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News on scam sports betting operations, events and business deals within the offshore sports gambling industry.

Scam sportsbook WorldWager (SBR rating F-) off-line for good? 
The sportsbook's website was parked last week. SBR has received many complaints of fraudulent activity from World Wager players over the past four years including deleted winning bets, creating new rules to void winnings, and simply refusing to pay part or all of player withdrawals. WorldWager solidified its scam status in 2004 when SBR questioned the book about deleting months of betting history and lowering account balances. WorldWager's owner responded:


"If the lines posted by are off by more than 1.5 points on any point spread sport or posted incorrectly (reversed), management is entitled to delete any wagers placed on the wrong lines. In any money line sport, if the lines are off by more than 20 cents, management is entitled to delete any wagers placed on the wrong lines." 




WorldWager spawned the creation of stiff sportsbook BetEmpire which was originally financed by BetUS (SBR rating D). BetEmpire (SBR rating F), management said it left WorldWager due to dishonest business practices.


US Neteller clients now have ability to submit withdrawal requests.

US Neteller clients now have ability to submit withdrawal requests
Neteller warns that due to processing "$94 million to hundreds of thousands of US customers, it will take some time for all payments to be processed."  For more information and updates on the "Distribution Plan": Neteller updates

BetChance users complain of slow-pays, including Moneybookers withdrawals, taking well beyond the stated five days and delayed ACH payments; voided winning wagers, including bets that were placed two days before the event on lines not considered to be erroneous; and taking two to three days to grade some wagers. Most players tell SBR they were attracted to the Malta-based bookmaker by their opinionated betting odds. Players should consider heavily opinionated lines from low-volume or new bookmakers a reason to be cautious and a sign that the sportsbook may be gambling.  | Read full report

PlanetRockCasino (SBR rating F) unable to fulfill payout requests.
The sportsbook has paid only $500 to two players who requested $1,000 in the first half of June. Player: "To date they have only given me $500 and alot of excuses. I have $2,000 in account and I want to gradually take it all out, but I know if I reqested it all at once I would never see it."  PlanetRockCasino is part of the Interactive Gaming Systems family of turnkey books. IGS has hosted bankrupt fly-by-night bookmakers in the past, telling players their hands are tied and they only service the site owner whom they can not contact. IGS' PlayerCenter told SBR they were unable to comment when asked if PlanetRock was having financial issues. All IGS sportsbooks should be avoided.

07.28.2007 Update:  PlanetRock sends player additional $250 towards $1,000 initial request. PlanetRock users are advised to request withdrawals immediately.
08.01.2007 Update: PlanetRock sends last installment of $250. Player #1 paid in full.

Neteller states they will execute transfers on Monday, July 30th

Neteller's Executive VP of Marketing and Sales, {C} Dan Star tells APCW that withdrawals to US clients will be processed Monday. Mr. Star states that funds "are actually sitting in our accounts in the US and will be ready for distribution on Monday the 30th." Dan Star also told APCW's Jay Todd that he expects those who are requesting payment by electronic funds transfer (ACH) on Monday to have the funds in their bank account by the end of next week. Non-certified Neteller account holders are will be prompted to request funds via check.

Winning Copa America quarterfinals wager voided

BetUs (SBR rating D) cancels winning wager day after event
The player wagered on the Copa America quarterfinals match between Brazil and Uruguay and was initially credited with a win. The next day the bet was canceled due to being a "bad line." SBR will request that BetUS honor the wager at what it deems to be fair odds. Voiding winning wagers placed on bad lines puts the player in a situation where his funds are risked without the possibility of a return.

777Betz merger

777Betz (SBR rating C) merges under 724Sports (SBR rating C+).

The Interactive Gaming Holdings plc sportsbook has not offered an explanation to three SBR readers who have waited as long as two weeks for payment by both check and bank transfer. Customer service has been poor or unresponsive to both players and the SBR staff.

