetOnUSA is currently part of Jazette Enterprises Ltd ( and sister books). Accounts and balances would be transferred to a new software platform. The book will likely be off-line during the migration period. Users have larger concerns at the moment as BetOnUSA and withdrawals have not been processed since early last month. Management is adamant that the first batch of bank wires will produce at least some reports of payment early next week.

BetMania player confirms payment

Canadian BetMania (SBR rating C-) player confirms payment via Neteller after three weeks. Two others report currently waiting over two weeks for the $2500 maximum allowed.

Neteller to release funds to US players within 75 days


Neteller PLC Announcement: Neteller to form plan to release funds to U.S. players within 75 days.

The Group is pleased to announce that on 20 March 2007, it signed agreements with the USAO and Navigant which, among other things, outline terms and a timeline under which NETELLER will work toward the orderly distribution of funds to its US customers. Per the agreements, the Group anticipates that within the next 75 days it will announce a plan by which the funds will be distributed to US customers.  Navigant will also provide a report to the USAO on the Group's current financial condition.
London Stock Exchange Report

Sportingbet Plc announces resolution in Louisiana District Attorney case against Chairman

Sportingbet Plc announces resolution in Louisiana District Attorney case against Chairman
Sportingbet is pleased to report that it has reached an amicable resolution with the St Landry District Attorney in the State of Louisiana.  All related warrants issued by the Louisiana State Police have been cancelled with immediate effect.  Both Sportingbet and the St Landry District Attorney now consider the matter closed.
Sportingbet Plc Report

3VIG (SBR rating D-) players report slow-pays

3VIG (SBR rating D-) players report slow-pays. The reduced juice sportsbook discontinued service to non-U.S. players months ago but blames difficulties with Neteller, the books only banking option, for current payout issues. According to emails sent to customers, 3Vig does not expect to be able to issue withdrawals for at least one week.

JonWoodGaming website back online

JonWoodGaming (SBR rating F) website back online. The Futurebet partner sportsbook tells SBR they are able to process payouts due to having control of independant reserve funds provided to the turnkey service.

Note: Futurebet also using new company name, iGaming Software.

Pointbet off-line

Indonesia-based Pointbet (SBR rating F) off-line; estimated to have stolen millions. was showing as a 'parked' domain yesterday morning, advertising other gambling-related websites. The domain is using a new server and IP address, suggesting the site was manually moved as opposed to experiencing technical issues- a common problem for Pointbet. Pointbet was blacklisted a little over one year ago after SBR confirmed the website was operating illegally from Batam Island. Many of the book's Asian handicap bettors were victims of AsianOdds & Game2bet which also disappeared just over one year ago.