NETELLER Plc (NLR) stock resumes trading


Neteller resumes trading on London Stock Exchange
Neteller Plc also published its 2006 annual report and audited accounts on the company’s website today. Neteller reported that available cash as of June 30th was $210.5 million. $60 million of that amount had been seized by US authorities. The company agreed to give an additional sum of approximately $76 million as part of its settlement with the USAO. Neteller will satisfy the obligation with a payment of $40 million to be paid on or before October 15th 2007, and the remaining balance to be paid on or before the 17th of January, 2008. Trading has been suspended since January 16th, 2006 after the arrest of the company's founding shareholders.

SCAM ALERT: BlackDog Sportsbook

SCAM ALERT: BlackDog Sportsbook offering credit line to BetRoyal (SBR rating D+) users.
SBR has received reports from bettors that have been solicited from new Costa Rican sportsbook, and offered to wager on credit. A former BetRoyal employee is representing the book, calling and emailing players he previously serviced. This is an extremely risky proposition for the player as well as bookmaker and is considered a reckless way of bringing in action. SBR has received many complaints from players who have been scammed as a result of similar offers. SBR can rarely assist in these situations which are usually based on hearsay verbal agreements.
Player: i recieved an email from a steven p***** said he used to be at betroyal said he is at a new spot that lets you play on credit players pay when they are 25 %loser over thier line and credit and can withdraw when 25% winner , and they can even have some one meet for payoffs, im sure this is a rippoff so thought you might want to check it out,to inform people im sure im not the only one they contacted. thier # is 1 800 583 8524, thanks


Bet1128 (SBR rating C-) once again stands by decision to void winning wager due to "an obvious line error." For the second time in two months the sportsbook ignored the players' argument that the bet should stand. Bet1128's betting rules state that their policy is to adjust the payout of bad lines to reflect the correct odds.

OnlineLasVegas enters SBR rating guide at F

OnlineLasVegas enters the SBR Rating Guide and Blacklist rated F. The book is a new listing for no-pay scam group, EZ Sports. Players reported $5,000 in confiscated NFL future bet winnings in February from sister sportsbook EZsportsbetting (SBR rating F).

Former 2WagerSports (SBR rating F-) ownership pulls plug on new sportsbook project Sportsbook Latin America (SBR rating F). Sportsbook.LA was the newest book from the company that stole funds as 2WagerSports and UwagerSports (SBR rating F-). SBR identified the under-construction Sportsbook.LA in November of 2006.

SBR’s Sports Betting Rules Monitor


SBR’s Sports Betting Rules Monitor:

BetWay (SBR rating C) changes rule on head to head poker match-up wagering. The winning poker bettor must finish in the money for the wager to have action.
DimeLine (SBR rating D) rewrites baseball proposition bet rules.
Canbet (SBR rating A-) changes expiration period of free-play bonuses."Free bets must be placed within 30 days of being issued. Free bets not placed within this timeframe will be revoked."
BetRoyal (SBR rating D+) removes all rules regarding -105 reduced juice lineset.

Neteller planning to begin processing withdrawals


Neteller planning to process withdrawals to US players by July 30thIn a statement released earlier today Neteller announced there is "a resolution of the USAO’s investigation" and it planned to start accepting withdrawal requests  "no later than July 30th, 2007."


Three weeks after the (SBR rating D+) Group has been notified of wager grading errors by SBR and players, wagers remain graded incorrectly. and sister books voided winning baseball bets when they received incorrect information regarding a change in starting pitchers. Players continuously complain that the sportsbook has not made the effort to look into the wagering dispute. BetUSA (SBR rating D+) appears to be the only exception. Ownership has manually credited players whose wagers were graded wrong by their service provider.


Neteller fails to meet self-set deadline to "resolve the investigation" by the USAO. In a press release issued today Neteller said "The Company believes that it is making significant progress towards achieving a resolution and hopes to be able to announce this within a number of days." Neteller previously stated that it believes it will be able to execute its "plan" to distribute funds to US customers once the investigation has concluded. | July 13th press release

Bet1128 unjustly cancels winning bet?

SBR receives 2nd complaint in a month from a Bet1128 (not rated) user of voided winning wager after the event was finished. Player: They cancelled match ONE DAY AFTER without any explanation. Ok - if the match odd on Monfils was too high - they had time 12 hours to correct the thing (i placed a bet 12 hours before match start), they could cancell the match, let all users got message and offer lower odd of 2.8 for example. They play dirty - let their customers live in fake that their bet is valid, they wait match to finish if Davydenko win, everything is good - they take money to their customer. If Monfils win - instead paying people at odd of 3.35 they CANCEL THE MATCH?! The player quotes Betfair (SBR raing A+) offering betting odds on Tennis player Monfils at +215 and +184 at Bet24 (not rated). The player wagered on Monfils at +235. Player also points out that the book's advertised policy is to regrade the wager at the correct market price. Bet1128 rules: If during transcription, typing or printing a quoted odds is visibly incorrect (e.g. 1.50/2.50) the company reserves the right to reinstate the original odds even after the result is known. In such cases comparison with other bookmakers currently on the market will, in good faith, give evidence of the error. Opening week NFL Betting Odds Monitored

07.12.2007 TheGreek (SBR rating A+) and 5Dimes (SBR rating A) open week 1 NFL Odds. The first game of the regular season features the New Orleans Saints at the Indianapolis Colts who are listed as -6½ -110 favorites at The Greek and -7 +105 at 5Dimes. Visitors can monitor for opening week odds as well as preseason NFL Odds from over 20 sportsbooks.


SportsInteraction downgraded from C- to D+
The downgrade is a result of the latest funds confiscation complaint by a player who had five months of winnings voided as well as previous incidents over the past six months where SIA applied rules that did not exist. These players accuse SportsInteraction of taking a wait-and-see approach and applying unlisted policies to their large accounts. SIA has added to its rules pages after discussing incidents with SBR but refuses to honor the winnings in question.

BetUs (SBR rating D) resolves remaining withdrawal complaintsThe sportsbook has addressed all pending slow-pay complaints, which at last count included 49 players. Recently paid players, some who have waited over three months, are currently testing with subsequent requests. BetUs credits progress in acquiring processor resources for the wave of successful withdrawals.

New Sports Betting Exchange Raided?

Seattle Post Intelligencer reports (SBR rating D-) shut down
Washington State Gambling Commission investigators seized computers from a new Seattle-based Internet-betting site Monday, claiming the business violated the state's 2006 online gambling ban -- a contention the site's founder strongly disputes. Agents with a search warrant confiscated laptops and computer monitors before's seven employees arrived to work in the company's North Seattle office. More

The Seattle, Washington and Canada-based exchange was attempting to facilitate the matching of bets between two users for a fee. This model was deemed illegal by the Nevada Gaming Commission which arrested WagerFree (SBR rating F-) owner Garet Bradford. Bradford also claimed to be only facilitating bets between "club members." Despite the consumer fraud element to Mr. Bradford's scam operation, authorities ultimately charged WagerFree's owner with two felony counts relating to operating a gambling business without a license. maintains its server in Canada and is currently online.

SBR’s Sports Betting Rules Monitor record changes at four sportsbooks


SBR’s Sports Betting Rules Monitor records changes at four sports betting sites
Canbet (SBR rating A-) adds stricter bonus terms
Canbet now requires signup and reload bonus requirements to be met within 90 days or they will be revoked.

Expekt (SBR rating B) also tightens bonus terms; prohibits residents of Turkey
Bonuses will be deducted from account balances if wagering conditions are not met in six months. Turkey and the United States listed together as restricted countries.

InternationalalAllSports, or IASbet (SBR rating B), changes bonus conditions and free bet bonus rule. Free-plays must be used within 45 days of date awarded. All bonus turnover conditions must be met within 90 days.

Fonbet (SBR rating C) adds soccer betting rule.